Chapter 133-2: Sibling-in-law

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 133-2: Sibling-in-law

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“Screw that sister-in-law relationship!” Yu Hui suddenly shouted with a sinister expression on his face. “I’ve never thought of you as my sister-in-law from the day you married my brother! Since childhood, the best clothes, the best toys, and even the best opportunities were given to my brother! Everything was given to him, all because he’s better at studying than me, and because he achieved better results than I did! I’ve graduated from college, but even now the family business is under his care. Those old fogeys only know how to criticize me, saying that I only know how to fool around! Why didn’t they pay any attention to me before! They only paid attention to my brother!? But fine, I can disregard all that, but why do I have to even yield my women to my brother!? It was obviously me who first took notice of you, but why was it that in the end they didn’t let me have you, and had you marry my brother!? What’s even good about that man! He’s old-fashioned, stubborn, and emotional. He simply doesn’t know how to treat you well, so why must you marry him!? Is it just because he’s the successor of the Yu Family, while I’m someone who idles his time away? Or is it that I’m the second son who’s looked down upon by the family!?”

As Yu Hui shouted, his fierce voice made Zhao Hongyan’s tears flow out unceasingly. She was frightened, and turned away to avoid eye contact.

“Let me tell you, Zhao Hongyan! Don’t pretend to be pure in front of me! You’re a slut! What you took fancy to was obviously my brother’s status and my family’s money! You intended to wait for the old fogeys to die and make their money yours didn’t you!? You’re the same as those morons that only know how to shield my brother! I (laozi) look down on you from the bottom of my heart! If you don’t yield to me today, I will tell my brother about the matter of you going to a bar without informing him. That stiff idiot would believe me, his younger brother, just because he thinks I respect him a lot…… Haha! Don’t you think he’s silly? The person he trusts the most is the person who hates him the most……”

Zhao Hongyan was already incessantly sobbing, “Little Hui…… Don’t say that….. That’s not what happened……”

“Shut up!” Yu Hui had an ominous glint in his eyes, and his facial expression seemed rather distorted. With a weird laugh he said, “You don’t need to explain it to me. I’ve been listening to the nonsense of you hypocrites since childhood! I’m sick of hearing it! Let me tell you, Zhao Hongyan…… Sister-in-law Zhao…… Do you want to be slapped several times by my brother, and have no face to leave the house? Or will you obediently take off your clothes? We can both enjoy ourselves and it’ll just be half an hour. When we return home I can pretend nothing happened……”

When Yu Hui’s face leaned closer and closer, Zhao Hongyan was finally aware that he was doing this for real. While feeling afraid, the will to resist flowed out from her bones.

Zhao Hongyan pushed away the arm Yu Hui blocked her with and attempted to run away.

But how could Yu Hui let her do as she wished? With a malicious smile he grabbed hold of Zhao Hongyan’s arm, fiercely pulled her back, and pushed her against the wall!

Zhao Hongyan staggered. She nearly lost her footing and fell onto the ground. Like a female beast that had been cornered, she stared with an unyielding gaze. Zhao Hongyan converted some of her shame into anger and with a scream, she tried to forcefully push Yu Hui away!

It was a pity that despite how furious the woman was, her physical strength wasn’t comparable to a grown man’s. Before Zhao Hongyan’s arms managed to come into contact with Yu Hui’s body, Yu Hui caught hold of her hands and pinned her against the wall so she was unable to move!

“Let me tell you that if you’re going to continue being this disobedient, I won’t just play with you, I’ll even tell my brother what happened today!” Yu Hui restrained both of Zhao Hongyan’s arms and said with a cold smile.

Zhao Hongyan bitterly struggled. She wanted to use her legs to kick this vulgar man, but her legs had been locked down by Yu Hui beforehand. It was like she was nailed to a cross.

“Don’t even think about threatening me, if you want to tell Yu Guang, then go ahead. My conscience is clear and I will not let you have your way!” Zhao Hongyan’s voice was rather hoarse. She was panting, but she wouldn’t let go of her final bit of sanctity as a woman.

“Is that so?” Yu Hui raised an eyebrow, and said indifferently, “Then your family’s old man……”

“Yu Hui!” Zhao Hongyan’s spirit was finally repressed. While tearing up, she gnashed her teeth and said, “Why must you be like this!? What did I ever do to you to deserve such treatment!?”

“You owe me everything! You should belong to me! Like the people in the family, you owe me everything!! From the day you entered the family, I vowed that I would get my hands on you. Don’t you even think about fleeing today……” Yu Hui’s mind had become a mess and he had a psychopathic smile on his face.

Zhao Hongyan stopped struggling with her hands. Yu Hui saw this and let go of her hands.

Zhao Hongyan’s body slid down the wall as she sobbed, she covered her face with her hands and her body trembled.

“Sister-in-law Hongyan, while there’s nobody nearby, shouldn’t you hurry up and do what you need to do?” Yu Hui jested as if he was looking at prey that had been caught in his web.

Zhao Hongyan wiped away her tears. She raised her head and coldly stared at him, “Yu Hui, you will regret this.”

Yu Hui’s face darkened, and with a deep voice he said, “Whether I regret this or not is my problem, now, take off your shirt and skirt! Once I’m done with you we’ll see if you still regret.”

The night breeze was extremely cold as it flowed into the car park.

Zhao Hongyan took a deep breath. She accepted her fate and closed her eyes. Her hands slowly began to unbutton her knitted outerwear, allowing her two mountain-like dumplings to be revealed.

Bewitched, Yu Hui licked his dry lips as the flame in his eyes gradually lit up. The moment he had dreamed of was approaching!

But right at this moment, a man’s voice was heard from behind Yu Hui……

“Ahem, erm…… Hongyan, the weather is so chilly, I think you should keep your clothes on.”

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