Chapter 158-1: I don't scare people

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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 158-1: I don't scare people

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“Flaw?” A great deal of suspicion showed in Li Muhua’s eyes.

At this time, Li Meng and the other two bodyguards became rather impatient, Li Meng urged, “Young Master, this fellow’s brain functions faster than a car, we should kill him off quickly and feed him to the fishes.”

“No.” Li Muhua said, “I’m very interested to find out what the flaw Mr. Yang mentioned is.”

“The flaw that I mentioned could also be called an unreasonable matter.” Yang Chen pondered, then said, “After we received the phone call from the so-called criminal, there was less than ten minutes before Li Mucheng ran out of his room with knowledge of the biochemical bomb planted by the criminals. If he was really just a useless person that only knew how to make a ruckus and have fun, how could he have known of such a classified matter, and who would tell this to him? Even amongst the villa’s executives, only a few of them knew of this. In order to avoid panic, they also sealed all information to others, who would be so bored as to tell the useless Li Mucheng all of this? Furthermore, who would make such a prompt report without thinking about his uncontrollable mouth that could incite problems?”

“This was indeed unreasonable, but this is exactly why Mr. Yang should suspect my brother instead of me, right?” Li Muhua asked.

“Just the opposite.” Yang Chen smiled, “It’s such an obvious flaw that even I, an outsider, noticed it and pondered over it. Yet as someone of the Li Family, you didn’t have any suspicions, and was so confident that everything was caused by the Xu Family. This made me puzzled, since you’re the most outstanding successor of the Li Family and Muyun’s CEO, how could you be more stupid than that brother of yours who played the fool?”

“In the end, there’s an explanation for everything. You were also pretending to be a fool, but in a different manner. You were playing the cultured fool. You were polite and amiable to anyone on the surface, respectful and loving to your brother, and filial to your father. However, is this not another form of disguise?”

Li Muhua was finally convinced, this series of analysis had made a lot of sense. There may not have been any substantial evidence, but once one thought about it in this way, he truly had way too many flaws.

However, this man who found and linked such clues to unravel a plot he made a long time ago was truly inconceivable.

Mo Qianni was also excited to hear what Yang Chen said as she had been present throughout all these events. Though she had no suspicions about them previously, she didn’t think that she was stupid, she just pinned it on Yang Chen’s perception being too terrifying.

The fact that Yang Chen had a side like this to him made Mo Qianni joyful, but the two of them seemed to have already reached the end of their lives in their current situation.

Oh well, dying together with him doesn’t seem too bad…… Women were emotional creatures, once this thought entered her mind, she didn’t feel too bitter inside.

“It’s such a pity, if Mr. Yang could be used by me, perhaps we could have become good friends.” Li Muhua regretfully said.

“Forget it.” Yang Chen waved his hand, “You are someone who dared to kill his own brother, I don’t dare to be friends with you.”

“I’ve said too much then. The two of you are about to leave this world tonight, these words don’t matter at all.” Once Li Muhua thought about how he could get rid of Yang Chen here, he felt a lot more reassured.

Li Muhua turned around. With his back facing Yang Chen and Mo Qianni, he waved at them as if he was bidding them farewell, for eternity.

Understanding that Li Muhua had no intention to continue chatting, while keeping the gun raised, a malevolent smile appeared on Li Meng’s face, “Goodbye, Mr. Yang, Miss Mo……”

“I suggest that you don’t shoot, I don’t want to kill in front of a woman.” Yang Chen was rather displeased, if Mo Qianni wasn’t by his side, he would’ve already torn apart this fellow who pointed a gun at him by now.

“Moron, do you think I am someone who gets scared of big words?” Li Meng said with disdain.

With those words spoken, Li Meng unhesitantly pulled the trigger…..


A gunshot sound was made again, but this time no one fell.

Li Meng’s eyes instantly widened, and he slowly lowered his head in disbelief.

It was unknown when it happened, but Yang Chen had moved right in front of Li Meng and was clutching his neck like a steel clamp.

Yang Chen’s eyes were like the darkest zones of deathly stillness, it provided no hope for survival, like it was all-seeing and without focus……

“I will only tell you this, I don’t scare people, I only kill people……”

The moment Yang Chen’s low voice was heard, the hand that gripped Li Meng’s throat suddenly tightened.


Li Meng simply didn’t have any opportunity to resist; Yang Chen’s fingers forcibly pierced through his frail throat.

Yang Chen made a pulling motion with a lot of strength, and an indistinct organ was ripped out of Li Meng’s throat.


Mo Qianni couldn’t endure watching such a bloody scene, and she fainted onto the ground after that scream.

Li Muhua and the other bodyguards who had intended to leave suddenly turned around. They saw Li Meng’s blood spurting out from his arteries, and watched his corpse fall onto the ground with his eyes wide open from unresigned anger.

As if he had just done something inconsequential, Yang Chen waved his left hand, tossing the esophagus to the ground, but the blood had already dyed half of his body red, and splashed onto his face.

Yang Chen raised his head, under his dull eyes was an excited smile…….

“Junior Li, do you like this type of death? Would you like to try it?”

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