Chapter 12: I'm Really A Mutton Skewers Seller!

Chapter 12: I'm Really A Mutton Skewers Seller!

“Yang….. Big brother Yang…..quickly get out….” Li Jingjing turned away, but was afraid of having her round bottom seen, she panicked to the point that she was about to cry.

Listening to the pleas of the young lady which had not the slightest impurity, Yang Chen finally calmed his bloodshot eyes, sucked in a deep breath, suppressed his rash desires, then immediately closed the doors and backed off.

After quietly waiting outside for a while, properly clothed Li Jingjing walked out with her head lowered, with blushing that spread till the young lady’s ears.

Yang Chen apologetically said : “I’m sorry Jingjing, I didn’t do it on purpose. “

Li Jingjing replied with a mosquito-thin “Yep” and said, “I…..I know….Big Brother Yang is a good person…”

“A good person huh….” Yang Chen muttered softly with a sour smile, then said, “Jingjing, in the future when you earned some money you should buy yourself a good apartment, even a loan is fine, it is inconvenient for a young lady like you to always be living with your parents.”

“Yep….” It is hard to tell whether the girl actually heard what was said, as she possessed an appearance of a wounded little sheep that can arouse pity.

Yang Chen sighed, “It is late, you should go get some rest, tomorrow you have to go to work. As a new teacher you need to produce a good track record. I’ll return home after using the toilet. ”

“Yep…..Big brother Yang take care.” The girl’s voice was still doughy, yet could really cause a man’s bones to numbly melt.

Accidentally seeing Li Jingjing shower made Yang Chen completely sober, heart filled with guilt towards the innocent girl, Yang Chen returned home with farewells from the Old Li couple.

After closing the door, the Old Li couple began to discuss about Yang Chen.

Aunt Li, with some concern said: “ Old man, do you think our Jingjing has fallen for little Yang? why do her eyes seem so cheerful when looking at little Yang?”

“To fancy is good, little Yang and our Jingjing are pretty compatible don’t you think?” Old Li happily said.

“What are you saying, little Yang has a great personality which is a good thing, but isn’t he still a mutton skewer seller? Our Jingjing has become a high school teacher, are you going to let Jingjing marry someone who sells mutton skewers in the future?” Aunt Li angrily said.

Old Li took one drag from his cigarette then unhappily said, “What’s the matter, you look down on us little peddlers? Little Yang helped us so much, if it wasn’t for our family, would he only be selling mutton skewers?”

Upon seeing her spouse get angry, Aunt Li stopped speaking, yet in her heart she had made her decision, she was determined to never allow her daughter be together with Yang Chen, at the most, she would treat Yang Chen to a few more meals, as compensation to Yang Chen.

The old couple yet didn’t know, their treasured daughter Li Jingjing, was currently upstairs by the window stealthily standing, with a blushing face and thumping heart watching Yang Chen leave.

Along the river, Yang Chen purchased a 2 dollars pack of West River cigarettes from a convenience store, and smoked while walking towards his residence.

In his heart, he thought of the time he first returned to the country, the bits and pieces of meeting Li Jingjing and her family, and what started as a silly little brat suddenly became a youthful pretty lady. Unable to help feeling the eighteen changes of a growing woman* and the unpredictableness of the world.

[TL: “?????”, meaning the eighteen of the changes that a girl makes when turning into a woman; blossom into womanhood]

Remembering how at that time it was himself on this riverside that rescued Li Jingjing who nearly got raped by scoundrels, then getting acquainted with Old Li’s family. Perhaps every girl has a hero in their hearts, despite him being a mutton skewer seller, in that girl Li Jingjing’s heart, he was special.

Constantly filled with such thoughts, Yang Chen unknowingly walked to the river’s dock, which under the thinly spread street light’s illumination exposed a hazy sense of beauty. The summer breeze blew past, bringing with it a whizzing coolness.

At this time, a big and tall SUV appeared on the road ahead. Yang Chen eyes shined, then looked at the riverside fence, unexpectedly there stood a tall woman in a black dress.

The drifting waves rolled, the street lamp’s light dispersed streaks of rosey red, set off a charming white face. A watery pair of eyes stared at the far away indistinct yacht, expressing bits of sorrow. This well-developed figure demonstrated a mature type of charm, ample breasts, round plump butt, packed in a black cotton dress yet still draws people’s eyes. Under the slender thighs wrapped with a pair of beige coloured stockings, was a pair of crystal coloured high-heel shoes, a noble and elegant smell diffused from her body.

This was absolutely the best kind of prey for the night. Yang Chen only needed one look. Earlier due to seeing Li Jingjing’s naked body which boiled his blood, once again had indications of combusting.


“Nice car, never thought that in this place I could see this model of Land Rover which is limited to only 40 in the whole country…”Yang Chen wryly complimented, slowly leaning on the railings.

The beautiful married lady recovered her distant looking eyes, gently turned her head, with eyes that had a few instances of confusion and surprise, but what followed was a graceful and nice smile, “You recognize this car?”

Way more than just recognize, this type of british handmade Land Rovers, I in those years blew up not less than several hundreds….. Yang Chen sourly laughed silently in his heart and at the same time, his face showed content and leisurely said: “Anniversary, Land Rover’s 40 year remembrance edition, maximum power of 375 kilowatts, peak torque of 625, 5.0 litre supercharged…. I made no mistake.”

“I don’t understand a thing you said, I just like this car, so i bought it.” The lady stroked down the rising hair, this was a simple movement yet was alluring and enchanting.

“Don’t all ladies like small and elegant sports cars? Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz SLR, BMW Z4, even the appearance of Audi TT is more well liked compared to Land Rovers. I don’t believe someone who can afford to buy this car can’t afford to buy those cars.” Yang Chen took out a cigarette, since the mature lady in front of him did not reject him, he wouldn’t mind chatting more.

The maiden shook her head, “I do not feel that way, driving a sports car cannot compare to the sense of security driving an SUV gives….. Shouldn’t ladies all protect themselves better?

“Beautiful lady, it seems like you lack a sense of security.” Yang Chen burst with joy in his heart, a seemingly unhappy married lady, this type of lady was the easiest to seduce.

Who could have known that the woman still shook her head, “You’re wrong, I am very safe, the reason I said driving an SUV gives a better sense of security, is merely to give oneself’s heart one more portion of comfort.”

“You’re the one who’s wrong, if you really had a sense of security, right now you should give me a slap and have me beat it.” Yang Chen nefariously smiled, and puffed out a mouth of smoke.

The maiden did not dodge, the cigarette’s pungent smell dissipated in the wind, a pair of shining eyes like stars stared straight at Yang Chen, in the end showing a brilliant smile, “Which family’s young master are you from? If you are thinking of using such words to attract I, Tang Wan’s attention, then you are underestimating me too much.”

“You are called Tang Wan?” Yang Chen silently called out twice, laughed and said:”I’m not any family’s young master, I am merely a mutton skewer seller, if you have time some other day you could come to the west region’s market to find me there.”

“Mutton skewer seller?” Tang Wan seriously evaluated Yang Chen for a few moments, unable to resist, a “puchi” laugh came out. She trembled from it for a moment then said: “Little handsome, are you treating me as a fool or are you fooling yourself?”

I’m really a mutton skewer seller, although I do not have a business license.” Yang Chen said in distress, pondering why now in this world, nobody believes when the truth is spoken?

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