Chapter 148-2: Twilight

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 148-2: Twilight

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“I wonder if any of the four of you have come to Hong Kong before?” Li Muhua warmly asked.

It was the first time for Lu Tao and his assistant here at Hong Kong, while Mo Qianni had been here once. Actually, Yang Chen had been countless times because Hong Kong’s a financial and trading hub, a large number of rich people and powerful government officials would appear here. In the past, he often had to come here to settle some matters, but it was too hard to explain, so he could only say “I’ve never been here before.”

Li Muhua immediately smiled and said, “That’s perfect then, now that you’re here in Hong Kong, you must let our Muyun’s Li Family provide you hospitality as the host. We can talk business when it’s time for business, but in private, Muhua wishes to become friends with all of you. This is also for the sake of possible collaborations in the future.”

“Vice-CEO Li is too polite, before we came, our CEO Zeng told us that the Li Family has a hundred years of being influential, now that this generation’s Li Family has someone like you, Sir Muhua, your family would definitely be taken up a notch.” Lu Tao bootlicked.

Li Muhua waved his hand, “CEO Zeng was just being polite, CEO Zeng is from Yanjing’s Zeng Family. They have powerful contacts in many provinces of the mainland. In a small place like Hong Kong, no matter how much one expands, it’s still just viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. We can’t possibly compare with a prestigious name like the Zeng Family.”

Hearing the two of them exchange flattery, Yang Chen could bear no more, so he interrupted with a question, “Vice.. Vice-CEO Li, where are we going to now? I’m pretty hungry, can we have a meal first?”

This directness made the expressions of everybody present stiff, Li Muhua awkwardly replied, “Mr. Yang, please do not worry, we’re right now on the way to a property of the Muyun Corporation called Twilight Villa. It provides leisure, entertainment, accommodation, and dining all-in-one. It faces the sea, and is right beside Jinzewan, so it has great scenery. We should be there in approximately half an hour, my father and the core members of the company would be waiting there. We will be able to eat once we arrive.”

“Excuse me, Vice-CEO Li, when will our official talks begin, specifically?” Mo Qianni was still more focused on business.

Li Muhua respectfully answered, “Miss Mo, please rest assured, you’re all fatigued from the flight today, so please rest at Twilight Villa tonight. My father and the others would also relax, and we will only begin the talks tomorrow. Then, there will be two days of visits to the research facility, and exchanges with the researchers. Then, we will draft up a collaboration document.”

“It seems like Vice-CEO Li has prepared an appropriate schedule, Qianni has worried needlessly.”

Li Muhua openly smiled and said, “This is the proper attitude towards collaborations, Miss Mo need not brood over it.”

Half an hour later, the fleet of vehicles gradually entered an area full of lush greenery and hills. It was already autumn, so there were red autumnal leaves as far as one’s eye could see, and the road was covered with fallen leaves.

As they ascended the quiet hill road, they were gradually able to view the sea from a distance. The white and blue lines of the beach and the sea, along with the densely packed old-fashioned buildings formed a stark contrast against the mountain view.

“Pausing to admire the maple forest in the night; the maple leaves are redder than February flora.” Lu Tao suddenly recited a poem with a literary flair, “You’ve chosen a good place to build Twilight Villa.”

Li Muhua nodded in approval and said, “Yes, this is the sweat and blood of half of my father’s lifetime. If Boss Lu likes this place, you may come again, our Li Family welcomes you.

Although he knew that this was just polite speech, Lu Tao still couldn’t resist making a wide smile.

It was already afternoon when they arrived at Twilight Villa. Once they got off the limousine, they were in front of an enormous and unique red and white building. It had a perfect blend of classic eastern and modern western styles, causing the whole building to look refined without losing any practicality. The elegant forest made the resort delicately separated into tiny sectors. The artificial lake had nine bridges, allowing guests to enter the villa with a creative flair.

Many of the Li family servants within the resort immediately put down the work on hand and bowed to welcome them when they saw the group of cars enter.

The four of them followed Li Muhua all the way into the resort, chatting casually as they walked. When they reached the inside, they found that the main part of this resort was practically equal to a five-star hotel.

They entered a private dining room which was furnished in an ancient Chinese style. Several lanterns hung from the ceiling, and the balcony which faced greenery made the room seem all the more secluded and refined.

Within the private dining room, there were already five formally dressed middle-aged men seated there discussing something in low voices while drinking tea.

The man who sat at the head of the table had hair that was turning white and was wearing a grey V-neck sweater. However, it seemed like he had limited mobility as he was seated in a wheelchair. The man’s looks were rather average, but upon seeing Li Muhua leading the four people into the room, he revealed a pleased smile, “Haha, our esteemed guests have finally arrived. It was rude of me not to welcome you at the airport, please forgive me.”

“Boss Li is too polite, being received by Young Master Li had already overwhelmed us with favor.” Lu Tao was the best at polite speech, and immediately replied with flattery.

After they greeted the core members of Muyun Corporation one by one, they all sat down and the atmosphere had turned harmonious. Everybody had different opinions, but they naturally maintained an amiable appearance on the surface.

Li Deshen saw that it was about time, so he cast a look at Li Muhua, who was next to him.

Li Muhua nodded, indicating his understanding. He clapped and said to the good-looking waiters standing at the door: “Serve the dishes.”

The waiters were very efficient. They brought out the prepared gourmet dishes one by one. Other than Yang Chen, all the people seated at the table were people who were powerful figures in business with extensive experience. While eating and drinking, they discussed the situation between Zhonghai and various media outlets in Hong Kong and immediately warmed up to each other.

Halfway through the meal, someone who looked like the manager of the restaurant ran over in a flurry, and whispered some words into Li Deshen’s ears.

Li Deshen’s chopsticks froze in motion, then he fiercely slammed the chopsticks onto the table!


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