Chapter 146-2: Air Stewardess

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 146-2: Air Stewardess

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15 minutes later, Lu Tao and his assistant slowly walked back. The female assistant’s young and pimply face carried a blush. It seemed like she had just sprayed a lot of perfume on her body, as the smell was rather strong.

Mo Qianni was used to seeing such matters, she didn’t care much about this, and just stood a little further.

Yang Chen moved closer to Lu Tao. Smiling, he said: “Chairman Lu, wasn’t that too quick? If you factor out the time it took for preparation and clean up, it seems like you shot at the same speed of a machine gun!”

Lu Tao had been poked in his sore spot. Unhappiness flashed across his face, but years of working in commerce had already trained his facade. Zeng Xinlin had also told him not to stoop to the level of this man called Yang Chen before he had left on the trip, so he immediately laughed and said: “How could I be as vigorous as a young man like Mr Yang? I’m old, I can’t do it anymore.”

They chatted on and off for a while before they heard the announcement. They then passed through the security checks and entered the waiting room.

After waiting for half an hour, the four of them started to board the plane. Yang Chen specially glanced at Mo Qianni’s seat number. As expected, it was right next to his. Thus, he shot a pleased smile at the woman. Mo Qianni saw it, but only bit her lip and said nothing.

Since it was the business trip of a large company, their tickets were in business class. Thus, they didn’t even need to queue and simply walked through the business class passage to the plane.

Just as they were about to reach the entrance of the plane, a slender but busty air stewardess wearing an azure uniform with white stripes had already started bowing and welcoming them from afar.

Upon hearing this voice, Yang Chen found it a little familiar. Looking carefully after walking closer, he paused his steps with an expression of disbelief.

The beautiful air stewardess, who had just been wearing a warm smile, also froze in shock. Disbelief flashed across her pretty eyes, then several parts of pleasant surprise and shyness. Opening her tender, pink lips, her fair face was stained with a blush.

“My beloved little Princess An Xin, are you in the middle of cosplaying?” Yang Chen didn’t know to laugh or to cry, this air stewardess in front of him was actually An Xin who had a night of intimate entanglement with him, and also brought him on a trip to the police station. After they went their separate ways that day, she had never contacted him again. He had initially thought that he would never come across her again like the other women he had in his life, but it was unexpected that this rich man’s daughter had become an air stewardess!

An Xin recovered her senses. Upon seeing the man who had taken away the most important first time in her life, she had a strange feeling. Before she had separated from him, she had thought that she could forget him with ease. However, right now, facing him in person, An Xin suddenly had the urge to rush forward and hug him. However, taking the circumstances into consideration, she simply smiled nonchalantly, “Mr Knight, you should enter first.”

When Mo Qianni, who was following behind Yang Chen, saw this scene, she could clearly feel the ambiguous relationship between the two of them. Seeing Yang Chen acting abnormally close with another beautiful girl, a wave of disgust rose in her heart. With a cold sneer, she quickly entered the cabin first, going by the principle of keeping her eyes clean.

Lin Tao and his little secretary didn’t think too much about this. Perhaps in their view, all kinds of male and female relationships were possible.

An Xin noticed Mo Qianni’s eccentricity, and couldn’t help but chuckle towards Yang Chen, “Mr. Knight, you seem to have many princesses.”

“Her?” Yang Chen bitterly laughed, “She’s indeed a princess, but I reckon she’s one from the opposing country.”

There were fewer people in business class than expected, of over dozens of seats, there were only two more passengers excluding Yang Chen’s group of four. There reason being there were many flights towards Hong Kong, as for people on vacations, it was also off season, so it was not at all surprising.

What made Yang Chen rather surprised was, An Xin was actually the chief stewardess. During the pre-flight safety broadcast, she was the broadcaster for both Mandarin and English, which also meant that she wasn’t an amateur working for fun, she was a professional air stewardess.

After a boring half an hour of waiting, the airplane finally took off and went up to the skies.

After finding out that the business class cabin wasn’t even half full, Mo Qianni nimbly switched her seat to the corner furthest away from Yang Chen, clearly displaying her unwillingness to deal with him. Lu Tao and his little secretary sat together in a more covert corner. The two of them were acting intimately with each other. There would occasionally be some movement from their hands down there, causing the little assistant’s face to flush red, like she was really in love.

After some time, An Xin pushed a cart out of her working area, she wore a professional smile as she provided drinks to the two passengers ahead.

When she got to Mo Qianni, Mo Qianni coldly ordered a glass of water, then closed her eyes and slept. Lu Tao, on the other hand waved his hand, he didn’t want anything, and continued chatting with his little sweetheart.

An Xin walked over to Yang Chen, and maintained a business-like tone as she asked Yang Chen what he wanted.

Yang Chen didn’t say anything, but he kept looking at An Xin’s exquisite body line wrapped in that stewardess uniform. That one night they had together in that hotel kept surfacing in his mind, causing him to have a burning impulse. This proved that uniforms had extremely strong powers of attraction.

“Lecher, don’t keep staring at me like this, I still have to work.” An Xin blushed, and spoke in a soft and displeased tone.

Yang Chen stretched out his hand to pull on An Xin’s soft and fair hand, “Isn’t your job providing service to passengers? Right now, I don’t need beverages, I need you, what should I do……”

Being grabbed on by that big hot hand, An Xin felt there was a deer bumping around in her heart. After that one night of wildness, the sensitive her who tasted that ecstatic feeling had been suppressing her blazing emotions inside. Although she was able to control herself, the sudden appearance of Yang Chen made her heart unsettled again.

Ripples surfaced in that pair of moist eyes. An Xin stooped down and whispered a few words into Yang Chen’s ear with her orchid-like breath. She immediately pulled her cart away with a blush and hid back in the working compartment.

Yang Chen drew in a cold breath. Even though his body had been through hundreds of battles, upon hearing what that little demoness had said, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva because he felt excited.

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