Chapter 124-2: Rose's choice

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 124-2: Rose's choice

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“Hubby, do you know that I look practically the same as when my mother was young……” Rose said.

Yang Chen nodded, he remembered Situ Mingze having mentioned this before back in the bar.

“When I was a child, Situ Mingze was already leading West Union Society’s faction to compete in the west region. He was always filled with the smell of alcohol and blood when he came home. When he was in a good mood, he’ll treat me and my mother well, like he’s the best husband and father in the world, he doted on my mother very much, and gave her anything she wanted. He also loved me very much, he made me laugh whenever I cried, carried me and turned me around in circles, brought me to swings……”

“However, every time he got drunk, or killed many people, he’ll get into a bad mood and turn into a completely different person…… He becomes ruthless and savage, without a shred of humanity. When he returns home, he’ll use whatever small reasons there were to beat and scold my mother, and even used a wine bottle to smash at my mother…… and even…… even do those kind of things to my mother in front of me……”

“Hold on.” Yang Chen was baffled, he asked, “Didn’t your mother leave you when you were a child?”

“That’s false, it’s a lie that Situ Mingze and I spread.” Rose revealed a pained smile, then continued to speak…...

“I was still very young then, and didn’t understand matters between adults, but I knew that Situ Mingze was a temperamental lion. Being by his side, you wouldn’t know whether death could come in the next moment.”

At this point, Rose paused, like she thought of many matters in the past. She rubbed her moist eyes, then continued to speak, “One day, I heard Mama arguing with Situ Mingze, I was already in elementary school then, so I could understand what they were arguing about…… My mother had an extramarital affair with one of Situ Mingze’s subordinates. They even tried to elope, to get away from this temperamental man…… However, Situ Mingze became aware of this and had this contained early.

“That day, the sound of Situ Mingze and Mama arguing was so loud that I felt like the roof would collapse, I hid outside the door with thoughts of fleeing, but I didn’t have the strength to.”

“In the end, I heard Mama scream from inside the house, Mama kept yelling for help, to the point that I was very frightened. At that point I didn’t know what to do other than cry……”

“When the house became quiet, Situ Mingze opened the door and walked out.  He saw me crying in front of the door and kicked me away, and left without turning back……”

Rose bit her red lips, with a grieved smile she said, “Hubby, do you know? The first person I saw to die in front of me, was my own mother……”

“My mother was dead inside the house, kicked by Situ Mingze till her whole body was dyed red. She died right in front of me. Until now, I still have nightmares. I would be woken up from fright because my mother’s eyes were open. It felt like she was looking at me, like she hated me, hated me for not going in to stop this…… But…… but what could I have done as a ten year old girl……”

Yang Chen quietly listened, without making a sound. From his memories, other than his name, he didn’t know a thing about his family or his parents. Therefore, hearing Rose’s sorrows of the past, Yang Chen couldn’t truly empathize. All he could do was silently listen.

“As I slowly grew up, Situ Mingze didn’t treat me any differently. He seemed to have forgotten that he killed my mother, his wife. He would smile to me when he was happy and beat me when he was angry……”

“I lost Mama, but I kept persuading myself that it was because Mama betrayed Papa, and that was the end she deserved. Because of this, I never rebelled against Situ Mingze and I thought in my heart that he definitely loved me.”

“Until…… the day I was eighteen……” The tears in the corners of Rose’s eyes gradually dried up, with a cold and clear voice she said, “That night, after he and the other uncles celebrated my birthday, we returned home. He suddenly wanted to come to my room. He chatted about a lot of things with me. We talked about when I was younger, talked about his business, talked about the gang, and talked about children in other families……”

“Back then I didn’t understand why he was talking so much, but I kept listening…… In the end, he began talking about my mother whom he hadn’t spoken of all this time……”

“He said he missed Mama, he regretted being unable to control his emotions and beating her to death. He hoped that I wouldn’t blame him because he was in more pain than anybody……”

“Actually, many matters turn indifferent when time has passed. Although I was very sad and resented him, when he cried in grief and begged for my forgiveness, I found it difficult to bear any thought of blaming him. He was my father after all.”

“However……” Rose’s breathing quickened, “However, he suddenly said, said that I was very much alike my mother. He said I looked exactly the same as when he first met my mother. He had a limitless longing as he gazed at me with lust. He asked me if I’m willing to make up for his regrets, to take up my mother’s position as West Union Society’s mistress!”

“He wanted his own daughter to be his woman!!!”

That last sentence she spoke seemed to contain all of the strength in her. Rose hung her head lower, and murmured, “I don’t know what I was thinking then. I just madly pushed him out of the room and cried the whole night under my blanket…… It was then… that I realized he was beyond saving, so I made my decision to leave him……”

Yang Chen never expected that there was there would be a father like Situ Mingze, and that there would be such a history between them. It was fortunate that they didn’t go down the path of no return. Seeing Rose’s body which looked like it would collapse at any moment, he pulled her into his embrace. Patting her soft back, he said, “It ought to be a load off your mind saying it, at least I can help you bear the burden. A heartless man like me is the most suitable for bearing burdens for women.”

Rose rested on Yang Chen’s chest, smiled and replied, “Yeah, I feel a lot more comfortable inside. No matter what you think, Hubby, I can now face you without any guilt.”

“Actually you didn’t need to keep it from me at all, it’s not your fault. You’re just the victim in this.” Yang Chen didn’t mind at all.

Rose suddenly struggled to turn, then raised her head to look into Yang Chen’s eyes. With deep concern and difficulty, she asked, “Hubby, shouldn’t you tell me some things about your past? At the very least, I want to know, just what exactly happened to you last night?”

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