Chapter 157-2: Yang Chen's test

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 157-2: Yang Chen's test

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“Let’s start from the first time I saw your elder brother, Li Mucheng. I remember him running into the room crying because Britain’s Earl Scott’s daughter, Miss Dina, completed her studies and had to return to the United Kingdom to get married, so she chose to break up with Li Mucheng.”

“Is there anything suspicious about this?” Li Meng asked.

“Of course, I don’t believe that a lady who has British nobility to succeed would like an endlessly weeping man-child. How could a man like that possibly gain a noble lady’s favor, to the point that she only broke up with him because she had to return to the United Kingdom to get married?”

Li Muhua disapprovingly said, “We do not know of the Scott Family’s young lady, but who could say for sure that the noblewoman wouldn’t like a man like my brother?”

“Which is why I decided to make a test, to test if your brother was intentionally pretending to be a fool.” Yang Chen said with a smile.


“Right, at the casino.” Yang Chen tapped away the cigarette ash, then continued, “I took the initiative to gamble with him, then used Miss Mo as my stake to see his reaction. Although he revealed excitement on the surface, his eyes had maintained calmness, just like a calm pond. This showed that he was actually not a lecherous man, and he had provoked Miss Mo on purpose. Next, I gambled dice with him. Forgive me for being blunt, but his dice shaking skills were incredibly clumsy. As for why it was clumsy, it’s because anyone who knows about dice shaking would easily be able to tell the specific total of the dice.”

“Back when I was guessing, I secretly had my eyes on Li Mucheng’s expression. I knew that the answer was small, but I first said big…… In that moment, I clearly felt the disdain in Li Mucheng’s eyes. Why was he disdainful? Because he was very clear that the answer was small, in that moment I judged that his IQ in terms of gambling wasn’t low. He was at the very least above average, which meant that this fellow wasn’t stupid.”

“However, when I immediately changed my answer to small, Li Mucheng intentionally said that he was an expert, he had already guessed that the answer was big, contrary to what he actually thought, but why? Because he was pretending, he was intentionally trying to make the surrounding people believe that he had no gambling skill and was all luck, and that he even guessed wrongly.”

Up to this point, Li Muhua and his bodyguards began to think, the way they looked at Yang Chen changed. The way Li Muhua looked at Yang Chen changed the most, as he was right at the scene, yet he failed to notice that Yang Chen had been doing a test.

When Mo Qianni heard that Yang Chen used her as the stake to gamble with Li Mucheng, she was angered, but that anger gradually dissipated when she heard Yang Chen’s analysis and reasoning. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on the man in front of her, and she even forgot that she was in a dangerous place.

“Why would a person intentionally feign being a fool in front of others, show that he’s clumsy, and show that he’s lecherous? I think that the greatest possibility is to give off an impression of weakness. As for who he was giving that impression to, it was definitely someone he perceived to be an enemy.” Yang Chen looked at Li Muhua and said, “I clearly remember, your old man Li Deshen said that Li Mucheng’s investments became a complete loss. I don’t believe that a shrewd and intelligent person can’t even make an investment properly. Even if he didn’t make money, at the very least he wouldn’t make a big loss. It had to be caused by his enemy, which is the reason he intentionally pretended to be weak, concealing his strengths to wait for his chance.”

Killing intent welled up in Li Muhua’s eyes, he was aware that the man in front of him couldn’t be allowed to live, “These are all conjectures you’ve made, Mr. Yang, you don’t have any evidence.”

“There’s indeed no evidence, but there’s one huge flaw which left me with no choice but to believe that this chain of events was one huge conspiracy.”

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