Chapter 151-2: Waiter

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 151-2: Waiter

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Based on his ample experience, Yang Chen was able to determine with absolute certainty that this waiter was someone who used a gun all year round. But it goes without saying that someone who disguised as a waiter here definitely wasn’t a policeman, while a thief can’t possibly have experience with guns all year round. There was only one explanation left, he was a hit man.

“Who sent you to kill Mo Qianni?” Yang Chen asked with a strict expression.

Receiving a heavy hit, the waiter felt pain all over his body. Hearing Yang Chen question, he refused to yield, so he sneered and shut his mouth.

Yang Chen was lazy to ask again, so he directly slapped this pitiful hitman’s face, knocking him out.

At this time, there was activity from inside the room, the soundly sleeping Mo Qianni had finally woken up and walked to the door. Looking at this scene, she cried out in alarm, “Yang Chen, what happened here?”

Yang Chen shrugged, “I think it’s better if you first make a call to Twilight Villa’s front desk.”

Although Mo Qianni was shocked as to what happened, but she was a cool-headed successful career woman, so she immediately ran back into her room and called the Twilight Villa’s administration.

Very soon, the resort’s administration, security and even Li Muhua who hadn’t slept yet rushed to the scene. After all, Yang Chen and Mo Qianni were esteemed guests of their Muyun Corporation here for business, and mustn’t be ill-treated.

When everybody came, they were shocked when they saw the waiter and that Type 54 handgun on the ground!

“Mr. Yang, just what happened here?” Li Muhua anxiously asked.

Yang Chen yawned, then narrated how he coincidentally witnessed this waiter using a lockpick to pick the lock, intending to enter Mo Qianni’s room. The waiter then pulled out a gun to kill him. He just said that he was lucky that he managed to kick the cart while the waiter wasn’t paying attention, which let him protect his own life. Although there were some parts that didn’t make sense, as a victim he had said enough.

Li Muhua’s face immediately turned green then white, he pointed at several administrative and security people, “What the hell have you people been doing? Why is a waiter carrying a gun to work?”

“Boss, we have no idea either, we’ve never seen this waiter before, his face is very unfamiliar.” Said the front desk manager while trembling.

“Unfamiliar face?” Li Muhua was no moron, he looked towards Yang Chen and said, “Mr. Yang, it seems like this person indeed isn’t a part of our resort, he should be an outsider who sneaked in to murder Miss Mo!”

Yang Chen shook his head, “His aim wasn’t just Miss Mo. Miss Mo and I were sent here for business talks by Yu Lei. Today’s the first day we came, and there’s already an assassination attempt. Furthermore, he directly took out a gun to shoot me earlier, I believe that the one he wanted to kill wasn’t Miss Mo, it was the negotiators from Yu Lei. If this assassination attempt succeeded, I believe his next target would be Changlin’s Boss Lin.”

Everybody present now had a rough understanding of the situation, this was a secret assassination attempt because of the business world!

Li Muhua’s expression turned increasingly serious. He ordered security to increase protection in this area, and also ordered all personnel on duty be checked, strictly prohibiting anybody from entering or leaving.

After the fearful administrators left, Li Muhua solemnly apologized to Yang Chen and Mo Qianni, “I’m sorry to you both, it was unexpected for such a thing to happen the first day you came to Hong Kong. This is Muhua’s oversight. Luckily, Mr. Yang was quick and skillful. Otherwise, if either of you were hurt, I would be overwhelmed with guilt for the rest of my life.”

Mo Qianni didn’t expect that the situation had become so dangerous. The risks involved in this business trip made her, a successful career woman feel a chill run down her back. She looked towards the calm and composed Yang Chen beside her and thought about how she might truly be dead if it weren’t for this rogue, hoodlum, and beast.

“Hey Second Young Master Li, the enemy’s aim is to stop us from conducting business together, I think that both you and I are very clear that this time’s collaboration of research, manufacturing, and selling will lead to our three businesses making rapid advancements. It can be considered at the level of making us invincible in this industry. With your intelligence, Second Young Master Li, determining the mastermind shouldn’t be difficult, right?” Yang Chen blinked towards Li Muhua while speaking with a smile.

Li Muhua bitterly smiled, “Sure enough, I can’t hide that from you, Mr. Yang. The perpetrator I thought of is actually someone both you and Miss Mo should know, and the two of you should also know this person better than me.”

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