Chapter 152-2: Behind the talks

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 152-2: Behind the talks

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Li Muhua nodded and said, “That’s right, like I said earlier, Yu Lei is able to provide large amounts of capital, this is very important. According to what Dr. Li Guangxun says, this technology requires at least half a year to research and develop. Within half a year, the amount of capital would directly affect how quickly we can get results. The Xu Family is one of the five strongest families in Zhonghai, Donghua Technology’s economic strength may not be on par with the three of us, but with the Xu Family backing it, they would be stronger than any of us. Therefore, only by uniting our three companies would we be able to hold up against them.”

Hearing this explanation, Yang Chen finally understood. By putting it this way, Xu Zhihong that brat indeed was the most suspicious. Besides, due to his relationship with Lin Ruoxi, Xu Zhihong definitely wishes that he dies as soon as possible, therefore dispatching a hit man is not at all surprising.

“Actually, it can’t be helped that the Xu Family made such a move, after all this research project will be incredibly profitable, many of the western countries covet this. Unfortunately, their research teams are far inferior to our Li Family and the Xu Family’s research teams.” Li Muhua said with a smile, “But I never expected that the Xu Family would be so impatient and made such a move this early, trying to use killing the two of you who are representatives of our talks to stop our alliance. However, this Li can understand their decision as well. Even if they didn’t do this, would we allow the Xu Family to continue researching without a hitch? We would definitely have to create some obstructions.”

I don’t support their methods. Even if it’s a competition like this, something like killing their people is too ruthless even for the business world. No matter who first designs a product, there would definitely be a way to go avoid the law and design a similar product. There’s no need to take the lives of those scientists for money!” Discontent with Li Muhua’s words, Mo Qianni said.

Li Muhua quickly waved his hand, “Miss Mo, you misunderstand, what I mean is to do something like digging the ground under the wall. After all, Dr. Green is Dr. Li Guangxun’s junior, if we could persuade Dr. Green to research alongside Dr. Li Guangxun, our product would be produced even quicker!”

“It’s a pity, that’s too difficult. Apparently, that American guy called Green is a stubborn ox. Back when he was just a small fry, the Xu Family trusted him and set up a research institute for him, it could be said that he is dead set on staying with the Xu Family, how could he sway to our side so easily?” Said Lu Tao.

“No matter how low the possibilities are, we must still try.”

An aged voice was suddenly heard from outside the tea room, everybody turned to look, it was Li Deshen who had entered on his wheelchair with his staff.

Li Muhua quickly got up, went forward and greeted, “Dad, it’s so late, why have you come?”

Li Deshen snorted, then said, “I may be old, and my body may not be well, but I haven’t gone senile. There was a hit man who wanted to harm our two honored guests from Yu Lei International, were you trying to hide such an important thing from me?”

“No, I was just thinking of informing you tomorrow morning when you wake up, Dad.” Li Muhua apologetically answered.

“There are urgent and non-urgent matters, don’t forget what I taught you!” Li Deshen glared at his second son, then smiled towards Mo Qianni and Yang Chen and said, “Mr. Yang, Miss Mo, sorry for startling you, this Li guarantees that there won’t be another hit man that can sneak in.”

“Charman Li! CEO! Something bad happened!!”

Before Li Deshen could say a thing, another flustered voice was heard from outside the tea room, it was a Twilight Villa manager who came running in, his face was full of dread as he shouted with a shaky voice, “Something bad happened, Chairman! Earlier, someone made a bomb threat call. That person said that there’s a chemical bomb placed in the villa!”


Li Deshen who had just gave his guests a peace of mind immediately crumbled, with an ashen face he asked, “Say it again! Speak clearly!”

The manager was about to speak when a phone in Li Deshen’s assistant’s possession suddenly rang, he looked at his phone and said, “Chairman, it’s an unknown number.”

Once the manager heard this, he loudly said, “Chairman! It’s him! He told me to tell this to you, then he will personally talk to you!”

Everybody present revealed nervous expressions, the matter with the hit man was just settled, why is there a chemical bomb now?

“Answer it! Speaker mode!” Li Deshen calmly replied.

His assistant answered the call, and an electronic voice was immediately heard from the phone.

“Chairman Li, CEO Li, to be drinking tea in the tea room this late, your relationship must be really good.”

Everybody was shocked, it was amazing for him know Li Deshen’s private number, how could this person also know that he’s in the tea room?

“All of you need not panic, if I’m not able to track your location, how can I make sure that the chemical bomb I planted would affect you? How else would I be able to make you believe that I had really planted a bomb?”

“Who are you?” Li Deshen brows were tightly knit together as he asked.

The electronic voice from the phone laughed out loud, then said, “Who I am isn’t important, what’s important is that as long as I lightly tap on this button, the chemical bomb planted in Twilight Villa would spread throughout the whole Twilight Villa via the ventilation ducts. When that happens, it’d be difficult for you to fly away even if you had wings.”

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