Chapter 122: Watched too many movies

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 122: Watched too many movies

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In a flash, the scene turned stiflingly cold. Anybody who had their life hanging by a thread would feel nervous.

It was as if Rose couldn’t see the muzzle which could flash at any moment. She calmly spoke, “What if I adamantly refuse to listen to your words, and don’t wanna let you send me to the other side as well?”

“That’s impossible, I didn’t plan a third option.” Situ Mingze grinned. His gaze was similar to that of an eagle glaring at a bunny.

“I’ll help you plan it.”

Rose sweetly smiled. She looked like a wittily charming princess, yet also like a maiden who did something naughty.

As she spoke these words, the bald Zhang Hu who was earnestly standing behind Situ Mingze immediately pulled out a Browning pistol from his suit! Likewise, the muzzle was pointed right at Situ Mingze!

Situ Mingze felt the chilly touch of metal on the back of his head, he knew exactly what was pointed at him!

“Zhang Hu!”

“Tiger(Lao Hu) you’re courting death!”

“Bastard! What are you doing!!”

The West Union Society members present watched this scene in disbelief as Zhang Hu’s sudden betrayal had caught them off guard!

This wasn’t the first time Zhang Hu did something like this. The first time was pointing his gun at his late boss Chen Dehai. Furthermore, it was a gamble he had bet his life on. In the end, he became the new boss of Chen Dehai’s territory. This was the second time he did this. He had levelled up to pointing his gun at the head of West Union Society’s leader, it had to be said that he had made incredible progress.

It’s said that practice makes perfect as Zhang Hu seemed much more steady taking his gun out this time around. While releasing the safety, he smirked and laughed at his surroundings, “Bunch of idiots! I(laozi) have always been following Miss Rose’s orders, what do you guys think I(laozi) am doing?!”

The surrounding West Union Society members were staggered, they couldn’t understand why this was happening.

“Tiger(Lao Hu), Chen Dehai was actually killed when you defected, right?”

Situ Mingze who had a gun pointed to his head didn’t panic, his face was as calm as water and seeming exceptionally serene when he asked.

“That’s right.” Zhang Hu said with his eyes widened, “I(laozi) have long had enough of that damn father-son duo, there’s nothing wrong with getting rid of them and defecting to Miss Rose’s side.”

“I knew it……” Situ Mingze softly laughed, “How could there possibly be someone who could stamp the nest of the old fox Chen Dehai all by himself? It would only makes sense if there’s a traitor.”

It turned out that all this time, Situ Mingze didn’t believe in the rumor that a lone mysterious man eliminated Chen Dehai’s nest…… Yang Chen who watched these events unfold rubbed his nose, laughing up his sleeve.

The underboss with the smoking pipe, Little Smoke bro was both shocked and furious. He had always disliked Zhang Hu, so he angrily cursed, “You f**king moron! Zhang Hu you’re not a man! For you to even do things like killing your master…… it’s one thing for you to kill the old fox Chen Dehai, but daring to lay your hands on the boss? I(laozi) will have you turned into ground meat and fed to dogs!”

“I, Zhang Hu have not spend many years studying, I’m uncultured, and I don’t understand your great principles. However, I have at least seen the Three Kingdoms where there are people that overthrow their master to become the master. I don’t bother to understand hypocritical masters because the truth is this world runs based on the law of the jungle. I know what I’m doing and don’t need your teachings!

The fatty underboss cursed in rage, “Tiger(Lao Hu), open your damn eyes! Inside and outside this place is filled with our brothers! Even if you take down the boss, you can forget about leaving this place with that slut Rose!”

The other underbosses immediately followed up with incessant vulgar curses.

At the same time, the other West Union Society members all pulled out their pistols and aimed them at Zhang Hu, Yang Chen, Rose and Chen Rong. Dozens of pistols took aim, causing the atmosphere in the hall to turn heavy, with great yet invisible pressure. Practically everybody’s heartbeat rate increased to no end, their breathing had become constrained as well.

There were at least eight pistols pointed at Zhang Hu’s head, but the baldy wasn’t spooked. He smiled and said, “You think there’s a lot of people on your side? Why don’t you think for a moment about who actually assigned the twenty or so brothers that are standing outside this building in Elk Garden.

The underbosses were staggered, because at this time, they realized that the one in-charge of security today was Zhang Hu!

It was even more ironic that the one who assigned Zhang Hu with the task of planning security was Situ Mingze himself. He now had Zhang Hu’s gun pointed to his head. It was meant to be a show of trust to Zhang Hu who had outstanding performance…… but now…...

Sure enough, after Zhang Hu whistled, over twenty gunmen who wore black suits and black sunglasses flowed in. They immediately spread out and pointed their guns at the other underbosses present.

At the same time, the situation caused the atmosphere to become even heavier. Situ Mingze’s gun was pointed at Rose, Zhang Hu’s aim was on Situ Mingze while the other West Union Society underbosses and their subordinates pointed at Zhang Hu and Rose’s group. Furthermore, there were still more than twenty well-trained bodyguards pointing their guns at the people of West Union Society!

The bow was drawn!

“Well played, seems like the chess piece Zhang Hu is not one you’ve only gotten for a day or two. Come to think of it, the territories that Zhang Hu has recently obtained were all intentionally given by you, right?” Situ Mingze asked with an sardonic smile.

Rose calmly nodded, “That’s right, your territory has been dwindling at double the rate. After tonight, you may not have any territory left.”

“That may not necessarily be true. In these circumstances, if I pull the trigger, we’ll both die. Then the piece of cake called West Union Society won’t belong to you.”

