Chapter 126-2: Awkward problem

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 126-2: Awkward problem

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“Silly, Department Head Mo isn’t leaving the company, we’ll still be able to see her around the company.” A PR worker consoled.

“But I still feel so sad inside…….” Another PR worker mumbled.

Simultaneously, the many of the ladies in the office revealed expressions of being reluctant to part with Mo Qianni. Some of the more sensitive ladies were already tearing up, and began to snivel.

Mo Qianni had to shut her eyes to keep her tears from falling. With a forced smile she said, “Everybody please cheer up, just like Xiaomeng said, I’m not leaving the company, if you want to see me, you may come to the Finance Department’s floor to find me. As long as it doesn’t hold up work, I welcome you any time. Today is the date of promotion, and I specially dressed up prettily, you guys shouldn’t make me cry, I’ll look really ugly with my makeup ruined……”

The ladies laughed, but their tears still flowed unceasingly.

Yang Chen watched all this happen and felt rather touched inside. He felt cozy inside, it was these pretty faces who had become a team that made this office full of warmth.

Yang Chen finally confirmed that it was a wise decision to join this company. Isn’t warmth like this exactly what he hoped to feel?

When Mo Qianni walked past him, Yang Chen said with sincerity from the bottom of his heart, “Congratulations.”

The corners of Mo Qianni’s mouth raised upwards, “Are you very pleased that you don’t need to be tormented by a superior like me? That you can now peacefully play games everyday?”

“A little, but I’m even more reluctant to part. I’ll miss you more in the future.” Yang Chen replied honestly.

A tinge of redness showed on Mo Qianni’s face, “What a glib tongue! Thank goodness I don’t have to be your superior anymore!” With that said, she walked back into her office without looking back.

The change of heads did not cause too much of a commotion within the office, perhaps this came as no surprise to a vast majority of the people. Like all that changed was the photo on the Department Head’s office.

After it was time to end work in the evening, Yang Chen turned off his computer and prepared to return home. It was at this point that his phone rang.

Yang Chen looked at it, it was actually a call from Lin Ruoxi!

His wife was in a bad mood since yesterday afternoon, and he didn’t return home throughout the night. He thought that she would remain angry at him for quite a while, it was unexpected for him to receive a call from her so soon.

“Dear, you’ve finally thought of me.” Yang Chen jested.

Lin Ruoxi remained silent for a long while before saying, “Are you still in the company?”

“I am, what’s up?”

“My car is broken, it won’t start.”

Lin Ruoxi’s car was a Bentley Arnage made in Britain. British cars are famous for their classic and graceful design and exquisite workmanship. It was a pity that the cars made by that block-head country had some rather annoying shortcomings. In contrast to its meticulous workmanship, the car’s functions and reliability were inferior when compared to Germany, Japan, and several other countries. What made things even more awkward was, whether it was Aston Martin, Bentley, or Rolls Royce, they all had some small faults. Shared amongst them was: all kinds of breakdowns.

It goes without saying that these cars themselves had unquestionable technology, but it was precisely those refined and advanced technologies that made these luxury cars breakdown unexpectedly due to many small factors from the outside world.

The most classic example is the British Queen Elizabeth the Second’s 10 million sterling pound Bentley, which broke down and had left the queen stuck in the middle of the road. In the end, the queen was left without a choice but to get on a Jeep and return home dejectedly.

Lin Ruoxi’s car wouldn’t move. What did that mean? It obviously meant that she needed someone to send her home!

Yang Chen didn’t expect that the call from Lin Ruoxi was for such a weird reason. Yet when he thought about it, other than for a reason like this, there was no other reason for her to call him.

So as to avoid being seen by other people in the company, the two agreed to meet half an hour later at the CEO’s parking lot. At that time, the car park would practically be empty, because Yu Lei International doesn’t allow working overtime. If one wants to work overtime, go home and do it.

Half an hour later, Yang Chen leisurely walked to Lin Ruoxi’s parking lot. Lin Ruoxi wore a casual white dress and held onto her light brown Hermès handbag with both hands. Her hair was like black ink, and she quietly stood beside the red Bentley Arnage. She looked incredibly lovely and attractive, without any semblance to her day time image of a successful career woman.

Watching the beaming Yang Chen walk over, Lin Ruoxi felt rather stifled inside. Their relationship had become stiff from their argument yesterday, and Yang Chen didn’t return home last night. She was initially so furious that she intended to ignore him for a week or two, but she didn’t expect her car to break down. To make matters worse, after it broke down, she disappointingly thought of contacting Yang Chen first.

Yang Chen didn’t notice the many complicated thoughts that went through the woman’s mind. He didn’t mind seeing Lin Ruoxi refusing to speak to him, he walked up to her and stretched out his palm.

“What are you doing?” Lin Ruoxi looked at him in confusion.

“Car key.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“The car has broken down, it can’t be started.” Lin Ruoxi creased her brows.

Yang Chen beckoned with his fingers, “Just give it to me. You can’t start it up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t as well.”

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