Chapter 14: A New Home

Chapter 14: A New Home

Dragon Garden’s entire area was filled with luxury villas. The gap between each villa was about a mile in between, surrounded by clear waters and lush greenery, with European-styled furnishings bringing forth an atmosphere of utmost elegance.

When the villa’s security guards saw Yang Chen, suspicion sprouted within them, as they were very curious as to why a rich man was walking in. However, due to his whole body full of branded western clothing, they did not stop him either, saving Yang Chen the effort for a long explanation.

After entering Dragon Garden, Yang Chen had to walk two more kilometers before reaching unit 89. The entire villa’s area exceeded 400 square meters in size. This figure was without considering the gigantic swimming pool or the huge garage outside. The Baroque-styled garden was made up of huge and heavy stones to. It was hard to imagine how huge the price tag of this house was.

After ringing the doorbell, the finely carved mahogany door soon opened. The stranger opening the door was a home-clothed middle-aged lady with an apron, with a face that had slight signs of aging. Yet it was maintained very well, not looking old despite probably being 40 to 50 years old. At this moment, seeing Yang Chen, her eyes revealed some happiness and she enthusiastically said: “You must be Young Master*, Miss did say you would come today. Please come in.”

[TL: Wang Ma actually calls Yang Chen “Gu Ye”“??”= ??+?? and so it sounds like Miss’ Husband Master instead of Young Master, but Young Master is as close as it gets for the translation in this case.]

Seeing that the middle-aged lady seemed totally uninterested in his background, Yang Chen let loose a little, entered the house, smiled and said: “Elder sister, how shall I address you?”

“My name is Wang Yu Lan, you can simply call me Wang Ma”, Wang Ma with open eyebrows and smiling eyes then said: “How can I allow Young Master address me as elder sister? I’ve watched Miss grow up, it would be more appropriate to call me Auntie.”

“Wang Ma isn’t old at all! If you walked on the streets, you can definitely capture the hearts of many men.” sincerely said Yang Chen.

There is no woman who doesn’t like being complimented as beautiful, Wang Ma may be middle-aged, but naturally would not be any different. Getting even more joyful, Wang Ma had Yang Chen sit, and happily said: “Young Master, please rest for a while, I would soon be done with the kitchen and we could have lunch. It’s a pity that Miss has a meeting and doesn’t have time to return home…”

“Wang Ma, are you and Lin…… er, Ruoxi the only ones staying here?” Yang Chen eyes wandered around.

The villa had three storeys, modern electronics all over, a set of real white leather sofa, black marble floor, mahogany furniture, and even some big and small paintings by famous artists, and a few blossoming orchids swaying on the window side, appearing simple yet elegant. Looking towards the large rooms on the 2nd and 3rd storeys, Yang Chen felt the greatness of having space.

Wang Ma sorrowfully sighed, “That’s right, with just us two women the house feels strangely deserted. Miss is so busy with work and is not at home all day, usually it is just me alone in this big house. However, it is great from now on, since Miss now has you, our house will finally have a man. It is more proper this way.”

Seeing how contented Wang Ma looked, Yang Chen curiously asked: “Wang Ma, don’t you feel that it’s strange how Ruoxi suddenly decided to marry me?

“Hehe”, Wang Ma laughed and said: “Young Master, I’ve seen Miss grow up, since young Miss has never had a single boyfriend, despite the fact that those trying to woo her weren’t few. However, Miss never looked at any of them, yet she married you. This must mean that you, Young Master are special. Miss is so intelligent, and I trust Miss’ judgement, so there is nothing to worry about.”

Yang Chen nodded in understanding, yet in his heart softly echoed, Wang Ma wouldn’t possibly have thought, that him and Lin Ruoxi’s marriage was only by contract.

After eating the luxurious lunch, Yang Chen contentedly made a burp, rubbed his round stomach and laughed saying: “Wang Ma’s craft is amazing, the taste is much better than those big restaurants.”

Wang Ma happily said, “Is that so? Then Young Master must eat at home more often in the future, Miss often has emergencies at work and doesn’t return home. The food is cooked yet there is no one to eat it, it is a pity to throw them away.”

“That brat is throwing away heavenly objects, ignore her. Wang Ma can just make good food for me in the future.” Yang Chen pounded on his chest.

Wang Ma knew that Yang Chen was kidding, and happily nodded in agreement.

After cleaning up, Wang Ma took off her apron, and said: “Young Master, let me bring you to your room. If there is anything else you require please tell me and I will buy it for you.

“My room?” Yang Chen blanked out for a moment, then remembered agreeing not to sleep together with Lin Ruoxi.

Wang Ma led the way and said: “Young Master, Miss has thoughtfully chose for you. She says that you are used to sleeping alone, and thus specially prepared a big room for you. She even bought several sets clothes which are inside.”

“Oh is that so? Okay…… Ruoxi is… Pretty thoughtful.” Yang Chen rubbed his nose, even he himself felt that what he said sounded fake.

“Isn’t it? This is the first time I’ve seen Miss do so much for a man. Also, Miss says you are busy with work now, thus the marriage is done first, and the wedding banquet will be done in the future. She was being thoughtful for you.” Wang Ma happily said.

Yang Chen instead had a head full of sweat.

What is this, so that chick had long prepared countermeasures against Wang Ma by pushing all the problems towards me. How busy could selling mutton skewers possibly be?

Entering his room, Yang Chen felt a little surprised, this room was humongous, to the point where it was bigger than the entire apartment he had been renting. Ceiling-to-floor windows with white curtains swayed at the side, a large king sized bed, a 42-inch Sony LED TV, an Apple computer at the bedside, classical decorated side lamp, and shining parquet floor. Looking towards the wall, there were two huge built-in cabinets, filled with brand new clothes, neckties and leather shoes.

Yang Chen laughed inside.

Seems like my beautiful wife did not mistreat me, as the first apparatus for acting had been completely prepared. “How is it? I hope Young Master is pleased.” Wang Ma enthusiastically said.

“Pleased, very pleased, this is much better than expected, thank you Wang Ma.” Yang Chen nodded.

“Please thank Miss instead, all I did was run some errands.” Wang Ma was already beginning to help secure this couple’s relationship.

Yang Chen understood Wang Ma’s intentions but didn’t blow the bubble, “Wang Ma, I still have several things remaining at my previous home I must retrieve, so I’ll have to make a trip back.”

“That is as it should be, surely some things become a habit to use.”

“However….” Yang Chen awkwardly said : “Wang Ma, do we have any transportation vehicle at home? If there isn’t a car even a bicycle is fine too, to help me get around quickly.

Wang Ma stared at Yang Chen in shock, as if she was looking at something incomparably scary, “Young Master, are you saying that you walked in here?”

“Unfortunately you’ve guessed correctly, Wang Ma.” Yang Chen raised his hands.

Wang Ma didn’t know to laugh or to cry, “Miss is too much, how could she let you, Young Master walk here. Young Master you mustn’t be so casual staying here in the future, and must at least have a car. Young Master, please follow me, our house still has a few cars that are usually idle, you can drive whichever you want out.”

Yang Chen’s eyes lit up, previously seeing Lin Ruoxi drive the luxurious Bentley Arnage made his hands itch, but he had no money to buy a car. He had been envious all this while, yet now he can get such a car for free?

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