Chapter 134-1: Senior

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 134-1: Senior

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“Yang Chen!?”

Yu Hui and Zhao Hongyan turned to look at Yang Chen.  His sudden appearance changed the whole mood!

“It’s you?” Yu Hui still remembered that this was the man who shared the table with Zhao Hongyan and the other ladies. Yang Chen’s sudden appearance made him flustered for a moment, but he calmed down immediately.

Zhao Hongyan took advantage of the fact that Yu Hui wasn’t paying attention and buttoned her clothes. She then ran behind Yang Chen.

“You’ve been eavesdropping on our conversation?” Yu Hui expression turned fowl, with a cold gaze he glared at Yang Chen.

“It’s difficult not to hear it when your voice is so loud, though I don’t really like hearing you speak at all.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Yu Hui fiercely glared at Yang Chen, he knew his plan had fallen through. After all, he couldn’t possibly do something to Zhao Hongyan in front of another man. The anger in his heart had accumulated further. He looked at Zhao Hongyan profoundly and coldly snorted before leaving the car park.

Zhao Hongyan finally sighed in relief. She raised her head to look at him, and with a forced smile she said, “Thank you for that.”

“Shall I send you home?” Yang Chen felt that since such a matter had happened, if she continued to stay and drink, it would just be a form of torture for her.

Zhao Hongyan shook her head, “There’s no need, I’ll just take a cab back. I want some alone time.”

Yang Chen nodded. Though he had a vague understanding of Zhao Hongyan’s family’s circumstances, he was just a colleague to her and they could be considered good friends at best. He had no reason or qualification for him to stick his hand into her family’s private matters.

“Don’t do anything silly. No matter what happens, there’s always leeway to solve it.” Yang Chen advised with concern.

Zhao Hongyan’s eyes reddened, she felt the sincerity in Yang Chen’s words. Feeling touched she said, “Don’t worry, I’m no longer a child. I’ve actually thought through many things, what should come will eventually come. What is fated will happen, bye bye……”

“Bye bye.”

Watching Zhao Hongyan’s lonely figure walk towards her compact Toyota car, Yang Chen felt sympathy for her.

Every family has its own problems. But compared to Zhao Hongyan, the marriage between Lin Ruoxi and him doesn’t seem that horrid.

This made him think of an old saying, life is basically rape, you can’t resist it, so you might as well enjoy it…...

After sending Zhao Hongyan off, Yang Chen returned to Blueberry Bar. Liu Mingyu and the other ladies were about to be done drinking. They had smiles that were silly yet charming.

Seeing Yang Chen return without Zhao Hongyan, the rather sober Liu Mingyu asked, “Where’s Hongyan?”

“Oh, she had to return first due to a pressing matter and told me to inform you guys that she left.”

Liu Mingyu thought for a while before asking, “There isn’t an emergency is there?”

“Nope.” Yang Chen picked up his glass of unfinished alcohol from earlier and raised it towards his fellow colleagues, “Let’s finish drinking the liquor, and wish our Department Head Liu a smooth sailing career.”

“Cheers!” The ladies all raised their glasses with happy laughter.

Since they were a bunch of ladies, they all returned to their respective homes at around ten in the evening. Yang Chen was originally worried that it would be dangerous for these ladies to drive. Contrary to what he expected, once they got out of the bar, it was like every single one of them had changed faces. They bade farewell to Yang Chen with a sober look, even making some jokes.

Zhang Cai seemed to have felt Yang Chen’s astonishment, so she said with a proud smile, “What’s there to be surprised about? Don’t forget what our job is. How can there be someone who works in public relations that can’t drink!? If we can’t even drive our cars home after drinking with customers, then we shouldn’t stay on this job anymore!”

Yang Chen was ashamed, as he never worked seriously in the company. He truly had forgotten what the occupation of his colleagues were.

When Yang Chen drove back to Dragon Garden, he noticed that the lights on the ground floor were brighter than the usual. What made Yang Chen surprised was that there was a car that obviously didn’t belong to Lin Ruoxi in front of the door. It was a black Japan made Acura MDX.

Could it be that one of Lin Ruoxi’s relatives have come? Should I still enter the house?

Thinking about it for a while, Yang Chen found his question to be rubbish. It was not like he was dependent on his looks, what was there to be afraid of!?

Slowly entering the door, he found that there was indeed a guest sitting on the sofa of the living room. It wasn’t a old person like Yang Chen had imagined, but a young man who wore a blue Versace shirt.

He had neat and short hair, face with sharp features, tall nose bridge, and was at least 1.8m tall with healthy looking skin. He sat on the sofa with his posture as straight as a pole, looking calm and collected. All of this made his actual age difficult to guess.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi was seated on another sofa at a ninety degrees angle from him. On the coffee table was steaming hot green tea and they seemed to be discussing something.

Seeing Yang Chen enter the house, the man in the blue shirt slightly creased his brows. He immediately revealed a carefree smile and stood up and amiably nodded at Yang Chen.

Since this person had smiled towards him, he couldn’t be lacking manners either. Smiling back at him, Yang Chen asked Lin Ruoxi who sat quietly, “This person is?”

Without waiting for Lin Ruoxi to introduce him, the man said in a clear voice, “My name is Zeng Xinlin. I’m Ruoxi’s friend from college, may I ask who you are, Mister?”

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