Chapter 137-1: Lost in fantasy

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 137-1: Lost in fantasy

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After getting up to the third floor of the condominium with the angry Mo Qianni, and reaching a green safe door, Mo Qianni took out the keys to the door while saying, “You are the first man to enter this door, you should thank your last eight generations of ancestors for such luck!”

“If I knew who they were I would definitely pay my respects and thank them.” Yang Chen pouted. Isn’t it so? I don’t even know who my parents are.

Taking off his shoes, he entered the small flat that Mo Qianni was renting alone. Yang Chen could smell a light lemon fragrance.

Once the light was switched on, the furnishing of the flat became visible. There was a simple moon-white sofa, a wall-mounted grey 42-inch TV, and a pot of narcissus on the glass coffee table. The full length window was covered by a light gray curtain, and by the kitchen was a refrigerator. What was worth mentioning was that the front of the refrigerator was covered in sticky notes, it seemed to be a reminder for some things.

There were various spices and all sorts of pots and pans placed everywhere in the kitchen. There were a multitude of different chili sauces. It was colourful and eye-catching.

The furnishings in the room were arranged simply, but it didn’t look too empty, because there were piles of things placed at every corner.

Papers and documents numbered the most amongst the things. They were tossed about all over the place, as if an angel had scattered them like flowers. There were also various fashion magazines, newspapers, and brochures placed around on the tables, on the chairs, on the sofa and on the floor.

Yang Chen’s first impression was, ordinary lifestyle, cooks often, hard-working, doesn’t bother with trifling matters. That would fit the impression he had of Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni’s face turned slightly red as she suddenly realised that the room was a little messy. She walked to the fridge and brought out mineral water, pouring out a cup of water for Yang Chen as she tried to gloss over the mess. She said: “I live alone and don’t often have guests over, so I didn’t tidy up. It’s not dirty though.”

Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t mind it too much. He pointed at the sofa and said: “Then I’ll sleep here tonight. I see that this sofa’s large enough.”

“That’s fine, I was going to put down a mattress for you. I’ll get a blanket out for you later. It’s cold here at night.” Mo Qianni nodded and turned to walk into the bedroom.

Yang Chen yawned. Seeing that there were many magazines scattered on the sofa, he walked over and bent down to move away the magazines so that he could sleep comfortably.

However, he had just moved away a fall fashion magazine when suddenly, something small and black appeared in his sights...

If he hadn’t seen wrongly, it was a pair of sexy underwear, black lace with mesh designs that made the tiny panty look transparent, while the T-back style made the middle of the panty look extremely thin, like a thin ribbon for covering the butt crack.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva, the image of Mo Qianni’s plump butt being covered by this pair of panties emerged…… Oh no, this pair of panties can’t cover it at all! Her two white and fleshy butt cheeks would drown the pitiful ribbon!

A girl wouldn’t wear this kind of underwear to cover up certain parts of herself. It was plainly just to seduce men into looking at certain parts.

Women were contradictory creatures. Their underwear was just like the secrets in their heart, they hid them well, but they were thirsting for a man to peep into them...

Mo Qianni was unquestionably a beautiful single woman. Furthermore, from the eyes of most people, she was a successful career woman who was strict with herself and would not tolerate disrespect. There had never been rumours of her having a boyfriend, or having an affair with any man. Many employees in the company thought that their extremely charming lady boss was a lesbian who didn’t like men. However, she bought and wore such underwear, it clearly contained her hidden sexual desires, and was definitely her secret.

For the sake of avoiding an awkward situation later, Yang Chen thought that it would be better if he placed the underwear somewhere else and pretended that he hadn’t seen it. Looking at the bedroom door, there wasn’t any movement from Mo Qianni, so Yang Chen quickly picked up the underwear.

The underwear felt soft and smooth to the touch, it would definitely feel good against the sensitive parts of a woman. Yang Chen could even smell the thick scent of Mo Qianni’s body drifting towards him.

As a normal man, Yang Chen immediately had a physiological reaction and his little brother down there swelled up a little. After all, he had just thought of Mo Qianni wearing this kind of underwear with her sexy body, and it was hard to hold back the rush of blood.

Just as Yang Chen was hesitating as to where to hide the underwear, Mo Qianni suddenly came out from the bedroom carrying a fluffy blanket.

“Yang Chen, just use this……”

Mo Qianni was halfway through her words when her gaze had been fixed onto the black little item with Yang Chen that she hadn’t had the chance to hide.

Yang Chen had been in a daze, lost in fantasy, and hadn’t noticed Mo Qianni’s sudden appearance.

Both of them stood there rooted to the spot, especially Mo Qianni. After the initial astonishment, her face turned completely red and many emotions flashed across her moist eyes: nervousness, shame, resentment, helplessness, just like an active volcano about to erupt!

Yang Chen smiled in a way that was uglier than crying. This is great, I was holding onto her sexy underwear in a daze, and even got caught! It’d be weird if I’m not viewed as a wretched pervert!

Just as Yang Chen was preparing to accept a bombardment of criticism, Mo Qianni unexpectedly didn’t call him out. She only walked up to him with a complicated expression and placed the blanket on the sofa. Once she walked up to him, she took back her little secret from Yang Chen’s hands and balled it up in her hands. Biting her rosy lips, she looked at him with a dazed look and asked: “Pervert, haven’t you seen a woman’s underwear before? Why are you so stunned?”

“I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never seen such pretty ones.” I’ve already seen it and already smelt it, what’s there to be afraid of!

Hearing this, Mo Qianni’s eyes wandered around, blushing so hard that she looked extremely ripe, her heart beat like a drum, but she couldn’t resist asking, “Does it really look so nice?”

“Yep, it suits you very well.”

“Go to hell, you’ve never seen me wear it before, how do you know it suits me?”

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