Chapter 140-2: Mysterious place

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 140-2: Mysterious place

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Yang Chen had received quite a good amount of money as salary this month, he had also received the money he extorted from Guo Ziheng, so the money he had on hand was abundant. Despite the insane gas prices, he still filled the BMW’s tank with the most expensive gas before setting off to pick Li Jingjing up from Zhonghai’s Yizhong.

When Li Jingjing finally appeared in his sight, he saw that she was wearing an aqua blue puffy skirt. Yang Chen was once again bewitched by the girl’s youthful and energetic appearance. Ever since she had graduated from university and become a teacher, Li Jingjing had become more and more beautiful. She had not only become smarter at emphasizing her good traits, but she also had an air of self-awareness and confidence.

Her skin was as white as snow, and her collarbones were delicate and pretty. Her head of fine black hair was neatly combed back with her fringe parted to the right. Standing there, she smiled and waved at Yang Chen, drawing the jealous resentment of quite a few male passersby.

The video of the Jiang father and son had finally allowed Li Jingjing to lead a life without troubles. She was finally on the right track for both her career and her life. Since her mood had improved, she would naturally be all smiles.

Yang Chen got off the car. He noticed a large cardboard box placed beside Li Jingjing that was solidly wrapped up, and asked, “What’s that on the ground?”

Li Jingjing winked, “Secret!”

Seeing that the girl was in a good mood, Yang Chen couldn’t help but hold out his hand to rub her exquisite face, causing a blush on Li Jingjing’s pretty face.

“Get in, I will load up the box for you.”

Once Li Jingjing had gotten in the car, Yang Chen asked: “Where’s this mysterious place you mentioned?”

“Central South Avenue, North Road,” After Li Jingjing read out the address, she smiled and asked: “Big Brother Yang, you should be free this afternoon, right?”

“I’m free, what’s up?”

“Then that’s good, because once we get there, we might only be able to leave at night.” Li Jingjing said.

Yang Chen didn’t continue asking, after driving for half an hour, he arrived at the location Li Jingjing stated. Looking closely, he was immediately bewildered.

There was a cluster of three or four multi-storey buildings surrounded by dense conifers, filling the area with greenery. A white sign with black words hung at the main gate: “New Hope Orphanage”.

Helping Li Jingjing carry her large cardboard box, the two entered the orphanage. Li Jingjing knew that Yang Chen had many doubts, so she slowly explained, “A few days back, I brought the students to the welfare agency around here, and did volunteer work at the nursing home. When we came to this orphanage, I found the children here really cute, but they don’t have parents during their childhood, and I found them so pitiful. From then on, I came here a few times alone. However, it was really tiring for me to play with so many children by myself, I also don’t have that many friends in Zhonghai. My students are all in their senior year and I don’t want to adversely affect their studies, so, I could only think of calling you to come here and play with them, Big Brother Yang.”

“To be honest, I don’t really like this place,” Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “But I can understand your feelings.”

Li Jingjing was startled for a moment before she said apologetically: “Sorry Big Brother Yang, I forgot that you were an orphan too…”

“It’s fine, I’m already used to it. However, I’m curious as to why you wanted me to go play with them.” Yang Chen asked.

Li Jingjing pursed up her lips and smiled, “Actually, I got interested in this because of another lady. The second time I came here, I met a really beautiful older sister, and I think she’s probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I heard the President mention that she comes here often to read to the children; riddles or some interesting stories. The children really like her. Moreover, she has already been doing so for many years. I really admire her and I want to do something for the kids, just like she did. I thought of bringing some books over for the children and read some interesting stories for them, just like she was doing. Either that, or we could play some games with them, we don’t have to tire ourselves out.”

Yang Chen nodded, “So this box is filled with books?”

“Not completely...”

Without waiting for Li Jingjing to finish speaking, a short middle-aged woman wearing a black frock came out from the corridor and walked towards them. With a face full of smiles, she called: “Jingjing, you’ve come?”

Li Jingjing saw the person walking over, and sweetly greeted, “Yes, President Cha, how can I forget an appointment I made with the kids?” As she said that, she pointed towards Yang Chen who was beside her, “This is Yang Chen, Big Brother Yang, my friend who’s here with me today to play with the kids.”

President Cha greeted Yang Chen enthusiastically, and teased: “Is he your boyfriend?”

“He’s not!” Li Jingjing blushed as she said shyly: “Big Brother Yang’s already married, don’t speak nonsense, President Cha.”

President Cha was rather surprised, but she still expressed an apologetic smile towards Yang Chen. Yang Chen didn’t mind this at all, naturally. After all, according to the current norms in Huaxia, it was rare to get married at such a young age.

They followed President Cha on the path to the interior of the courtyard. From what she had said, the children were currently reciting Tang poems, so it was quiet outside.

When they reached a turn in the center of the courtyard, an oil painting hung on the center wall of the courtyard drew Yang Chen’s gaze.

Yang Chen felt a nerve in his mind being touched, but he didn’t understand why he had such a mysterious feeling, he just stopped and stared at that oil painting hanging over there, entranced.

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