Chapter 138-2: Just for a moment

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 138-2: Just for a moment

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In the dark, Yang Chen finally couldn’t continue pretending to be asleep. He awkwardly opened his eyes and smiled self-deprecatingly, sitting up on the sofa.

Actually, Yang Chen had already been used to sleeping lightly for years. He wouldn’t really enter into a deep sleep, thus, the instant Mo Qianni had walked out from the bedroom, Yang Chen had already woken up. He just didn’t want to expose it.

What had happened next made Yang Chen even more reluctant to reveal that he had woken up. That woman was actually squatting in front of him and staring dazedly at him like a little girl staring at her first crush.

Yang Chen had undergone special training for night vision. He only had to open his eyes a crack to see Mo Qianni clearly. That shy beauty and the flowery fragrance from her bath had instantly given Yang Chen the most basic physiological reaction.

This stupid woman hadn’t even realised that the position she was squatting in pushed the two round and soft lumps on her chest together, making them extremely eye-catching. From the collar of her pink nightgown, he could see that unbelievably deep ravine. That enticing sight made Yang Chen feel like he was fighting a war against heaven.

What happened next was even stranger. Mo Qianni had actually puckered up her red, moist lips to kiss him!

Yang Chen wasn’t an idiot with low EQ. No matter how stupid he was, he would be able to tell that this woman had feelings for him. Although he felt that it was weird that Mo Qianni had somehow grown feelings for him, under the circumstances, Yang Chen didn’t dare to wake up at all!

If he woke up, then that was practically telling Mo Qianni that he had been pretending to be asleep all along!

Therefore, for the time being, Yang Chen could only pretend not to know anything. He was going to think about what to do about the relationship between the two of them after waiting for Mo Qianni to finish kissing him.

Who knew that Mo Qianni would actually place her warm little hand on his little brother and even rubbed and kneaded it considerately for him...

After getting agitated by that alluring scene, how could Yang Chen have withstood that kind of provocation? His nerves had reacted reflexively, and his little brother had twitched a few times...

Since his pretense had been exposed, Yang Chen sweated, but didn’t know what to say. Since he had seen Mo Qianni’s actions from start to finish, the air between the two turned a little complicated.

Mo Qianni sat on the floor, biting her pink lips. There was some moisture in her eyes, some part aggrieved and some part angry.

“You were awake from the start, right?” Mo Qianni asked.

Yang Chen nodded speechlessly.

“Then you knew what I was doing from the start, and you’ve just been watching me make a fool of myself, haven’t you?”

“I wasn’t watching you make a fool...”

“Shut up!” Mo Qianni laughed in distress, and her tears finally flowed out. In the dark, they looked like sparkling and transparent slivers, “You don’t have to console me. I’m not some little girl who can’t think things through, I’m not that fragile. That’s right, I’m just shameless. I couldn’t help but want to kiss you, kiss my best friend’s husband, and you’ve seen it all. However, be rest assured, I know now how stupid that decision was without you even telling me. Even if I was blind, I shouldn’t have thought that you were a man worthy of my kiss! This time it’s my fault, I won’t have any of those ridiculous thoughts after tonight. Yang Chen, you had better not provoke me from now on!”

After saying so, Mo Qianni immediately stood up from the ground. With a resolute gaze, she glared at Yang Chen and ran quickly back to her bedroom.

Yang Chen sat in a daze on the sofa. He smiled bitterly to himself. He hadn’t thought that Mo Qianni would be so worked up. It looked like he should have revealed that he was awake from the start, then things wouldn’t have gotten to this point! Great, now he wouldn’t know what kind of expression to show when they met in the company later on.

Glancing at the closed bedroom door, it was easy for Yang Chen to imagine how depressed Mo Qianni’s current expression would be. He had some guilt in his heart, but he knew that it was useless no matter how many words of comfort or explanation he offered. He could only lie down again. After sleeping this night away, he would see what he could do.

Early in the morning the next day, when Mo Qianni walked out of the bedroom with swollen red eyes, Yang Chen was already long gone.

On the sofa was a neatly folded blanket, it was the only evidence that she had not been dreaming last night.

It seemed like Mo Qianni had not slept the whole night. She just looked at the blanket with a complicated gaze, scratched her messy hair, then walked to the bathroom and went through her morning routine as usual.

Upon returning to her bedroom, she sat in front of the vanity mirror. Seeing her reddened, swollen eyes and haggard appearance in the mirror, Mo Qianni sighed. She talked to herself, “Mo Qianni, you have to pull yourself together! It’s just a man, and it was just an error in judgement. You can find a better one next time! Kiss the guy in front of him! Let him rage to his death!!”

When she was done speaking, Mo Qianni nodded towards her reflection and started doing her makeup with practiced movements.

After more than ten minutes, Mo Qianni put down her lipstick. She had only put on light makeup, but the woman in the mirror had once again become splendidly and charmingly mesmerizing. Even the swelling around her eyes had become less obvious.

Mo Qianni high-fived her reflection and brandished a fist, speaking with absolute confidence, “Mo! Qian! Ni! You’re the best! Go! Go! You can do it!”

At the same time, Yang Chen, who had driven back to Dragon Garden early in the morning didn’t know that the strong woman he was still filled with guilt towards had already cheered herself up a hundred times over.

When Yang Chen opened the main gate of the villa and walked into the living room, he saw Lin Ruoxi sitting there eating her breakfast.

It was only then that Yang Chen remembered. He had made such a fuss last night and hadn’t returned the whole night. He had also completely forgotten to make a call home. Just as he started getting a bad feeling, an icy bone-chilling gaze shot towards him. Yang Chen couldn’t help but shiver. He had spent the night at the home of his own wife’s best friend, and something had nearly happened. While feeling antsy in his heart, Yang Chen could only smile ‘brightly’ and walk towards Lin Ruoxi.

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