Chapter 150-2: Winning money and apology

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 150-2: Winning money and apology

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Li Muhua blushed, he coughed a few times, then said, “Erm… I’m just worried that the relationship between the two of you would go bad, that wouldn’t be beneficial to our future talks. However, I will definitely keep this a secret for you, Mr. Yang. I just hope that you won’t do such a thing again.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it for now. A million is enough to use for a while.” Yang Chen said with satisfaction.

When he returned to his own room, it was almost midnight; soft lights lit up the quiet room.

Yang Chen turned on the TV, and the satellite TV just happened to be airing a French channel. It was a studying-type of programme. As he had no language barriers, Yang Chen wasn’t picky, and left the TV on that channel.

He opened the faucet in the toilet, intending to have a nice bath. However, just as he took off his top, his room’s door was knocked.

Yang Chen was very curious as to who would knock on his door this late, so he directly walked to the door and opened it. What he found was Mo Qianni who had already changed into a pair of loose pajamas with a large checkered design. Her wet hair tells him that she had just taken a shower, and the smell of her body soap was still being emitted from her body.

“Oh, I thought it was the service lady(prostitute) that I called for who came, I never expected that the one who came would be the high-grade Department Head Mo.” Yang Chen joked.

Mo Qianni blushed and turned away, “Can’t you put on a shirt before opening the door?”

“I want to take a bath, why should I wear a shirt? Can’t you choose a time to come when I’m not going to bathe?” Saying that, Yang Chen walked back into his room without the intention to put on his clothes, “What did you come here so late for? It can’t be that you really want to sleep with me? I’m a very clean and honest man.”

Mo Qianni wasn’t a shy little girl, seeing that Yang Chen had no intention to put on a shirt, she no longer cared about his naked upper body. She walked into the room, and looked all over his room, his bed, and his toilet.

Bewildered, Yang Chen asked, “Miss Mo, is there anything worth sightseeing? Our rooms are the same.”

“Hmph.” Mo Qianni stared at him, “I’m doing a check on Ruoxi’s behalf to see if you have irresponsibly brought a vixen back.”

Yang Chen nefariously smiled and said, “Are you really checking on Ruoxi’s behalf? I don’t think Ruoxi cares about this at all, while you seem to care a lot, Miss Mo.”

Having her thoughts revealed, Mo Qianni blushed to her ears, and her pulse quickened. She had indeed been brooding over what happened in the airplane during the day. Once she thought about how Yang Chen might be with another woman in the night, she felt discomfort inside her heart. After much deliberation, she decided to take a look.

“Don’t think so highly of yourself, do you think you’re Tang Seng? Do you think everybody is chasing after you to eat your meat? I was just carrying out my duties as a good sister. Since you didn’t bring a vixen here, I’ll be leaving now.”

[TL: Tang Seng is a character from Journey to the West whose flesh supposedly grants eternal life.]

Mo Qianni felt that she would die of embarrassment if she continued staying. With a lowered head, she hastily tried to leave Yang Chen’s room.

Suddenly, Yang Chen grabbed hold of Mo Qianni’s arm. Startled, Mo Qianni stopped in her tracks, and stood where she was with her back facing Yang Chen as she nervously asked, “You… what are you grabbing onto me for……”

Yang Chen sighed, then said, “Sorry, what happened that night was my fault, I sincerely apologize.”

That night naturally referred to the night at Mo Qianni’s house. Yang Chen feigned sleeping, and waited for Mo Qianni kiss to him. Actually, that matter was all voluntarily done by Mo Qianni , while Yang Chen was passive. There wasn’t really a mistake made, but Yang Chen had cheated the pure feelings of this woman, this was because he was clear-headed when he intentionally pretended to be asleep in front of Mo Qianni. Receiving a kiss from her for no reason was equivalent to intentionally and irresponsibly taking advantage of Mo Qianni’s feelings, despite being unable to answer to those feelings of hers.

Mo Qianni’s delicate body trembled. Her beautiful face which was facing the other direction was lowered, and her eyes her were red, but she forcibly resisted her tears from falling. Taking a deep breath, she indifferently said, “I don’t know what you’re saying, don’t talk to me about things I don’t understand.”

With that said, Mo Qianni forcibly struggled free of Yang Chen’s grip, and quickly ran back to her room.

Yang Chen helplessly pouted. This apology was a little late, but he had no choice. If he said it early, her reaction would be worse and she wouldn’t have listened to a word he said.

As for whether Mo Qianni would forgive him, Yang Chen had no expectations. All this time, their relationship had been intimate yet estranged, it was a mess.

Half an hour later, Yang Chen was done with his bath, put on the pajamas prepared in the room, turned off the light, and lied down to try to sleep.

He suddenly pondered. At this time, would Lin Ruoxi give him a call, and ask whether everything was going well or something? But after thinking about it for a while he found that hilarious, if the icy beauty really spoke to him like this, that would be like seeing a ghost.

Right when Yang Chen closed his eyes and planned to drift off into dreamland, his outstanding hearing let him hear something that he shouldn’t have been able to hear…...

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