Chapter 144-1: A loveless marriage

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 144-1: A loveless marriage

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Yang Chen knew that this matter wouldn’t just end like this, but he didn’t expect Ruoxi to beckon him so soon and even ask for Zhao Hongyan. He couldn’t help feeling fidgety inside, though nothing had really happened between Zhao Hongyan and him, they kissed and hugged, he can’t possibly wipe his lips and claim that he did nothing, right!?

He gave the nervous Zhao Hongyan a soothing smile, and they left together. As for the Yu Family brothers, though they gnashed their teeth in rage, they had no way to argue back.

Five minutes later, Yang Chen walked with Hongyan to the CEO’s office on the top floor. This was Yang Chen’s second time here, while Hongyan had never stepped foot here during her three years in Yu Lei. Although there were still tear stains on her face, it was too late to do anything about it, so she looked around curiously.

“Don’t be nervous, take a seat here.”

The indifferent Lin Ruoxi walked over from the water dispenser in her office. In her hands was a glass of piping hot green tea that had just been steeped, it had a light color with a great fragrance, which could be smelt from far away.

Before Lin Ruoxi had even placed the cup of tea on the mahogany coffee table in front of the sofa, Yang Chen smiled and stepped in front of her to receive it.

“How can I let the CEO make tea for me? Please allow me……”

Lin Ruoxi ignored Yang Chen, she directly walked past him and directly walked to Zhao Hongyan. Ruoxi gave her a slight smile, that looked like it could thaw snow and make flowers blossom.

“This is this year’s newly harvested West Lake Longjing, you’re someone who knows tea, which is why I’m giving this to you to drink. I wouldn’t give this to an average person.” Lin Ruoxi blinked at Hongyan, and placed the cup of tea in front of her.

Overwhelmed by favor, Hongyan stood up with a blush on her face, it was unknown if she was feeling excited or shy, “Boss Lin, you’re too polite, I… I will feel embarrassed……”

This scene made Yang Chn feel rather gloomy, why wouldn’t this woman give a bright smile like this to him, her husband?

Lin Ruoxi gracefully walked over to a seat and sat in a leisurely manner, she didn’t seem impatient to ask for details about what happened earlier at all. Instead, she looked at Hongyan with a smile, and asked, “Hongyan, if I remember correctly, you’ve been in the company for over three years, right?”

Zhao Hongyan sat on the soft sofa, and hearing Lin Ruoxi’s question and the earlier words ‘someone who knows tea’ filled her with disbelief, “Boss Lin, you know about me?”

“I practically know everybody as long as they are an employee from the headquarters. Although I don’t interact often with you guys due to work, as long as it’s my employee, I will recognize.” Lin Ruoxi gently said.

These words didn’t just shock Zhao Hongyan, even Yang Chen who just took a seat was stunned. It must be known that Yu Lei’s headquarters had at least four hundred employees, under the circumstances of not interacting with them normally, Lin Ruoxi was still able to remember them all. Seeing the way she treated Hongyan today, she didn’t seem to be lying. It seemed that she who managed this fashion behemoth had a much more terrifying mind than he had imagined.

Zhao Hongyan was visibly touched, like a vast majority of other female employees, she adored Lin Ruoxi. Hearing that her idol remembered her name and background, she was like a pleased bird, her previous crappy mood was blown away, and she respectfully said, “I never expected Boss Lin to even recognize a insignificant employee like me, looks like there isn’t anything in the company that Boss Lin doesn’t know……”

“You’re rather special. Actually, I had seen you before you had even entered the company,.” Said Ruoxi.

“Before entering the company?” Zhao Hongyan wasn’t able to recall this.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a moment, then said, “Your father, Mr. Zhao makes delicious glutinous rice balls, I often bought them from him in the past.”

Zhao Hongyan understood now, but still found it inconceivable, “Boss Lin, you… like eating glutinous rice balls?”

She didn’t expect the refined and elegant CEO to enjoy eating small snacks like that.

“Your family owns a glutinous rice ball store?” Yang Chen asked in amazement.

Zhao Hongyan nodded, with some pride she said, “Our rice balls store has several generations of history, it has a very authentic taste, and is considered a reputable store.”

“Mr. Zhao is also an expert at traditional tea ceremony. I’ve drunk Huangshan Maofeng tea and Biluochun tea steeped by him. His techniques and skills are of the most orthodox tea ceremony style. In Huaxia, this is almost extinct, and it is better preserved in Japan. It’s a pity that nowadays, people only pay attention to non-Chinese tea ceremonies, and don’t understand how to appreciate the authentic tea ceremonies.” Lin Ruoxi said regretfully and with admiration.

Zhao Hongyan became increasingly excited, “It’s truly hard to imagine that Boss Lin knows so much about my family, and even know my father……”

“That was many years ago, come to think of it, I’m younger than you by two years. Back then, when I went to buy glutinous rice balls, I was still in high school. Due to the fact that the high school was very close to your rice balls store, I often ate there. After getting more familiar with your father, he started serving me tea. I occasionally noticed you helping out in the store. You probably have no impression of me anymore, but I always remembered how your store looked like. I felt that your family was incredibly fortunate, with a father, mother, daughter, and son, who should be your younger brother. All of you work in the shop to make and sell the rice balls, and lived in harmony.” Lin Ruoxi revealed longing in her eyes, and every word she spoke was gentle and clear.

Zhao Hongyan reminisced as well with a peaceful smile, “That’s right. Back then, I was still in college, so I would occasionally help out in the shop when I had spare time. Later on, I started working and no longer had time to go back. Actually, I was pissed at my father at that time, I didn’t know how to make rice balls, but he forced me to learn. I’m pretty happy about it now though.”

Hearing the two ladies’ exchange, Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel admiration for Lin Ruoxi’s conversational skills. At this moment, Hongyan had evidently relaxed her tensed nerves, and was chatting heartily.

“Is Mr. Zhao well?” Lin Ruoxi took this chance to ask.

Zhao Hongyan’s originally bright face revealed grief, she forced a smile as she said, “He isn’t well, he has been hospitalized from the start of last year.”

“Hospitalized?” Lin Ruoxi pondered and replied, “Can you tell me the details? It has been a long time since I last saw him.”

Zhao Hongyan picked up the teacup on the table, sipped two mouthfuls of tea, and said, “My father had been found to have kidney failure, and requires constant dialysis treatment. His body is in a terrible condition, and due to that, the family business has been put into my younger brother’s hands. It isn’t going too well.”

“I'm sorry.” Lin Ruoxi apologetically said, and turned to look at Yang Chen.

Noticing her gaze, Yang Chen spread his hands to show that he didn’t know of this, and didn’t intentionally lead her to ask such a hurtful question on purpose.

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