Chapter 150-1: Winning money and apology

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 150-1: Winning money and apology

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Although the link between being dashing and gambling skills were unknown, Li Mucheng still felt like he was being looked down upon from being challenged by an unknown man. He immediately replied, “Fine then, since you came here with my unlucky brother, you should have some skills. I’ll gamble a few rounds with you. What shall we play?”

“No, just one round. We won’t play something difficult, you know the difficult games, I don’t. We’ll just play dice, guess if it’s big or small, and decide the victor from that.” Yang Chen raised a finger as he said.

“One round? That’s so boring, what are the stakes?” Li Mucheng said while pouting.

Yang Chen grinned, then went beside Li Mucheng’s ear to whisper.

Li Mucheng was immediately delighted, he excitedly asked, “For real?”

“What would I lie to you for? This is your family’s territory, how could I dare to lie? It just depends on whether you’re skilled enough.”

“Then what if… I lose, what do you want?” Li Mucheng carefully asked, showing he’s no fool.

Yang Chen raised one finger again, “1 million, how about it?”

Li Mucheng pretended to be the profound thinker as he considered, “So you’re in need of money. Trading a million for that stake of yours is indeed worth it; I’m also not afraid that you’ll renege on it. I’ll gamble with you then.” Saying that, he immediately walked to the closest dice stand, and dispersed the group of gambling guests there.

Seeing that the two were really going to bet, Li Mucheng softly asked Yang Chen, “Mr. Yang, what did you put up as stake?”

Yang Chen did a hush hand motion, “The mysteries of heaven must be kept secret.”

“Hey, what are you whispering on about, who’s going to be the banker, you or me?” Li Mucheng loudly asked.

Yang Chen shrugged, “Up to you.”

Li Mucheng complacently laughed and said, “Since you said it’s up to me, I won’t give way to you. You probably thought that by pretending to be generous, I would feel embarrassed and let you be the banker, right? Do you take me as a three-year-old child? I’m not that easy to fool, you purposely said that it’s up to me, so I’ll listen to you, I’ll be the banker.”

After saying those words, Li Mucheng felt that he was incredibly intelligent. He laughed out loud several times, then slowly rocked the cup in his hand. The sound of the dice being shaken was heard.

Yang Chen leisurely had both hands on the table with his fingers spread out while waiting for the dice to stop shaking.

The people in the surroundings watched with bated breath. After all, this was a 1 million stake in a single round. Even though everybody present were wealthy, they rarely played dice with such high stakes.

Approximately half a minute later, Li Mucheng’s hand was sore from shaking, so he stopped, and the dice under the cup finally quietened.

“Take a guess.” Li Mucheng had a face full of fighting spirit as he raised his head to speak.

Yang Chen indifferently scratched his ear, not even bothering to look at the cup. Instead, he looked at Li Mucheng’s face and said, “Big… that’s impossible, I guess is small.”

Li Mucheng laughed out loud, “You guessed wrong, based on my experience as a gambling expert for over ten years, it has to be big.”

As he said that, Li Mucheng fiercely lifted the cup.

“1, 1, 3, small……” A referee who stood at the side reported.

Li Mucheng immediately had a dejected face, he muttered, “Impossible.”

Seeing that his elder brother lost, Li Muhua smiled towards Yang Chen and said, “Mr. Yang, you’re a great gambler and you’ve won. I’ll send a cheque amounting to a million to your room later.”

“Not necessary.”

Li Mucheng suddenly voiced out to stop him, “I lost, so I’ll pay up. I don’t need your stinking money.” Saying that he glared at Li Muhua, and received a cheque book from Li Meng beside him. He wrote the cheque on the spot, and handed over the Huaxia Bank cheque of a million RMB to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen received it and stuffed it into his pocket, “Looks like the great Young Master Li’s luck isn’t so good. As I’m a person who knows when to quit, I’ll leave first, bye!”

Li Muhua was embarrassed by Li Mucheng in public, but he didn’t get angry. After amiably smiling to the people there, he chased after Yang Chen, then softly asked, “Mr. Yang, is it alright for me to ask just what you put up as stake? I’m very curious as to why my brother would suddenly agree to gamble with you.”

Yang Chen slowly took out a cigarette from his pocket, then placed it into his mouth, signalling Li Muhua to light it up for him.

Li Muhua wasn’t disgusted by this, he instead seemed to gladly borrow a lighter from one of his subordinates to help Yang Chen light his cigarette up.

A breath of smoke later, Yang Chen nodded with satisfaction and said, “You’re indeed better than your brother at being a person, your father really should think highly of you.”

“Mr. Yang is exaggerating, I’m just showing hospitality as the host.” Li Muhua waved his hand and said.

Yang Chen blew a few smoke rings, then said with a devilish smile, “Actually, I didn’t tell him anything special. I just told him that if he won, I will make Mo Qianni unconscious for him, and have her sent to his room.”

Li Muhua was shocked, and hastily asked, “Mr. Yang, how could you treat Miss Mo like this? If Miss Mo finds out that you secretly used her as stake, that would be so hurtful, and that would ruin the friendship between everybody.”

“Didn’t I win already? What are you panicking for?” Yang Chen asked with a wide smile.

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