Chapter 129-2: Can I not say it?

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 129-2: Can I not say it?

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With a pure face without makeup, and a white dress that seemed to have been washed many times, Lin Ruoxi’s manner of dressing couldn’t be more ordinary. Regardless of this, many gazes still lingered on her. There were many men which also revealed undisguised lust in their eyes. This made Yang Chen understand to a large degree as to why Lin Ruoxi needed someone to accompany her. In a crowded place like this, it would indeed be dangerous for a young lady like her to walk around alone.

After taking the elevator over ten floors up to the culture and history section, Lin Ruoxi got out of the elevator. She noticed Yang Chen following her, and felt very awkward, so she said, “You can just go look around on your own, just wait for me downstairs later.”

“I’m not here to look at books, I’m here to look after you.” Yang Chen replied.

“I’m not a child, what are you looking after me for?” Lin Ruoxi was displeased.

Yang Chen didn’t mind, “You just need to tend to your own business. Since Wang Ma asked me to look after you, I’ll naturally follow her instructions. Don’t worry, I will not disturb you, you can look as long as you want.”

Lin Ruoxi knew that there wouldn’t be a good end to all this if she continued talking to this rogue, she may even be angered to death. She glared at him for a while and began to browse around the orderly bookshelves afterwards.

Despite having many people inside Book City, it was peaceful. It didn’t feel crowded due to the size of the floor.

The genres Lin Ruoxi read were of an incredibly large range. From the over ten floors, she would enter every floor to pick out a few books and place them into the books basket. When they got up to the eighteenth floor, the sector for fashion and design, Yang Chen was already carrying two full baskets of books with a combined weight of at least a hundred pounds.

Ruoxi previously came to Book City with Wang Ma. As they were both women, they’d be unable to proceed any further after filling one basket. It was extremely troublesome to go all the way downstairs to store them before coming back up to take more. Now that Yang Chen was here, Lin Ruoxi felt a lot more relaxed. It didn’t matter how many books she took as long as she could place them into the baskets Yang Chen held, so she just had to choose and didn’t have to consider carrying them.

The woman was extremely engrossed at this moment. She simply had no idea how many books she had chosen and had no awareness of fatigue as she shuttled between bookshelves and browsed through book after book.

Several customers who passed by saw the large baskets in Yang Chen’s hands which were full of books. They gave Yang Chen looks of admiration and consolation. In their view, this man’s arms were definitely about to break. However, when they saw Lin Ruoxi’s face, those customers felt at ease. They believed that he was trying so hard to gain this girl’s favor. Some of the young male customers who saw Yang Chen’s current state immediately removed any thoughts of Lin Ruoxi, for a woman like that was too difficult to deal with.

Yang Chen was indifferent to this. He didn’t even consider whether the weight he bore in his arms were beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. As long as it could fit in the basket, he wouldn’t say a thing.

After going past the fashion and design floor, the two arrived at the final floor. It was a special floor for exceptional foreign works. There were very few people on this floor, after all, most of the books here were of languages like French and Spanish. The ones who could read these books were few, while the ones who were willing to spend time reading them were even fewer.

Lin Ruoxi looked at this section and suddenly remembered Yang Chen’s perverse foreign languages skills that made even her at a loss for words. She casually asked, “Are you able to read all of the books here?”

Yang Chen swept a glance at them. These were mostly Western languages and some Southeast Asian and Middle East languages. There weren’t any of the more minor languages spoken in Africa and Latin America, so he nodded, “I can read all of them.”

Lin Ruoxi was originally just making a casual remark. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to actually say that he understood all of them, and she couldn’t help but feel that Yang Chen was just boasting. There were over twenty languages on this level, so as to give Yang Chen a small lesson for “speaking without thought,” she calmly walked towards the Albanian section in a playful mood.

Albanian was the official language of Serbia, Yugoslavia and several other countries. Because it had combined the vocabulary of Greek, Italian and Slavic languages, it was considered one of the more obtuse and difficult European languages.

Lin Ruoxi casually picked up a heavy book with a black cover and wantonly flipped to a page. The bundle of Albanian words on the page gave her a headache just by looking at it.

“Since you said that you understood all of the languages here, could you translate what’s on this page to me?” Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen radiantly. She didn’t seem like she had spent three hours shopping in Book City.

Yang Chen took a quick glance, and awkwardly pursed his lips before he asked, “Can I not say it? I find this rather difficult to say out loud.”

“Don’t make excuses, isn’t it just translating? Didn’t you say you knew all these languages? What’s so hard about this? I’m even holding the book up for you, so you just need to say it.” Lin Ruoxi urged him on continuously. In her beautiful eyes were satisfaction and joy. She felt like she finally had the upper hand, and that she would have defeated Yang Chen for once.

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