Chapter 144-2: A loveless marriage

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 144-2: A loveless marriage

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After some thought, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Hongyan, is the man who came to the ground floor today your husband?”

“Yes, Boss Lin.” Hongyan sadly nodded.

“Why did he do such a thing?”

Zhao Hongyan sighed, then explained what happened at the bar last Friday. However, she still left out the part where she was harassed by Yu Hui. Though it wasn’t her fault, it was still disgraceful.

When Lin Ruoxi was heard the story, she asked Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, is that what happened?”

Yang Chen nodded, of course.

“What did you kiss Hongyan for then?” Lin Ruoxi instantly questioned again, and it was difficult for her to say the word ‘kiss’.


Yang Chen was speechless, while Hongyan also blushed. Being asked a question like this, she felt her face burning up, but at the same time, she looked forward to Yang Chen’s answer.

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was as chilly as a surgery knife meant for cutting open a human heart, as if she was saying to Yang Chen, “Don’t lie to me.”

Evidently, no matter whether it was work life or private life, Yang Chen kissed Hongyan in front of the public, this made Ruoxi extremely discontented, but she just didn’t get too agitated and showed how she felt.

Embarrassed, Yang Chen gave a dry laugh, “That guy with the surname Yu insisted that I admit to having that kind of relationship with his wife, I said we don’t, yet he didn’t believe it. Since he was so determined and generous to give me his woman, I can’t possibly say that I don’t want her, right? Wouldn’t that be hurting Hongyan’s self-confidence? A perfectly alright woman is unwanted by her husband. If I, the fake lover don’t want her either, that would be so hurtful!”

“So you kissed her for that, have you thought over what would happen after everyone saw the two of you kissed!?” Lin Ruoxi was about to go crazy, this man had actually used such a rogue reason!

Yang Chen looked towards Zhao Hongyan beside him whose face looked like a big ripe apple. He scratched the back of his head, then said, “What else can I do? Her husband already said that he wants to get rid of her, I can’t possibly say that I want to get rid of her as well, right?”

“You……” Lin Ruoxi’s anger accumulated inside her, but she didn’t know what to say.

Yang Chen then mischievously said, “For Boss Lin to worry so much about my love life, I’m truly overwhelmed by your favor. On behalf of my wife, let me thank you for your generosity, Boss Lin.”

He’s doing it on purpose! He’s making me angry on purpose!

Lin Ruoxi’s fair hands formed little fists, and kept trembling. If Zhao Hongyan wasn’t present, she truly felt like picking up anything on the table and smashing it on this man’s head!

“Yang Chen, don’t use such a tone towards Boss Lin, she’s caring about us.” Zhao Hongyan suddenly persuaded, and with turned back to look at Ruoxi with complicated emotions, “Boss Lin, I think everything that happened is my fault, I shouldn’t have gone to the bar, it was I who first lied to my husband. Otherwise, none of these would’ve happened.”

Yang Chen was puzzled as he asked, “I’ve been curious, why is it that you can’t tell that fellow that you’re going to the bar to have a drink with your colleagues?”

Zhao Hongyan turned silent for a while, then said, “Actually, you also saw it today, Yu Guang is a very conservative and upright person. In his eyes, things like bars, clubs, and karaoke places are all poison of the society for debaucherous men and women. People of their Yu Family aren’t allowed to go to those places.”

“Didn’t his brother go there?” Yang Chen creased his brows.

Zhao Hongyan showed a sad smile, “Yu Hui is his biological brother, while I’m a woman married into his family. According to the way the Yu Family view things, I’m just the daughter of a small shop owner, and I’m low-class. For them to marry me into the family is considered kindness towards me, how could they tolerate me going to bars?”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but find this ridiculous, “It’s truly unexpected that there’s such a person in this world, it somehow feels like we’ve returned to feudal society.”

“Yeah, when I first got married to him, I found it difficult to bear, I felt like an ascetic monk. Every time I returned home, I felt like the atmosphere was weighing on me and it’s difficult to breathe. It got better over the past year, but I still felt afraid of returning home. It always felt like I couldn’t become a part of their family, and that there were too many things in-between.” Zhao Hongyan said in a depressed manner.

“Why did you still marry him then?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “It’s for your father, right? From what I know, kidney dialysis isn’t cheap.”

Zhao Hongyan bitterly nodded, then said, “That’s right, my father and Yu Guang’s father are friends. Back then when my father was hospitalized, though the medical insurance paid for a certain amount of the fees, it was still not enough. Yu Guang’s mother took a fancy to me then, and wanted me to be their family’s daughter-in-law…… Perhaps it was because other families weren’t willing to betroth their daughters to Yu Guang, and they also weren’t willing to accept those who weren’t pretty enough. In the end, they chose me, and promised to pay for more than half of my father’s medical treatment.”

The truth of the matter was simple yet sorrowful, a young and beautiful woman married an old-fashioned and pigheaded man for the sake of paying for her father’s medical bills.

“Do you love him?” Lin Ruoxi suddenly asked.

Zhao Hongyan was slightly stunned, then thinking about who this person was, she made a distressed smile and said, “Boss Lin, there was never love between Yu Guang and me, and there wasn’t even any interaction between us before I got married to him. I don’t understand him, and he doesn’t trust me, how can I possibly love him?”

A loveless marriage?

Lin Ruoxi quietly looked towards Yang Chen, while Yang Chen was also looking back at her. Lin Ruoxi’s heartbeat hastened, and she quickly turned away to ask Hongyan, “What do you plan to do next?”

At a loss, Hongyan shook her head, “I don’t know. Actually, I’ve been thinking about getting divorced with Yu Guang a long time ago, we’re simply people of two totally different worlds.”

“But what about your father’s sickness?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Zhao Hongyan bit her lip, “I’ve discussed this with my younger brother before, we would mortgage the shop and get a loan from the bank. We should be able to get a loan of several hundred thousand, and it should just be enough to do a kidney transplant for my father.”

“What if I say that I’ll pay your salary for the next five years in advance, and want you to work here for the next ten years, will you accept this?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Zhao Hongyan quickly raised her head, her watery eyes were pleasantly surprised and were filled with disbelief, “Boss Lin… are you saying……”

Lin Ruoxi turned around to tap on the big red button on her desk, and said to the refined microphone, “Wu Yue, come here.”

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