Chapter 158-2: I don't scare people

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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 158-2: I don't scare people

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After he spoke, Yang Chen licked his lips, licking away the warm blood of the dead man that had splashed onto his face.

To be honest, Li Muhua was absolutely not a cowardly person. He was able to form such an intricate and mad plot, which showed that he had way more courage than the average person.

However, at this moment, watching Yang Chen tear apart Li Meng’s throat made Li Muhua’s stomach churn as instinctive dread instantly filled his heart.

“Shoot… shoot this madman!”

Li Muhua realized that the situation was dire and didn’t forget to command his frightened bodyguards who had forgotten how they should react.

The two bodyguards had been frightened so badly by this bloody scene that they had lost their cool, they stiffly took out their firearms and began to shoot at Yang Chen.

*Bang bang bang……*

A series of bullets flew past Yang Chen, but not a single bullet struck him.

The bodyguards’ hands trembled, and the bullets were shot haphazardly.

Yang Chen didn’t mind at all, he slowly walked towards Li Muhua, step by step. As if every bullet was within his calculations, he perfectly dodged each and every single one of them.

The Glock pistols held by the bodyguards only had eight rounds in their magazine. After shooting all of them, the trigger that they kept pulling repeatedly only made the clicking noises of an emptied pistol.

At this point, Yang Chen stood less than two meters away from them, a strange smile on his face.

The bodyguards had been scared silly, they couldn’t understand how it was possible for someone to dodge bullets.

“Ahhh… ahhh, don’t come here!”

The two bodyguards shouted in terror. At this moment, how could they even care about protecting Li Muhua? They turned around, intending to flee.

But Yang Chen didn’t let things go as they wanted. He streaked past Li Muhua, and suddenly grabbed hold of the two bodyguards’ collars from behind.

The suits worn by the bodyguards were of excellent quality; despite being violently pulled on by Yang Chen, they didn’t tear and instead forcibly held the two back.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Yang Chen spoke in a manner as if he was talking to himself. The two bodyguards hadn’t even had the time to struggle before they felt their bodies being lifted off the ground.

Standing behind them, Li Muhua was able to see what happened clearly. He saw Yang Chen casually gripping a bodyguard in each hand, then used the opposing force from their running to throw them backwards.

The two robust bodyguards were thrown away like small toys, they drew a large arc and crashed down upon the cement floor.

The intense fall hurt the two badly; they belched out blood and were directly knocked unconscious.

Li Muhua was stunned. As a Taekwondo black belt, he was a professional at fist to fist combat. He believed that even the strongest Taekwondo master in the world wouldn’t possibly be able to do what Yang Chen just did.

This speed and strength simply wasn’t something that a human being could possess.

This was a monster.

“Don’t… don’t come here……” Li Muhua was afraid, he began to step back with a pistol in his hand, but he didn’t have the courage to point it at Yang Chen. Despite the fact that he was a top notch marksman, his only thought at this moment was how to escape.

Yang Chen wiped off the blood on his face, then looked at Li Muhua like he was examining his prey, “What’s going on, didn’t you say goodbye to me, and weren’t you going to make me depart from this world? Why aren’t you shooting?”

Li Muhua swallowed his saliva. Without speaking, he continued to move backwards.

However, because he didn’t pay attention to what was behind him, he backed up to Li Meng’s corpse.


Li Muhua cried out in alarm and fell onto the ground butt first. In front of him was the bloodied scene of Li Meng’s corpse.

Yang Chen slowly closed in on Li Muhua, and smiled at him.

The muscles on Li Muhua’s body began to spasm. He used his four limbs to slowly move backwards, but very soon he didn’t even have the courage to move.

There had never been a person who could make Li Muhua feel so much despair from a single gaze. It was like how a lion gazed at a rabbit……

There was only one second between your life and your death.

Li Muhua was no rabbit. In the eyes of others, he may even be a lion. However, he sorrowfully realized that it wasn’t that he was weak, but that the strength of his opponent was way beyond what he could comprehend.

Yang Chen slowly crouched, without happiness or sorrow he looked at Li Muhua who was petrified. Li Muhua was deathly pale, without a shred of his usual dashing poise as a young CEO.

“Do you think I should kill you? Or should I keep you alive.”

“I… beg… I beg you… don’t kill me……” Li Muhua spoke with sincerity from the bottom of his heart.

Yang Chen raised an eyebrow, “Are you so sure that I dare to kill you? You’re the Li Family’s successor, the CEO of Muyun y’know……”

“No… you… you’re someone who dares to do anything… I… I know that you aren’t afraid to kill me……” Li Muhua was about to cry, he had to muster all of his courage to speak every word.

Yang Chen began to think, then he said with a smile, “How about this, aren’t we here to negotiate with you guys? I took a look at the negotiation content. Your Li Family is providing the technology, which is the most important, but don’t you think fifty percent of the profits from this collaboration is a little too much?”

Once he heard that he had hopes of surviving, Li Muhua immediately felt a lot more at ease, he cautiously said, “Yes… yes… it’s too much. Mr. Yang, how… how many percent does Yu Lei want? You… you can have as much as you want.”

As long as I can survive, money is nothing.

Yang Chen didn’t speak, he just showed a playful smile.

At this moment, in the eyes of Li Muhua, this smile was no different from the smile of the devil.

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