Chapter 141-2: I want

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 141-2: I want

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It was already sunset, the radiance of the setting sun spilled into the car, dyeing its internals with a beautiful dull gold color. It was so quiet inside the car that they could hear the sounds of each other’s breathing.

Li Jingjing’s eyes seemed a little bewitched, she seemed to have thought for a long while and her face blushed as she said, “I want… love, Big Brother Yang, can you give me that?”

Saying that, Li Jingjing lowered her head. She didn’t dare to look Yang Chen in the eyes.

Yang Chen’s smile which was on his face a moment ago had vanished, he became taciturn. Li Jingjing’s sudden words were like a hammer smashing on his heart.

“I don’t need much, I don’t need a house, a car, money, reputation or status…… I just want some love, I just want Big Brother Yang to pay attention to just me alone, and love me alone…… However, the only thing I want may also be the thing I have no way of getting, I guess……”

That’s right, perhaps I could give her anything, but unfortunately, what she wants is something I have no way of giving.

Yang Chen sighed, “I’m sorry, I never thought this would happen. However, you’re an outstanding lady, and you’re still young. I believe that you’ll have a happy ending. At that point of time, I may attend your wedding as your elder brother.” Saying those words, Yang Chen felt a bad taste in his mouth.

Li Jingjing raised her head, her eyes were red, but she still maintained a smile, “Big Brother Yang, don’t say such things, otherwise, you’ll be like my mother who urges me to find a husband everyday, vexing me to death.”

“Your parents are getting older, it goes without saying that they wish to carry a grandchild, it’s only natural.”

“Alright that’s enough, Big Brother Yang, stop with those consoling words. Actually, saying what’s weighing on my heart has made me feel a lot lighter now. Either way, I don’t want to get married for now. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get divorced with Sister-in-law, and I’ll have a chance?”

“Don’t count on me, I’m not a good man.” Facing Li Jingjing, Yang Chen felt like he was indeed vile.

Li Jingjing shook her head, “You men aren’t qualified to say whether you’re good or not, it only counts when a woman says it.”

What she said seemed to make sense. It was always one radish to one hole, although it seemed like he had dug this hole for himself a little too big to the point that a few radishes were trying to squeeze in. It was somewhat strange to refer to men as holes though.

“By the way, Jingjing.” Yang Chen thought of something, “Previously, you said you wanted to move out, have you thought it through?”

“I have. I’m in the middle of looking for an apartment. However, I don’t want to renovate and refurnish and such, that’s too troublesome. I plan to just rent a smaller apartment, that shouldn’t be difficult considering my current wages.” Li Jingjing said.

Yang Chen nodded, when a lady grows up, her thoughts would gradually turn independent. Looking at the rather depressed Li Jingjing, Yang Chen didn’t say anything more, he started the car and sent her home.


The weekend passed in a flash, Monday came and it was time to work again.

Although Yang Chen accepted his CEO wife’s mission, this project wouldn’t be revealed to the public temporarily, so there was no need to discuss transfers or promotions. He would only be the project manager in special circumstances. Therefore, early in the morning, Yang Chen routinely bought large bags of breakfasts and carried them into the Public Relations Department.

The moment he entered, the gluttonous Zhang Cai was the first to charge towards him, she grabbed two bags of pan-fried buns and a bag of milk, then ate heartily. The other ladies saw the way Zhang Cai ate and couldn’t help but gnash their teeth, they were puzzled by how Zhang Cai was able to eat so much while maintaining her figure, other than being slightly plump with a round face, gorging herself seemed to take no effect at all.

When breakfast was nearly finished, Yang Chen noticed that Zhao Hongyan who sat closest to him hadn’t arrived, thinking about what happened on Friday night, Yang Chen felt that something was amiss.

At this time, Liu Mingyu suddenly rushed into the office. She who wore a dull gray suit had a flushed face due to hastily walking, and had a panicked expression. She quickly walked up to Yang Chen, and impatiently said, “Yang Chen, just what happened between you and Hongyan?”

Liu Mingyu’s voice was very urgent, the ladies in the office heard it all clearly, and they looked at Yang Chen in astonishment.

Yang Chen creased his brows, “Mingyu-jie, what’s wrong?”

“Hongyan’s husband, Yu Guang and her brother-in-law Yu Hui have come to the company, Hongyan looks to be in bad shape! She looks like she had been beaten! Yu Guang is shouting for the man ‘Yang Chen’, he’s saying very unpleasant things, and is causing a huge disturbance in the hall of the ground floor!” Liu Mingyu said with a hurt expression.

Yang Chen’s face darkened, in the past two days, Zhao Hongyan didn’t contact him. He thought that this matter wouldn’t blow up, but now it seemed that Zhao Hongyan didn’t have any chance to contact him when something happened, or she might not even have considered telling him.

If it wasn’t because they were off-work on the weekend, he reckoned that her husband would drag her to look for him two days ago.

“Take this.” Yang Chen passed the remaining breakfast and soy milk into Liu Mingyu’s hands.

Liu Mingyu rushed to receive it, and asked, “What are you doing?”

“It’s about time for the man named ‘Yang Chen’ to make his appearance.”

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