Chapter 13: Marriage

Chapter 13: Marriage

Tang Wan gave out a cold “hmph” sound, then suddenly stretched out her hands that were as smooth as teeth, in one movement grabbing onto Yang Chen’s collared shirt button. She charmingly rolled her eyes at Yang Chen and said, “An Italian handmade collared shirt, a specialized in design for royal families yet does not have a brand or logo. However, button is made with South Africa’s blue diamonds, with state of the art polishing technology. This simple piece of clothing, is priced at least 10 million dollars. Did you think nobody would recognize such a product, and think you are wearing and inferior brand shirt with plastic buttons?”

Yang Chen was embarrassed, he did not expect that someone would recognize his shirt’s true value, however he soon turned it to laughter and said: “Miss Tang indeed has great insight, however you are still wrong. This blue diamond was produced in Namibia, and not South Africa.”

“And you still say you’re not any family’s young master? Clothes that use Namibian blue diamonds as buttons, the entire ZhongHai has no more than a few qualified to wear….It is not fun to lie.” Tang Wan squinted her eyes, she already nothing left to say.

Yang Chen ferociously took a few drags off the cigarette, tossed the cigarette butt into the river, and said in a depressed manner: “Miss Tang, Let us not beat around the bush. It’s true you are beautiful, I, Yang Chen would like to sleep with you, but there’s no need for me to pretend to be a mutton skewer seller to sleep with you, right? I’ve already said I’m just a mutton skewer seller, but who says a mutton skewer seller can’t wear a clothing worth 10 million? Can’t you trust me, and change the subject into something more romantic?”

“That is very crude.” Tang Wan unhesitantly criticized. Then followed with a smile like flowers, “However, I like your straightforwardness, alright, I will temporarily treat you as a mutton skewer seller. However, Mr. Yang, I never intended to sleep with you, and more so wouldn’t sleep with a mutton skewer seller even more, I’m not the slightest bit tempted.”

“Then what did you speak so much to me for?” Yang Chen felt a little depressed, initially thinking that he coincidentally met a prey that would leap into his arms, but who knew the other party had no intentions in this regard.

Tang Wan chuckled, a pair of peaks and ridges shook on her chest, “Mr. Yang, you’re really a reckless man, much more pleasing to the eye than those men who pretend to be refined. It is a pity, I’m not the kind of woman you think I am. The reason I spoke all these words to you, is merely because my heart felt a little stifled earlier.”


“Then, my mood is much better now, I want to thank you for that. If there is fate and we meet again, I’ll treat you to tea.”

Done with speaking, Tang Wan walked towards her Land Rover, stopped halfway, turned around, tenderly smiled and said: “Right, I suggest you do not blow smoke at a lady in the future, majority of ladies aren’t nightclub hostesses, and will not view your actions as polite….” Finished speaking, she swayed her voluminous figure back into the car.

After he saw the Land Rover disappear into the distance like a leopard in the dark, Yang Chen then grudgingly muttered to himself, “Is selling mutton skewers really so mediocre? Do I have to change occupations?”

The next morning, soon after waking Yang Chen heard someone knocking on his room’s door. Yang Chen unhappily got off his bed, and walked to the door in only his briefs. He opened the door and it revealed as expected, the frost faced Lin Ruoxi.

Upon seeing Yang Chen’s muscular upper body, Lin Ruoxi unintentionally blushed, but maintained her poker face and said: “Hurry up and put on some clothes, I’m in a rush.”

Yang Chen scratched his head, “I mean Miss Lin, for a marriage certificate why are you in such a rush? Can’t you wait for me to take a shower and eat breakfast first?”

“That won’t do, I have a meeting at 10.” Lin Ruoxi’s tone did not allow any rejection, “Don’t forget to bring your bankbook and identity card.”

Helpless to the woman’s might, Yang Chen put on his sleeved shirt and shorts then followed Lin Ruoxi downstairs, and they got into her red Bentley car together.

Lin Ruoxi took two big bags from the back and tossed them towards Yang Chen, not even turning her head and said: “ Change into these, so we aren’t viewed as jokes.”

Yang Chen only now noticed, today Lin Ruoxi wore a formal OL(Office Lady) suit, the beige colored suit obviously made by the hands of professionals, with flowing lines that covered Lin Ruoxi’s enchanting curves, set off the ice-cold yet full of intellectual temperament beautiful face. In the eyes of men was definitely enchanting enough to ruin a country.

