Chapter 136-1: You can

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 136-1: You can

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“Do you mind if I sit here?” Yang Chen slowly walked closer, so that he wouldn’t alarm Mo Qianni who was pouring drinks for herself at all.

Mo Qianni heard the familiar voice, and gently raised her head. Perhaps it’s because she had been drinking for a while, but there was a alcohol flush on her beautiful face that couldn’t be replicated.

“Why are you here?” She spoke in a slurred manner, but contained unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

Yang Chen casually sat down. He broke apart the disposable chopsticks, ate a slice of spiced beef and said, “I came out for fresh air, and randomly came by coincidence. It just so happened that I was hungry and wanted to eat at this roadside stall. Who knew, you were here as well.”

Mo Qianni could tell that Yang Chen wasn’t lying. With a dull smile she said, “Do you know that those words you spoke is actually a song?”

“What song?”

“...... Please let me settle down, use silence to bury the past, filled with a stormy past I emerged from the seas, and finally lived quietly in this desert. Things that should be hidden away would always come to light, so many things I want to convey, but can only remain silent…… Love is the superstition of the right place and time, oh… you were here as well.

Mo Qianni sung in a light tone, her voice was exquisite; low and gentle. This song 《So You Were Here》 seemed to be narrating some painful, unspeakable parts of her past.

“You sung it beautifully, though it’s the first time I’ve heard this song.”

“That’s because we’re both indeed here.” Mo Qianni poured another glass full of white spirit for herself and sipped a small mouthful before speaking.

Yang Chen remembered the first time he came here with Mo Qianni, she was also pouring her own drinks on that day. She was just like those heroines of the ancients who roam all around the world without a home, sitting in a dilapidated straw shack, with a pot of wine and a dish. While they seemed free and unrestrained, they also seem lonely.

Perhaps no one had thought that Department Head Mo, who was always brimming with style and confidence in front of others, would have such a plain and down-to-earth side to her.

The two of them didn’t speak for a while, and the atmosphere turned silent. After Mo Qianni finished drinking a glass, she finally found that the wine bottle was empty. It seemed like she didn’t want any more wine. She looked towards Yang Chen with a complicated gaze before asking: “You really came out just for a spin?”

Yang Chen was stunned. In actuality he refused to return because he didn’t want to face Lin Ruoxi’s senior, Zeng Xinlin. Remembering the relationship between Mo Qianni and Lin Ruoxi, he suddenly asked, “Miss Mo, do you know who is Zeng Xinlin?”

“Zeng Xinlin? How do you know him?” Mo Qianni seemed to find it very strange.

“When I went home today, that Zeng Xinlin was sitting in the living room chatting with Ruoxi. However, I didn’t really want to listen in, so I left the house.” Yang Chen explained simply.

Mo Qianni looked at him with a profound look. With a rather playful smile she said, “You’re feeling threatened?”

“What threat?”

“The threat of having your wife stolen?”

“You’re kidding. It’s not like we’re living in ancient times with tribal customs. Do you really think he could just steal my wife away on horseback?” Yang Chen said loudly.

Mo Qianni snorted, “Back then when Ruoxi was in college, it was difficult for even female friends to get close to her. It was only that Senior Zeng Xinlin who was able to meet her everyday. At that point of time, many people felt that they, the most popular boy and girl in school would get together sooner or later, as they seemed like they would be a model couple…… It was a pity that later on, Ruoxi suddenly dropped out of school to take on the position of CEO in Yu Lei, while Zeng Xinlin gave in to his family’s requests and joined the army. Otherwise…… who knows what kind future it could have been……”

“What do you mean it’s a pity? That guy’s clearly just an idle heir.” Yang Chen’s expression changed slightly, and he finally looked a little uncomfortable. Once he thought about how that fellow had been meeting Lin Ruoxi every day when they were in school, Yang Chen regretted that he didn’t beat him up before leaving the house. Anyways, it had all gone to shit.

Mo Qianni pretended to sigh with sorrow: “That’s right, once he came back, he immediately became the CEO of Changlin Media. Although it’s just a portion of the assets of the Zeng family, he still holds power in a listed company. He’s young, rich, and his looks were popular in school to the point that he had ten thousand admirers. Once he started working, he immediately became the CEO of a big company. Just as you said, that’s nothing much.”

Yang Chen creased his brows and asked, “That Changlin Media, is it a big company?”

“It’s originally a media company from a different province, its headquarters is in Yanjing. However, because of Zeng Xinlin’s return this time, it directly moved into Zhonghai. It could be considered as one of the country’s top ten media companies, about the same as us at Yu Lei. However, they have the Zeng Family’s decades of accumulated wisdom backing them. That isn’t something Yu Lei can contend against alone.” Mo Qianni explained clearly.

“It looks like you know a lot about it, did you investigate it professionally?” Yang Chen asked.

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes at him, “Changlin Media isn’t a small company, and it counts as a fashion company too. When they officially entered Zhonghai, the news was enough for me to take notice. Listening to what you said however, Zeng Xinlin went to your house to visit Ruoxi so late at night. It looks like he’s taking the initiative to display some goodwill, hoping for the chance of an alliance in the future.”

Screw that alliance! It’d be alright if it was only about work. Though if you have other intentions, I(laozi) will burst your balls! Yang Chen angrily thought.

The cold night wind blew past, and Mo Qianni trembled from the cold as she said: “It’s late, could you send me back?”

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