Chapter 140-1: Mysterious place

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 140-1: Mysterious place

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In the early morning of Sunday, there were clear skies, but Yang Chen’s original plan to go out, get some sun and take a nap was totally wrecked by the arrival of a sudden pile of documents from Lin Ruoxi.

“Here, finish reading all of these. I’ve already booked the flight tickets for you and Qianni. Your flight’s on Wednesday, and finish negotiations in a week and come back.”

Lin Ruoxi, who was only wearing a silken nightgown, pulled out a folder from somewhere and tossed it onto the sofa. Following that, she turned and started to eat the breakfast that Wang Ma had prepared.

Yang Chen could only resentfully turn off the morning news he was watching. Actually, the main reason he was watching was because he found this channel’s female anchor quite pretty with a sweet voice, but now that his wife had given the order, along with the fact that he had agreed to take this project yesterday, he could only start reading the documents.

Once he agrees to something, he would do it to the best of his abilities. That was Yang Chen’s principle.

He took out three large piles of documents from the folder. The papers were filled with words and diagrams. After a cursory glance, Yang Chen roughly understood what the project for this collaboration was about: research and development of a new kind of eco-friendly material.

Just from a look, it was obvious that this type of material research project had no relevance to a fashion company like Yu Lei International. After all, Yu Lei International’s expertise is in selling fashion branded goods, fashion departmental stores, clothes, accessories, exhibitions, advertisements, entertainment media and such. While this type of project was more akin to one for a chemical engineering company or research institute.

Since environmental protection was one of the most important industries of the 21st century, the impact of fashionable accessories on the wearer’s body, as well as the protection of the environment had become even more important.

Many developed nations had already begun setting regulations on products that weren’t environmentally friendly. Some items that are difficult to be recycled would face serious regulations. On the other hand, items that could guarantee the safety of the user or could even be healthy for the user, could be recycled, and also could be produced at low costs for high profits would be more well received by the consumers of the country.

From the materials, it could be seen that the most basic ones that were in use now were new types of plastic materials and fibers. These materials could be used in the manufacturing of clothes, handphones, electronics and fashionable accessories. These products were going to be competitive premium goods in the fashion industry in the future. There was a lot of value in researching them.

Just imagine, what if your handphone boosted your ear’s blood circulation while you were taking a call? How blissful would that be!?

What’s the most important thing? It’s health!

However, though this idea was good, Yu Lei International was more of a marketer and product designer. When it comes to scientific research, they were only at the beginning stage. Which meant that in order to make rapid progress, the best choice would be to make use of other companies’ resources, use collaborations in exchange for their own benefit.

Of course, although Lin Ruoxi and Zeng Xinlin had considered this point, it didn’t mean that other companies couldn’t find the right way to do so just by thinking of this point. Thus, secrecy was especially important at this point.

Once Yang Chen had a rough understanding, he started to look at the specific development guidelines and the project terms under negotiation next week. Although there were a lot of specialized terms that he didn’t understand, there was no problem understanding about eighty percent of them.

Lin Ruoxi sat by the dining table, eating oatmeal in small mouthfuls. As it was Sunday, she was able to take a rare break. She came downstairs in her pajamas and messy hair, with a bare face without any makeup. Her innate coldness and indolence made her originally perfect face seem even more extraordinary.

Seeing Yang Chen carefully looking at the documents with his brows slightly furrowed, the trace of a smile unconsciously appeared at the corner of Lin Ruoxi’s lips. Although purposely using Yang Chen’s disgust towards Zeng Xinlin to force him to participate in the work was a dirty trick, Lin Ruoxi didn’t feel like she had done anything wrong. From her view, Yang Chen had a lot of undeveloped potential, but he was just too lazy and had no ambition. If she could somehow motivate him properly, then this cheap husband who didn’t have the most noble background could still become a fine man who could make others sit up and take notice.

She herself didn’t want to be some talent scout, she only wished that someday, when she walked with him under the public eye, the gaze of others wouldn’t be on her for her beauty, she hoped that they would look at Yang Chen for his identity and status. Women always hope for their man to be someone worth respecting and admiring, they would become jealous over their men, but would feel even more proud, even the indifferent Lin Ruoxi was no exception.

Seeing Yang Chen looking through the materials seriously, Lin Ruoxi secretly nodded to herself in satisfaction.

However, at this moment, Yang Chen’s handphone rang. He put down the materials and picked up the phone to look- it was Li Jingjing who called.

“Jingjing, what’s up?”

“Big Brother Yang, did you forget? You promised that you would accompany me somewhere. It’s Sunday today, and the weather’s good, I thought that you should be free.”

Yang Chen obviously hadn’t forgotten, seeing that he had spent just about enough time looking at the documents, he said, “Alright then, where shall I pick you from?”

“At the school then. I just took some stuff out from the school, I’ll wait for you at the school gates. See you in a while!” Li Jingjing was obviously in a cheerful mood.

Yang Chen hung up the phone, then called out to Lin Ruoxi who was by the dining table, “I’m going out for a while, leave the documents here for now.”

Lin Ruoxi, who had just been thinking that Yang Chen had finally started taking things seriously, felt that the beautiful dream in front of her had just shattered in an instant! She was so angry that she nearly threw the spoon in her hands to the floor. Seeing that Yang Chen had dropped everything and was walking out the door directly, the phrase ‘the leopard can’t change its spots’ came to mind! Of course, if her thoughts were a little more vulgar, it would have been ‘dogs can’t change their habits of eating… eating… eating that!’

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