Chapter 137-2: Lost in fantasy

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 137-2: Lost in fantasy

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Once she said that, Mo Qianni found that she had mistakenly spoken. Why does it sound like I’m asking him to see me in it? She felt so ashamed that she felt like digging a hole into the ground and jumping into it!

Yang Chen could also feel the ambiguously flirty atmosphere between them. What he felt was strange was that, this abrupt conversation felt very natural and he didn’t feel awkward about it.

Calming down, Yang Chen didn’t try to avoid this topic, and said with a smile, “If you really want to show it to me, I don’t mind, at most, I can look and keep it a secret.”

“In your dreams! Get your wife to wear them for you!” Mo Qianni pouted playfully and rolled her eyes at him. Bringing the underwear to the bathroom, she said: “I’m going to bathe, if you’re tired, then go ahead and sleep. If you want to watch TV, switch it on yourself.”

The bathroom in Mo Qianni’s house was opposite her bedroom, the door to it couldn’t be seen from the living room, so even though Yang Chen was here, she didn’t hide anything, and openly took the clothes she was going to change into and entered it.

Yang Chen tidied up the magazines on the sofa, turned off the energy-saving lamp in the living room and laid down comfortably. He was too lazy to take off his clothes, after simply covering up with the blanket, he started trying to sleep.

After a while, Yang Chen’s sensitive ears could hear the sound of running water from the bathroom. Since he had just seen Mo Qianni’s personal item and a little fire had already been lit inside him, upon hearing the sound of the shower, he couldn’t help but imagine the scene of Mo Qianni stripping off her clothes and entering the bathtub.

In the middle of the night, in the quiet little condominium, a man and a woman. They just had a rather romantic and ambiguous confrontation, and if anything happens next, that would only be expected…...

But of course, that was just how Yang Chen thought. If he really charged into the bathroom to do something, it wouldn’t just be awkward for them to meet in the company, if Lin Ruoxi hears about it, things would become a huge mess.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen calmed down the turbulent emotions inside. Listening to the sounds of water, he slowly fell asleep...


After more than half an hour had passed, the bathroom door quietly opened. Mo Qianni had a white towel wrapped around her as she stepped out in a pair of slippers. She peeked out at Yang Chen sleeping on the sofa, and after confirming that Yang Chen wasn’t looking this way, she carefully walked into her own room and closed the door.

Inside the bedroom, Mo Qianni took off the white towel which was the only article on her body, and threw it onto the floor. The soft and warm light shined upon the woman’s soft and smooth skin.

Facing the vanity mirror, Mo Qianni quietly looked at her naked self: soft and supple skin, tall and slender body, plump snowy peaks, delicate waist, perfectly round and perky butt. Her whole body showed off soft yet full curves, like a perfect masterpiece, there were no flaws to pick at.

Playing with her long wet hair, Mo Qianni thought out loud, “Mo Qianni oh Mo QIanni, what are you looking at yourself for? Why be so narcissistic, no matter how pretty you are, you’re the only one who looks at it……”

“What? Are you that hungry for a man?”

“Oh come on… what’s good about stinky men? For me to admire myself is considered confidence!”

After mumbling to herself for a while, Mo Qianni sat naked on her Simmons mattress and started to dry her hair, she also put on a childishly pink nightgown.

While absent-mindedly wiping her hair, Mo Qianni looked towards the door from time to time.

This is my first time bringing a man into my home, I don’t understand why I suddenly invited him in, is it because he sent me home, and seeing how tired he was I felt pity for him? Or is it because… I’ve been alone for too long, living a solitary life in this empty house, and feeling too lonely, I want company?

No, no, why would I be afraid of being lonely? I have been alone since I was little, what is a little loneliness! It is definitely because I pity him!

However, why did I invite this man in? Why was I so happy when he agreed to spend the night here?

He is my best friend’s husband. What if a misunderstanding happens? I clearly hated him previously...

What is he doing now? Is he sleeping? Is he thinking of something? Or is he dreaming?

Mo Qianni felt her heart in chaos, it was already so late, and she should have a good rest after working for a whole week. However, once she thought about the man who was sleeping in the living room, lying on the sofa she usually read her magazines on, she had the impulse to take a look.

Why do I want to go see him now?

Mo Qianni thought for a bit, then found herself a legitimate reason — she was worried that he would turn around in his sleep and throw the blanket on the ground. It wouldn’t be good if he caught a cold like that. Thus, as the host, she had to go out and see how her guest was doing, this was absolutely normal!

Mustering the courage from attaining a reason, Mo Qianni didn’t bother with drying the rest of her hair. She carefully tiptoed out of her room with her slippers on, and walked slowly to the sofa where Yang Chen quietly slept on.

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