Chapter 138-1: Just for a moment

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 138-1: Just for a moment

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Mo Qianni was like a cat with silent steps, walking to the side of the sofa, she saw Yang Chen already sleeping on his side.

The room was dark, and only the rays of light from Mo Qianni’s open bedroom door allowed her to see Yang Chen.

Yang Chen seemed to be sleeping deeply now, with the blanket covering his lower body. His breathing was even and there was zero movement from his body.

Mo Qianni waved her snow white hand in front of Yang Chen’s closed eyes a few times. Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t react, Mo Qianni pursed her lips and smiled, mischievously mouthing the words ‘stupid pig’ at him.

Following that, she squatted down and hugged her knees. Her line of sight was at the same level as Yang Chen’s head.

In the hazy duskiness, as if admiring a work of art, Mo Qianni’s head was tilted to one side and her shining gem-like eyes were hooded. She looked at Yang Chen in detail, the man’s unadorned messy hair, those thick dark eyelashes, those small eyes, straight nose, the obvious part between his lips...

After knowing him for so long, it was the first time she had looked closely at his appearance. Looking at him like this, he actually didn’t look too ugly. It was just that he usually had a frivolous expression on and was always joking around with her, like a mischievous little boy.

Mo Qianni thought of the first time she had met Yang Chen. That interview where externally, she had appeared calm as usual but had her heart deeply shaken by the proficiency that this man had in foreign languages. She could not wrap her head around how a man as sloppy as this could have that kind of linguistic ability.

Following that, she seemed to have been at loggerheads with him. He was so disobedient, and she really hadn’t seen a subordinate who refused to give face to their boss. However, she just wasn’t allowed to fire him. After thinking of a plan to get him to chase debts from a rogue company, he had actually gotten the money back! She had even been counter checked.

At first, she had wanted to continue thinking of ways to give him a hard time, she didn’t expect that he would actually be her best friend’s husband. Back then, other than getting angry, she had even felt a little sour, she really couldn’t understand herself anymore.

Things just got even more ridiculous after that. She had been kidnapped together with Ruoxi, and this man had actually came alone to save them…... Then, her greedy stepfather had come looking for her, and had been taken care of by this fellow. He had resolved the complicated grievances that had bound her for almost a decade…...

Now, most recently, she had actually been kidnapped as a hostage by those bad men, becoming a tool for leverage against him...

Wasn’t this guy just selling mutton skewers previously? What did a mutton skewer seller have that was worth coveting?

Mo Qianni couldn’t understand. The more she thought about it, the more she failed to understand. This man was filled with mystery, like a black hole that sucked in all of her attention, filling her head with thoughts of him when she was daydreaming.

One by one, unforgettable scenes filled Mo Qianni’s mind, and her expressions grew even more vivid. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes delighted, sometimes deep in thought, sometimes curious...

Slowly, Mo Qianni’s eyes grew ever more affixed onto Yang Chen. She felt like she couldn’t pull away, and it felt like the shell around her heart, that had lain indifferent for years, was breaking, causing her breathing to accelerate.

A bold thought came out of nowhere—I really want to kiss him...

It would just be a single kiss on his face. I’ll just close my eyes, give him a quick peck and then I’ll leave...

He won’t wake up now, right? So what if he does? It’s not like he’s losing anything from getting kissed by me. It’s not like he’ll get pregnant from a kiss? He can’t give birth even if he does get pregnant!

Mo Qianni pursed her full lips, her head was full of messy thoughts. She was aware that her thoughts weren’t right, but no matter what, she couldn’t control that overwhelming urge...

Just once, just for a moment...

Continuously persuading herself, Mo Qianni slowly closed her eyes and puckered up her red, moist lips. Her inexperienced kissing pose was just like a young maiden offering a kiss. Her pink pajama-clad body was trembling slightly, and a blush was blooming on her cheeks as she got closer and closer to Yang Chen.

However, because she had been squatting down all this time, her legs had already gone numb. She hadn’t reached out that far before realising her legs could no longer hold her weight.

There was no choice, Mo Qianni let go of her knees and tried to grab onto the sofa, trying to find an easy position where she could continue trying to kiss him.

She couldn’t care too much anymore. The urge of wanting to kiss him had already made this mature beauty with overflowing emotions let go of her reserve. This was the first time she was taking the initiative to kiss a man, and even if the other was sleeping, she had to make perfect and cozy memories!

Eh? What’s this?

While groping around the sofa, Mo Qianni’s left hand had suddenly touched something hard. The strange feeling unconsciously made her stop the action of kissing. Her black brows wrinkled as she gently rubbed that thing.

The more her soft hand rubbed it, the more she felt that that thing was growing. It seemed like it had grown bigger by one entire fold, it made her feel like something strange was going on. That thing even felt burning hot to the touch!

Wait! It could even twitch!?

Mo Qianni wasn’t a young girl who didn’t know anything. After thinking carefully, she abruptly realized what that was!

“Ah! ——”

After that scream, it was as if Mo Qianni had been pushed back by a wave of air. She retracted her hands and fell back until she was sitting on the floor. Shame and anger mingled, “Yang Chen! You bastard!!”

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