“Then according to you, should we put our guns down, peacefully walk out of this place, and continue this discussion at another time?”

Rose laughed. The ultimate goal of this night’s plan was, in fact, to make Situ Mingze feel helpless against her. Zhang Hu getting exposed was just a matter of time while the things he needed to do were basically finished as well. In the future, even if they were to fall out with West Union Society, there would be no need to fear considering Red Thorns Society’s strength. As for Situ Mingze and Dongxing’s alliance, after tonight there’d be no need for Rose to fear it. Without mentioning the fact that the Zhou family’s father and son wouldn’t let themselves be used as chess pieces, with the appearance of a big traitor like Zhang Hu, everyone else in West Union Society would feel imminent danger. There would be discord between the two, and Dongxing would feel all the more wary of Situ Mingze. When that happens, there’d be even lesser to fear from West Union Society.

Situ Mingze’s face who had been gloomy a while ago suddenly revealed a relaxed smile, “Zhang Hu, Rose, do you guys find me very stupid?”

The sudden change in mood startled both Zhang Hu and Rose.

Situ Mingze continued to speak, “Did you really think I’m so slow to let you guys toy around with me, and force me to set you guys free?”

“What do you mean!!?” Zhang Hu felt the provocation in Situ Mingze’s words, the pistol he held trembled a little. He had a horrible premonition and felt restless!

Situ Mingze’s lips displayed a nefarious smile and softly sighed, he said, “Zhang Hu, take a look at the brothers you brought, and just who they’re pointing their muzzles at……”

Zhang Hu was startled, a drop of cold sweat slid down his forehead as he felt a chill down his back. Looking at his surrounding, he was appalled!

All the bodyguards shifted their aim! The ones they aimed at were himself and Rose’s group!!!

“Watch out!”

Rose suddenly warned, but it was a little too late!

Situ Mingze seized the opportunity when Zhang Hu was looking at his surroundings in a daze to suddenly lean his body forward and slam his elbow into Zhang Hu’s jaw!


Zhang Hu roared. He wanted to pull the trigger while enduring the pain, but didn’t expect Situ Mingze to have already raised his knee to smash it towards Zhang Hu’s stomach!

As if he had received an electric shock, the baldy’s legs softened, and was knocked down by Situ Mingze’s elbow once more on the back. His whole body collapsed!

The two bodyguards of Situ Mingze who stood right behind him immediately kicked away Zhang Hu’s gun, tied his hands up, and ruthlessly stamped on Zhang Hu’s body!

In a single moment of absent-mindedness, Zhang Hu was brought down and restrained!

Zhang Hu continuously struggled, but no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t resist against the full strength of the two well-built bodyguards. He could only glare at the relaxed and contented Situ Mingze with a flushed face.

With another scene happening like it was play, the West Union Society’s underbosses immediately cheered, loudly praised their leader for his bravery and such.

Rose’s expression finally turned ugly. At this moment, everybody in the hall pointed their guns at the four of them.

Little Zhao and Chen Rong were already shivering from fear, especially Chen Rong whose face was extremely pale. Not fainting was already the limit for this girl!

Yang Chen’s brows creased, he didn’t feel any danger from this situation. He just felt a little helpless and worried, as it seemed like he would have to break some rules tonight…...

A rule he hasn’t broken for nearly to a year…...

“Although my martial arts aren’t any good, as the father of Rose, I definitely have genes suited for physical exercise.” Situ Mingze looked like he was warming up for exercise, he shook his head from side to side, stretched his arms and chest. He turned to look at Zhang Hu, sighed and said, “Tiger(Lao Hu), do you feel unreconciled? Unreconciled as to exactly why your brothers have betrayed you?”

Zhang Hu didn’t answer and just continued to firmly glare at Situ Mingze.

“The answer is actually very simple.” Situ Mingze asked and answered himself, with a weird smile he said, “It is because they aren’t your men!”

While saying this, Situ Mingze had the bodyguards take off their sunglasses. He proudly clapped his hands and said, “How is it, don’t recognize a single one of them? That is as it should be, because they are all my men. I know that the twenty or so bodyguards you chose were all your trusted aides…… Therefore, I’ve already helped you send them to the Yellow Springs a long time ago……”

[TL: The Yellow Springs is an alternate name for Hell in chinese.]

Zhang Hu had tears falling out of his eyes upon hearing this. Even if he was captured, he wouldn’t feel this hurt! He didn’t expect that the most loyal brothers he brought were all ruthlessly killed and substituted by Situ Mingze in secret!

“A traitor must face a traitor’s end. From the day you betrayed Chen Dehai, you should have continued to completely betray instead of acting as some insider in my territory.” Situ Mingze loudly spoke, “You think you’re so smart and that I’m so silly when I’ve been the leader of the West Union Society for decades!?”

“I only kept you alive because I wanted to look for more hidden traitors. Now that my goal has been reached, you’ve also gloriously completed your mission of having my darling daughter obediently come here, prepared to eat a bullet from me…… To actually be so naive that you thought I’ll be toyed by you in a game of ‘Internal Affairs’!? You think every person is as silly as Chen Dehai!? You’ve watched far too many movies!!!”

Situ Mingze forcefully stepped on Zhang Hu’s thigh. Zhang Hu’s legs was bruised, but he could only endure this humiliation.

Taking a deep breath, Situ Mingze who was a devil a moment ago recovered his elegant and gentlemanlike air, he amiably smiled and turned to face Rose…...

“Alright, my dear daughter, tell Daddy, what’s your choice now?”

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