Chapter 131-2: Not a math problem

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 131-2: Not a math problem

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Warehouse by the harbor, this naturally referred to the matter where she was kidnapped by Lin Kun. It was unexpected that despite not asking any questions during that time, Lin Ruoxi had made such a resolution in her mind.

“Back when I was tied up in the warehouse, I was thinking that this was a split road the heavens have prepared for me. If you were a coward and didn’t think of a way to save us, then I would lose everything, even Qianni wouldn’t have a good end. Therefore, I made a bet with myself, if you came, I wouldn’t think about regretting this marriage again. No matter how you treat me, as long as you don’t want a divorce I will walk down the passage of time with you. If you didn’t come, then I’d think of it as fate and my life would become a tragedy. In any case, there wasn’t much meaning to my life, it was both tiring and fraught with hardship.

“What do you mean by no meaning to your life? You have such a big company, with so many employees that like you. You’re more beautiful than anybody, so much so that any man that looks at you would ascend to heaven. You’re also wealthy, what do you mean by life having no meaning?” Yang Chen said with a regretful tone.

Lin Ruoxi coldly looked at him and softly said, “When I was younger, there was only my granny and mother at home, none of the men in the family wanted us. When I was in college, my granny left me, then, my mother also left me. At home there was only Wang Ma left to keep me company. Before graduating from college, I dropped out of school to manage Yu Lei. In the past few years, I never managed to sleep in peace. If that’s all then it was bearable, but my own father even colluded with others to deal with me and abuse me……

What use is there to being wealthy? What use is there to being pretty? People who are jealous would just believe that I used my body in exchange for my success today. All they care about is my external appearance, and neglect all the hard work I put in.

Do you know, that this year, even if my birthday passes, I’m still just twenty-three years old. Ladies around my age are all still either in college, playing around, clubbing, dating, reading romance novels, watching korean dramas, and dreaming of being like the female protagonist in those shows…… What about me? I can’t play what I want to play, can’t wear what I want to wear. I face an empty office everyday, staring at a table of densely packed statistic tables and documents. I face a bunch of executives who harbor ulterior motives in meetings, and pay wages to thousands of employees…… When the stock market is going good, I have to urge on my employees not to slack, when there are problems with sales, I have to feign calmness and encourage my employees not to lose heart……”

The interior lights of the car had already turned off automatically, in the darkness, it was difficult to see Lin Ruoxi’s expression, there was only the two streaks of sparkling tears which could be made out.

Yang Chen slowly stretched his hand out, intending to wipe away her tears, but Lin Ruoxi immediately turned her head away to wipe away her own tears. This made Yang Chen’s arm freeze in mid-air.

“You need not pity me, I know what I’m doing. My granny told me, women can’t depend on men. That man abandoned my grandmother, so my grandmother started Yu Lei International, and even expanded Yu Lei International to the size it is today. I don’t hope for you to be nice to me, I know that I may be qualified at managing the company, but I’m definitely not a good wife. I won’t hold a grudge against you even if you don’t like me.”

“Who says I don’t like you. If I didn’t like you, would I have married you?” Yang Chen said with creased brows.

Lin Ruoxi became silent for a while and said, “You don’t understand what I said. Even if you like me, you’re just liking my external appearance. But that’s fine as well, although I don’t know how to be a good lover and a good wife, I can read books and learn. I believe that one day, I will become a good wife.”

With a bitter laugh, Yang Chen said, “This isn’t a math problem, it probably can’t be solved just by reading books, right?”

“What should I do then?” Lin Ruoxi frowned, she was at a loss. To this young CEO, this problem was way more complicated than those financial issues.

Yang Chen sincerely said, “Let’s not talk about that problem first. Ruoxi, you said that you’re willing to walk down the passages of time with me because I went to save you that day, but I don’t think that’s a good reason. I hope that the one reason my wife stays with me is because she loves me, she loves me so much that she can’t bear to leave me. Your reason isn’t love, it’s a form of gratitude towards me, I don’t need your gratitude. The reason I saved you was because you’re my woman, do you understand?”

“I’m not a little girl, I make my judgement with rationality.” Lin Ruoxi defended.

“It’s because you’re rational, that’s why it’s wrong! There’s no rationality in love, there’s only rationality in responsibility!” Said Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi kept her mouth closed, seemingly pondering over the meaning behind those words, but she was a total idiot when it came to love, and simply couldn’t understand.

Yang Chen continued to speak, “Just like today, when you saw Old Zhao and his wife, that aged married couple accompanying each other without abandoning each other, you felt envious of their love, they made you wish for the love between couples which they had. This is a good thing, and is only natural. Actually, I also wish that I could spend the rest of my life with you, like you said, perhaps I like your external appearance, and I may be feeling responsible for you too and want to be a good husband, I’m not very clear myself. However, I firmly believe that even if the contracted marriage ends, as long as you don’t leave me, I won’t take the initiative to leave you, I will never do that.

This is the promise I’m making to you as a man. Earlier, you said you wanted to work hard to be a good wife, I was very happy, but your way of becoming a good wife was to read books on how to become one, and that doesn’t make sense. Do you think that Mrs. Zhao or Old Zhao read the theories on books and referred to them to pass their days together?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, she found this unrealistic and asked, “What should we do then?”

“Follow your feelings. Love cannot be theorized.”

“Feelings? How will feelings come by?” Lin Ruoxi began to have a headache.

Yang Chen giggled, “Fall in love. We have a very unique situation. Ordinary men and women first fall in love, date, get married, and then they have a responsibility. While in our case, we married first and then obtained a responsibility. You want to be responsible for your life, and I want to be responsible for my actions. Perhaps the both of us have a responsibility to be each other’s spouse, but we lack the love between man and woman."

“Fall…… Fall in love?” Lin Ruoxi heard this phrase and deeply blushed, “I… I don’t know how to fall in love……”

“This… actually I don’t know either……” Yang Chen rubbed the back of his head for he truly didn’t know. In the past, his women were all caught and pounced upon, but for the women around him now, none of them had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with him, they were only lovers.

Lin Ruoxi then said in a discouraging manner, “So what did you say all that for, it’s all rubbish.”

“Actually, it’s not like there’s no way at all……” Yang Chen said in a tiny voice as he gazed at this woman in front of him, and sniffed the unique fragrance on Lin Ruoxi in pleasure.

“There’s a way?” Lin Ruoxi curiously asked.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva, then considered how to phrase things before saying, “I feel that…… We should go back to the very beginning to find the love between man and woman. What is the very beginning? That is bodily contact, which is having me inside you, and you inside me…… The harmony of yin and yang, entangling spirit and body……  For example, right now in this car there are things we could do…… Erm… Ruoxi, you understand what I mean now, right……”

Gradually, in the darkness, Lin Ruoxi’s breathing became constrained, a cold ray flashed in her vivid eyes……


Lin Ruoxi seemed have been thoroughly angered. After a cute snort, she started the car, engaged sports mode and fiercely stomped on the accelerator!


The Mercedes-Benz coupe shot forward like a steel cannon! The powerful g-force made Yang Chen’s back stick against the seat.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t get agitated! What are you driving so quickly for!!?”

“I don’t need your care!!”

“Big sis I made a mistake with my words would you please slow down! We’re about to crash!!”

“I’ll kill you sex maniac hoodlum!!”

“If you want to kill me you should first put down the handbrake!!”

“I don’t need your care!”

“What the f**k! You’re being a road killer!!!”

The bright red headlights streaked across the dark roads like lightning, disappearing into the night.

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