Chapter 142-1: Have an affair

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 142-1: Have an affair

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When Yang Chen got out of the elevator in the ground floor, there were quite a number of people standing in the hall, they surrounded the resting area meant for clients. The security of Yu Lei International maintained order, whilst they seemed to be in the midst of an argument with someone, but for unknown reasons, security did not take action.

When Yang Chen walked to edge of the crowd, a number of people noticed him. After spending over a month in the company, many people in the company recognized Yang Chen. They had expectant gazes as they looked at him, some men even gave him a thumbs up, as if they were praising him for something, there were also people who looked at him with disdain.

As the crowd paved the way for him, Yang Chen easily walked to the resting area with leather sofas, and saw the situation.

In the resting area near the window, two men and one woman sat on a sofa. Several Yu Lei security guards stood opposite them not knowing what to do, alongside the person in-charge of the front desk who wore a black-white uniform.

Of the two men, one was Yu Hui who was seen on Friday night, while the other man was a man in an old fashioned gray suit, he looked to be approximately thirty. This man wore a pair of black eyeglasses, he had a stern face that was filled with anger, he looked gloomy and ashen while also proud.

As for the woman, it was Zhao Hongyan who hadn’t come to the office this morning. On this day, Zhao Hongyan looked to be in bad shape, she had no makeup. Her hair was messy, and there were tear stains on her face that had yet to dry. She sat beside the gray-clothed man while nervously holding onto her thighs, without the slightest movement.

The sharp-eyed Yu Hui was the first among them to notice the incoming Yang Chen, with a trace of pride and cruelty in his eyes he pointed at Yang Chen and said, “Ge, look, this is the man who was with Sister-in-law!!”

Zhao Hongyan raised her head, she saw that Yang Chen had actually come, her eyes were filled with panic, but she bit her lips, afraid to speak.

“You were looking for me?” Yang Chen glanced at the loud Yu Hui, but still turned to ask the gloomy looking Yu Guang.

Yu Guang stood up, he noticed the disdain in Yang Chen’s gaze, and said with a deep voice, “You’re the one who helped this slut bully my little brother?”

“Slut? Little brother?” Yang Chen asked back with a smile, “Who are you referring to?”

Yu Guang angrily shouted, “Don’t feign ignorance! Little Hui has told me what happened that night a long time ago! You and this slut ran over to the bar, and had a tryst in the car park. This was exposed by my little brother, and you two joined up to chase him away! Did you think that a disgustingly filthy garbage of society like you could deceive me!?”

The employees of Yu Lei International in the surroundings revealed expressions of having understood something, they became more and more excited, and began murmuring amongst themselves.

Yang Chen sighed, “You trust your little brother that much? That may not be the truth.”

“Are you saying that I can’t trust my own brother, and should trust a degenerate like you?!” Yu Guang loudly shouted, “Let me tell you this! Today, you have to give me an account!”

Yang Chen found this rather absurd, he asked, “Account what to you?”

“I want you to admit in front of everybody that you have an adulterous relationship with my wife! You’re a third party! You have done lower than low things with this slut!” Yu Guang said with an austere expression.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “Is there something wrong with your brain? Leaving aside the fact that I didn’t do anything shameful, you want to call your wife a slut, and force another man to admit to adultery in public. Are you trying to ruin your family’s reputation, torment me, or do you enjoy being treated as a moron?”

Yu Guang’s face was flushed, he said with hatred, “You dare scold me! I’m an educated and refined man, I won’t argue with someone of your level! However, I would still have you pair of adulterous man and woman to expose your deeds in broad daylight, in the way which makes society right!”

“Are you a professor or a government official?” Yang Chen suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?” Yu Guang creased his brows.

“If you’re a professor, then I understand, that is a profession that likes to spout bullshit. If you’re a government official, then I understand as well, because they like to spout lies with their eyes wide open.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“I am an editor! Guang Hua Daily’s and Righteous Magazine’s chief editor! For an unrefined man like you, you definitely have no idea the heights of the thoughts a person like me has! Let me tell you this as well, you have no qualifications to discuss professors and government officials, they are the elites of society, you’re just a person who calls grapes sour just because you can’t eat them, garbage that I’ve seen numerous times!”

Yang Chen scratched his head, then asked the nervous front desk manager, “Is that newspaper and magazine very famous? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

That pretty manager was about to cry, she bumped into such a horrid matter this early in the morning, and had no way of continuing the front desk’s normal operation. With a forced smile, she replied, “They are publications with political content, and are the most influential within Zhong Hai.”

Yang Chen nodded, then said with an embarrassed smile, “I truly have no idea, I only read magazines and newspaper that have beauties in them. However, I finally understand why you speak so much nonsense.”

“Vulgar!” Yu Guang said with a righteous tone, “Only an uneducated man like you would do those filthy things with this slut, I advise you to admit your deeds in front of everybody here, otherwise, we will meet in court!”

“You want to meet in court about what?” Yang Chen sneered and said, “Meet the judge and sentence your wife to me, or do I have to sentence my wife to you? You must be dreaming, with the way you are, even the female pig I raise at home might not want you.”

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