Chapter 152-1: Behind the talks

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 152-1: Behind the talks

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“We should be clearer than you?” Mo Qianni couldn’t understand what he meant, “Boss Li, what do you mean by this? We don’t know many people in Hong Kong, even if we do, they would be friends, and have no relation to this, how could there be someone amongst them who wants us dead?”

Li Muhua shook his head and said, “The person I am referring to isn’t in Hong Kong, he’s a powerful enemy in Zhonghai. Donghua Technology, Xu Zhihong.”

Xu Zhihong?

“How can it be him?” Mo Qianni frowned and asked, “What we’re collaborating on this time is the development of a new environmentally friendly fashion product, what does this have to do with Donghua Technology?”

Yang Chen revealed doubt in his eyes, this matter was a lot more complicated than he originally thought.

Li Muhua sighed, “It’s hard to explain with a few words, I think that for various reasons, your Boss Lin is also keeping things from the two of you. How about we go to the tea room in the villa? We can drink tea while chatting over this rather than stand here in the corridor.”

Yang Chen and Mo Qianni weren’t sleepy anymore, after agreeing they changed clothes and quickly left alongside Li Muhua to the Twilight Tea Room. At the same time, so as to express impartiality, Li Muhua sent people to invite the soundly sleeping Vice-Chairman of Changlin, Lu Tao. They began chatting after the tea was served.

Once he heard that Yang Chen and Mo Qianni were nearly killed, Lu Tao was frightened and lost all sleepiness. He hastily rushed over with cold sweat all over his forehead.

“Boss Li, how could such a thing happen? I don’t want to lose my life in Hong Kong!” Lu Tao said with a sullen expression. As he had a timid character, after learning that there was a gun-wielding hit man he could no longer stay calm.

Li Muhua comforted him, “Don’t worry Boss Lu, the hit man has already been brought under control and sent to the police station, our security standards has been raised to the maximum, and will definitely be able to protect all of you.”

“That’s good, that’s good, let’s talk business then.” Lu Tao wiped his sweat and spoke with a stiff smile.

Li Muhua had a sip of green tea, organized his thoughts, then said, “Let me begin with the reason why our three companies are collaborating. I believe that Mr. Yang and Miss Mo may not be too clear about this. The main reason why our Muyun Corporation decided to collaborate with the Zeng Family’s Changlin Media was because of the ties between my father and the Zeng Family’s current head, Mr. Zeng Weiqiang. They were comrades during the Vietnam War. All these years, Yanjing’s Zeng Family and our Li Family in Hong Kong maintained a good relationship, which is why for this important project, there’s nobody more fitting for us to collaborate with than Changlin Media.”

“Then why did you choose Yu Lei as the sales partner? As far as I know, there may not be many fashion sales companies on par with us, but there’s at least five within Huaxia.” Said Mo Qianni.

Li Muhua nodded, “That’s right, other than its nearly thirty years of strong sales history and its great brand reputation, there’s still one important reason why we chose Yu Lei International as our third ally, that is because of funding and interpersonal relationships. According to our investigations, there’s no other fashion sales company that could inject a huge amount of capital at once like Yu Lei International in this project. On the other hand, Yu Lei International’s CEO Lin Ruoxi was also CEO Zeng Xinlin’s junior in university. This relationship is very important in our opinion.”

“There’s one more.” The fatty Lu Tao who had calmed down suddenly giggled and said, “As far as I know, your CEO Lin seems to have some enmity with the Xu Family, or rather the Donghua Technology’s CEO, Xu Zhihong.”

While turning the teacup in his hand, Yang Chen asked, “I’ve met Xu Zhihong several times, what does this collaboration have to do with the Xu Family? Why would he interfere with this and even send a hit man?”

Li Muhua seriously replied, “Although I can’t confirm that the hit man is deliberately sent by the Xu Family to cause trouble, from our current situation, the Xu Family is the most suspicious. This research project is also a very important new project started by the Xu Family’s Donghua Technology!”

“Xu Family is also researching new materials?” Mo Qianni doubtfully asked, “Isn’t Muyun far ahead in this field of research?”

“It’s like this. In comparison to the whole world, our Muyun Research Institute possesses the most advanced technology. The head researcher of this project is a distant relative of our Li Family, Dr. Li Guangxun. Unfortunately, Dr. Li Guangxun’s junior from the same school, Dr. Green Sandler, happens to be the leader of the Green Research Institute set up by the Xu Family in recent years. The two of them are practically on the same level, neither of them could guarantee that they could bring out their results. Whoever succeeds first attains the patent right, in a critical juncture like this, there’s no room for mistakes.”

“But in this situation, isn’t this collaboration very dangerous for us? Who could guarantee that we would be the first to get the patent?” Mo Qianni immediately thought of this.

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