“Hehe, wifey, the official marriage is yet to be done but you have already purchased clothes for your husband….” Yang Chen laughed shamelessly, and took out from the large bag a pair of Armani suit and trousers, and also a pair of brand new Pierre Cardin leather shoes. Obviously lots of thoughtful preparation was put in.

Lin Ruoxi seriously drove and pretended not hearing anything, lazy to respond to Yang Chen’s rogue tone.

Yang Chen was very nimble, despite being in a narrow seat, he effortlessly changed into this brand new set of luxury clothing, and very narcissistically used the car’s mirror to comb his hair. His whole person now looked a hundred times more refreshing.

Although she kept looking forward, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help sneakily peeking at Yang Chen for a few instances. Upon seeing Yang Chen in a western suit and tie, Lin Ruoxi felt her heart beat faster. Although this felt a little shameful, but the man’s free and unrestrained look, and eyes which occasionally revealed sadness, all made her a little fascinated. Yang Chen had a much more extraordinary charisma in comparison to the young masters of those wealthy families in this western suit.

Lin Ruoxi comforted herself in her heart saying: At least he is able to pose, and won’t humiliate me when we go out.

Speeding throughout, and getting Yang Chen’s colored photo done along the way, the two quickly arrived at the Civil Administration Bureau.

After getting off the car, Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a moment, but still clenched her teeth and hooked Yang Chen’s arm, creating an appearance of an innocent and happy girl.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh saying: “Good well-behaved wifey, already starting to act from here, very professional.”

“You’re not allowed to laugh! Play your role properly for we have signed the contract.” Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen helplessly sighed, allowing Lin Ruoxi to cling onto his arms. Anyway this arm could occasionally rub against Lin Ruoxi’s soft and abundant chest, being able to take advantage of this was a good thing.

Lin Ruoxi felt this as well, but angrily clenched her teeth and endured. After all, in the future there would be many days which requires such acting, thus it was necessary to let his bad fella freeload a little.

Walking into the main doors of the Civil Administration Bureau, the two’s talented man and beautiful woman(idiom for an ideal couple) looks attracted everybody’s attention. Yang Chen, whose whole body wore branded goods seemed cool and free, while Lin Ruoxi naturally was beautiful to the point fish would dive deeper into the water in shame, and birds would fall from forgetting how to fly because of her captivating beauty. In the eyes of the surrounding people they seemed like a match made in heaven.

The Civil Administration Bureau’s worker simply verified the two’s documents, then quickly carried on with the procedures, with a face full of congratulatory smiles and said to the two: “ Congratulations to you both, this is your Marriage Certificate please take good care of it. You two are truly a couple that makes people envy, and will definitely live a long and great life together.”

Lin Ruoxi kept hold of Yang Chen’s wrist, being stared at by the people in the surrounding made her face feel scorching hot for quite some time. Upon receiving the Marriage Certificate, she felt like she was in a dream for it was so magical.

I actually got married, with a man I’ve only known for a day and got married…. Lin Ruoxi with confused eyes glanced at Yang Chen, realizing right now Yang Chen also stupidly stared at the Marriage Certificate, spellbound.

Is he also filled with complicated emotions? What is he thinking of now? Does he dislike it, or is he happy? Lin Ruoxi suddenly asked herself these questions, then felt frightened. Why would I care about what he thinks!?

Yang Chen suddenly turned his head, face to face with Lin Ruoxi, evilly smiled then said: “What’s the matter my wife? It can’t be that you started regretting right after receiving the Marriage Certificate right? For you were the one who forcefully pulled me here.”

“You think I’m really willing to marry you?” Lin Ruoxi in a small voice bitterly said: “However you can be at ease, when I Lin Ruoxi decide upon something I never go back, you just need to behave well and coordinate with me to act for these three years. It will be enough if you don’t create problems for me.

After the two walked out of the Civil Administration Bureau, Lin Ruoxi released her hand on Yang Chen’s arm and returned to a face of frost, “Alright, I’ve got to go for a meeting, you can go home first.”

“Go home? Please don’t tell me you want me to walk back…..” Yang Chen felt really bitter, this wife of his was too high quality, right after marriage she wanted her husband to walk tens of kilometers home.

Lin Ruoxi took out a card from her leather bag and handed it to Yang Chen, on top of the card printed was a graceful font that had an address: “89 Dragon Garden, Culture Road.”

“Since we have already gotten married, then on the surface we need to live together. Otherwise we can’t trick others. You should just move in together with me, and quickly move out from that dog kennel of yours.” After those words, without even turning back she got on her car and drove away.

Yang Chen laughed in a manner that looked uglier than crying, and mumbled to himself, “In the end, I still have to walk..”

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