Chapter 112: Not necessary to go though all that trouble

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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 112: Not necessary to go though all that trouble

Although what happened was somewhat bizarre, it was not related to them. So after some discussion amongst themselves, the company’s employees scattered. Although rumors would spread, there wouldn’t be much of an effect. After all, whose family didn’t have some inglorious matters they wouldn’t want known? It just coincidentally happened to a high-ranking beauty, this wasn’t considered anything fresh.

Several kind ladies called an ambulance for the pitiful Zhang Fugui, but nobody cared any more about him.

The PR Department watched Yang Chen and Mo Qianni leave, although they were full of doubts, they could only go back upstairs, and wait for the two of them to return before continuing.

As for Yang Chen, he followed Mo Qianni into the company’s car park. Yu Lei International’s car park was split into three whole floors, the third floor was usually a large empty outdoor space with practically no cars parked there.

When they walked into the deepest corner of the car park, the place was empty without another soul in sight. Mo Qianni stopped in her tracks, and turned back with a grin.

Yang Chen maintained several feet away from her. Seeing how Mo Qianni didn’t speak, he didn’t panic, and instead took out a cigarette and said, “I remember mentioning this before, bump into me again, and I won’t show mercy.”

Mo Qianni revealed a muddle-headed look, pouted and asked, “Darling, what are you saying?”

“Stop pretending.” Yang Chen smiled as he rubbed his chin, “You’re not similar at all, other than the appearance, figure, and aura being like Miss Mo’s, nothing else about you is similar.”

A glint appeared in the eyes of ‘Mo Qianni’, “Are you doubting my mimicking standard?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “Nope, I know that you’re being different from her on purpose. If you wanted, you definitely had the ability to be her exact copy. The perfume you used was originally the same type as her, yet you specially changed from using Gucci to Lancôme, to be able to consider such a detail, if you weren’t trying to convey it yourself, I believe even I wouldn’t be able to find any traces.”

“Then do you know why I don’t care about being discovered by you?” Mo Qianni craftily asked.

Yang Chen blew out a smoke ring, then said with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “Is there a need to think? Since the fake Mo Qianni is in front of me, then the real Mo Qianni is definitely somewhere else.”

“So smart.”

The woman turned her body away slightly, then made some movements on her face with her hands at lightning speeds. When she turned back, she had already regained her original looks.

An erotic charm exuded from that face which had a wild sort of beauty, it was precisely the female ninja who pretended to be TangTang from before, Hannya.

Yang Chen was a little vexed as he said, “Miss Hannya, although I’m not sure why your Yamata Sect is so bold as to operate multiple times in Huaxia, I believe you guys have found the wrong person. I’m just back here to enjoy my retirement life, you could also call it ‘care for oneself for their remaining lifespan’. If you guys come look for me for a cup or tea or a meal, I’d welcome you, but to catch someone close to me and even impersonate them to give them trouble, this is a little hard to forgive. You’re after all one of the three great Jinnins of the Yamata Sect, how could you continue to do such disgraceful acts?”

Hannya’s gorgeous red lips slightly opened, “Your Majesty Pluto, if you want to drink tea or have a meal, Hannya would be happy to comply, even if you want me to spend a night with you, it’d be Hannya’s honor…… however…… would you please hand over the God’s Stone? I guarantee that you friend Miss Mo would be unharmed, I’ll even help you hand her clothes back to her. By the way, you may not know of this, I even put on her bra and panties.”

“I’ve said this before, I don’t know what this ‘God’s Stone’ is.” Yang Chen raised his hands.

“Impossible.” Hannya said, “Even if everyone in the world doesn’t know what the God’s Stone is, as the only person in this world who managed to survive after being shined at by the God’s Stone’s light, you of all people should understand what the God’s Stone means more than anyone. Everything that happened in the past is enough to prove that you’re the only one who could possess the God’s Stone!”

Yang Chen slapped his forehead, “Why don’t you believe it when I say it? You speak Mandarin so well, don’t you know how we people of Huaxia consider honesty a virtue?”

“You’re not a human.” Hannya sneered, “You don’t need to abide by anything human.”

“I don’t like hearing what you just said, I have a pair of arms and a pair of legs, the stick below is also particularly long. How am I not human?” Yang Chen gloomily said.

“I don’t want to discuss these with you, you’re not human. Your Majesty Pluto knows this more clearly than anyone in your heart.” Hannya coldly said, “I just want the God’s Stone, as long as I get the God’s Stone, I can assure you that our Yamata Sect would regard Your Majesty Pluto as our closest ally!”

“Without even mentioning whether or not I have this God’s Stone thingy, I wouldn’t dare become an ally of your Yamata Sect. To become an ally of Yamata Sect, wouldn’t that mean becoming everyone else’s enemy? Without even considering those in other countries, the Takamagahara in your country, Japan and a bunch of other lunatics are against you, I don’t want to get into all of that trouble.” Yang Chen flung his head back, determined not to do it.

