Chapter 125-2: Yang Chen's ailment

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 125-2: Yang Chen's ailment

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With that said, Rose casually opened a video file which had a title full of numbers.

When the video was played on the screen, Yang Chen wondered if he was hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes before he could confirm that what he saw on the screen was real.

In the video, a completely naked fat middle-aged man was lying on top of a younger woman with a great body like a dead pig, and the two’s lower body were entangled together. The bald man was constantly shaking his fleshy butt, and he made various kinds of strange moans of excitement along with the woman.

“Darling Rose, if you wanna watch that kind of film, you should at least choose something a little more appealing. The quality of this video is just plain disgusting, there’s no need to even talk about the mood! Watching too much may lead to depravity It’s better not to watch this in the future.” Yang Chen waved his hand and felt rather displeased. How could his woman have such bad taste! She should at least watch the kind with many P!

Rose immediately blushed. Fuming, she said, “What mood are you talking about! That’s all you can think of?  I… I’m not thinking in the manner you think I am!”

Despite having been in the most intimate positions with Yang Chen, Rose was still like a shy little girl when it came to this topic.

“What does that mean……”

Rose immediately closed the video and opened a chart in the folder. Inside the file was a long list of numbers and names.

Rose pointed at the number and explained, “Look at this, Hubby. These numbers here are the people we just saw in the video. They are Zhonghai Tax Bureau’s Vice-Chief, Guo Yan, and Zhonghai West Region Property Bureau’s Chief Lou Wanshan’s wife, Liu Yun.”

Although he didn’t really understand the political structure of Huaxia, Yang Chen was still able to have a rough understanding of what these two people’s position meant. They were all people who had high-ranked positions, core employees of Zhonghai. Thinking of the contents of the video and Rose’s words, Yang Chen understood the meaning behind this video and chart.

Situ Mingze had indeed used underhanded means. With such data in his hands, he didn’t need to worry about the government as he did his business, wreaking havoc.

Rose continued to speak, “In these videos, the people featured are all either government employees or important people in the business world. Situ Mingze thoroughly investigated the people who had unclean backgrounds since the beginning, and acquired this evidence. Then he intentionally laid traps for those who originally had innocent backgrounds so they would do some shameful things, which were also filmed by Situ Mingze. With these things, his gang was able to stabilize, without the fear of being crushed by the nation’s forces.”

Yang Chen wasn’t someone who liked listening to gossip, but this data would be of great use to Rose. It reaffirmed the fact that from this day on, Rose would become the puppeteer who controls these people who lived on the surface.

However, when Yang Chen’s gaze inadvertently landed on a number on the chart and he saw the name attached to it, he couldn’t help but blink a few times while looking at it.

“Hubby, what’s the matter?” Rose noticed the peculiarity in Yang Chen.

Yang Chen revealed a queer smile and said, “Nothing, I just saw the name of a friend.”

“Friend?” Rose blinked with curiosity, a rare showing of a cute and dazed expression from her.

The early morning was always the period where a man was filled with the most vigor. Adding the fact that he had seen that rather crude video and that this beautiful lady was revealing such a strangely charming expression, the evil fire in Yang Chen which he had desperately held back last night now ignited in his crotch!

Without waiting for Rose’s next question, Yang Chen embraced Rose and moved her to the middle of the bed. He completely ignored the beauty’s protests and cries and lifted up Rose’s silk nightgown like a beast, revealing her charmingly white jade-like legs. Between her legs was a black lacy T-back and several strands of black hair. She was practically seducing him into committing a crime.

Rose knew what was going to happen next, but since they had just been discussing serious business, suddenly getting pushed down under his body like a fat little sheep made her even more excited. She panted tenderly, luminous eyes misting over, and a red blush surfaced on her cheeks, setting off her dimples.

“Hubby, you’ve just woken up. Will your body be alright…” Though her head was already in a daze, Rose tried to use the last vestiges of her reason to ask him in concern.

“It’s good to exercise the body in the morning.” Yang Chen laughed out loud, then stripped away Rose’s last piece of clothing and pounced on her with pleasure.

When he left ROSE bar, it was approximately eight in the morning. Although he had nearly become a retard from the pain yesterday, Yang Chen wasn’t hurt at all. He once again ravaged Rose to the point where she lay in her bed limply. It must be known that for a martial arts expert like Rose, ordinary men simply couldn’t make her become completely drained just from making passionate love. It could be seen from this how valiant Yang Chen’s assault was.

Because he knew that he was already late for work, Yang Chen didn’t rush to get to the car. He leisurely bought breakfast from the stalls before driving to Yu Lei International.

When he entered the main door of the Public Relations department, Yang Chen didn’t receive the usual welcome or any vocal abuse for arriving late from the pretty ladies. Yang Chen realized that this was because all of the beauties were already gathered around Liu Mingyu’s table. They were happily discussing something, and no one paid him any heed when he entered!

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