Hannya revealed a some chilliness, “My apologies then, perhaps we would have to negotiate through other means, while your good friend, Miss Mo, might become a victim from your refusal to cooperate.”

Yang Chen was finished smoking, he stepped on the cigarette butt, then said, “I believe that you didn’t come here alone today, if I’m right, there should be two people hiding somewhere here, my superior Miss Mo Qianni should also be somewhere nearby.”

Hannya had a poker face as she said, “As expected of Pluto, you thought of these so quickly. But so what? The hiding and camouflaging abilities of Tanuki is the best in the world, even though you’re Pluto, you wouldn’t be able to find them.”

“Tanuki of the three great Jinnins huh…… I heard that he’s the best assassin in Japan, he’s indeed a powerful character.” Yang Chen nodded his head in approval.

“What? Could it be that you want to change plans, Lord Pluto? Don’t you think it’d be better to cooperate with us? After all, your beautiful and enchanting superior is in our hands.” Hannya complacently smiled.

“No no no.” Yang Chen shook his finger, “I don’t think it’s necessary to go through that trouble. Although I may not be able to find them immediately, but with you here, they would definitely bring her to me.”

Once Hannya heard this, she immediately understood what Yang Chen meant. They were completely looked down upon. This made her unable to endure making a cold snort, “Pluto, you really think I’m just livestock you could slaughter? Don’t underestimate my pride as one of the three great Jinnins of the great Imperial Japan!”

“Whether or not I’m not underestimating, Miss Hannya could check for yourself.” Yang Chen calmly looked at the woman.

A weird smile showed on Hannya’s lips, her body gradually became blurry, like something in an augmented reality image, she gradually disappeared from where she stood!

Yang Chen also remained motionless where he stood, after a second or so, at speeds that seemed slow yet were actually fast, he stretched his left hand into the air, catching onto something with two of his fingers!


The sound of friction from metal was heard.

Hannya who just tried to use a ninja’s dagger to murder Yang Chen came to a stop. The dagger in her hands that didn’t even bring about any wind was mysteriously intercepted by Yang Chen’s fingers!

Yang Chen didn’t give Hannya any chance to react, his fingers slightly shifted!

*Ding ling!!!*

Again, another sharp sound resounded. The dagger which was made of metal was forcibly broken into two pieces!

Both startled and furious, Hannya released the weapon in her hands, and her body dissipated in mid-air once again……

*Whoosh whoosh!!*

Two shuriken was sneakily thrown towards Yang Chen’s abdomen one after another. Yang Chen didn’t even dodge, he stood where he was, while his hands moved like flowing water, making gentle movements in front of his body. The two shurikens were perfectly caught by Yang Chen’s hands!

Seeing the strange green residue on the shuriken, Yang Chen clicked his tongue and said, “This poison would be enough to knock out three elephants, you’re truly holding nothing back to bring me down, Miss Hannya.”

Hannya’s sneak attack failed again, and even lost two shurikens coated with poison. While feeling incredibly dismayed by her battle skill, she finally understood how scary this man’s perception and movements were. She was definitely no match!

If you can’t beat someone, run. Ninjas weren’t samurais, and were definitely not martyrs, retaining their life was more important than completing the mission!

Escaping skills are definitely one of the abilities a ninja had to possess. As a Jinnin who transcended Jounin, Hannya had already reached perfection in this.

After throwing another few shurikens with the intention of delaying him, Hannya’s body turned illusory again, making it difficult to determine her exact location. The whole third storey of the car park had the sounds of Hannya’s footsteps, but she was nowhere to be found.

Yang Chen took big strides towards the protective fence on the left side of the car park. Every step he took, he happened to dodge a shuriken, one of the shuriken was perfectly blocked by the poison shuriken in his hand.

When Yang Chen was merely less than ten meters from the protective fence, he suddenly exerted force onto the shuriken he caught earlier, throwing it towards the empty space in front of the protective fence!


The shuriken made the sound of tearing through the air. When it flew to a spot that was a meter away from the protective fence, there was suddenly a streak of blood shooting out from the transparent air! Just like a Rhododendron Scabrum that was trying its best to blossom!

Hannya whose figure was behind Yang Chen a moment ago appeared in front of the protective fence all of a sudden like magic, on her arm was a gash left by the shuriken!

The poison on the shuriken had always been used on others by Hannya, she had never thought that today she would experience the taste of her own poison!

After Hannya realized that after her arm’s skin was cut by the shuriken, she felt that she was in a bad situation, so she quickly took out a medicinal pill and swallowed it!

“That medicinal pill you have should be for relieving ordinary poisons, but the potency of the poison on your special shuriken was way beyond the ordinary levels. Miss Hannya, can you still use something like the ninja art’s body replacement technique to escape now?” Yang Chen walked up and squatted in front of Hannya, grinning at Hannya as he spoke.

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