Chapter 11: As A Guest

Chapter 11: As A Guest

Since he had already agreed to be a guest at Old Li’s house, Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t forget that, as to keep his promise is what men need in their character to be great.

Yang Chen once again exaggerated a small thing to the extent of being the ultimate glory of the human civilization.

Due to being broke, and being unwilling to stay any longer with that frosty yet crazy and beautiful girl named Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen chose to return home on foot. Since the journey wasn’t long, and with Yang Chen’s physical abilities being way beyond ordinary people’s imaginations, this journey home didn’t require much effort.

It was already evening, thus after taking a shower at home, Yang Chen once again opened his wooden chest, swept his gaze across it, then extracted a pale blue white-striped shirt and a pair of classic pure white shorts for his lower half. After buttoning some of his buttons at the wrong places, Yang Chen took a look at his reflection on the cracked mirror on the wall, at long last. He looked a little handsome.

The room still permeated a faint smell of fragrant jasmine left by Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen deeply inhaled, thinking of how tomorrow he has to marry a woman he hasn’t even known for more than a day, finding it funny. However, once he thought of how Lin Ruoxi’s resolute eyes that made his frozen heart turn scorching hot, Yang Chen then felt strange feeling of intimacy birth within him towards that outrageously beautiful woman.

Was he trying to compensate? Or was she truly that much different from others? Yang Chen did not know, which was why he decided to marry her, and let time give him the answer as to what kind of feelings he had for her.

Old Li’s house wasn’t far, but without a any form of transport, Yang Chen could only use his two legs to make his way there. In the end he walked for half an hour before arriving. That was an old residential area in the West region, surrounded by civilians that lacked the money to move into a new home, generations live in this archaic Jiang Nan-esque area.

After passing by several small houses with smokes coming out of their chimneys, Yang Chen knocked on a very dated red wooden door.

Soon after knocking, the wooden door was opened, beyond the door appeared a youthful and refreshing face, “Big Brother Yang! You’re here!”

“Jingjing, long time no see.” Yang Chen smiled from his heart, the girl infront had changed a lot in half a year, which made him surprised.

Li Jingjing’s face was elegant and refined as usual, with curly eyelashes, a delicate little nose and pleasant little mouth, a typical southern type of girl. Wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt, and a tight fitting blue jean shorts on her bottom, a pair of beautiful white legs was revealed.

Seeing Yang Chen’s eyes sweep up and down with a naughty smile, Li Jingjing felt shy yet at the same time secretly delighted in her heart, she coquettishly said: “Big brother Yang, stop staring and come in.”

Yang Chen laughed and said: “Jingjing knows how to feel shy huh, you wouldn’t lose a piece of flesh even if big brother looked. Are you afraid your boyfriend gets jealous?”

“What do you mean! I don’t have a boyfriend.” Li Jingjing immediately denied, eyebrows joining looking a little angry.

“Okay Okay Okay….. I’m just joking with you…..” Yang Chen was a little helpless, he obviously could tell what this girl was thinking of, but his was a body filled with dark blood, how could he tarnish such a pure soul? Thus, he always kept his distance and reminded her he was her big brother and will not be the man she was thinking of.

Inside Old Li’s living room, Old Li happily welcomed him, “Little Yang, my child Jingjing was helping her mother cook earlier, but the moment she heard you knock on the door she rushed out like a rabbit.”

“Dad don’t speak nonsense.” Li Jingjing again looked bashful, clinging onto Old Li and not letting him say more.

Yang Chen laughed and sat with Old Li. The furniture in the house were all decades old, with red paint that somewhat withered, yet expressed some archaic tastes.

Under the dim light, summer flies flew about in the house, the corridor had breeze blowing in, bringing about a peaceful atmosphere.

Drinking the tea Li Jingjing brought out, Yang Chen suddenly felt a never before sense of fulfillment. He looked out into the night sky, a little dazed.

“Young man, don’t show such a disillusioned look, a great future awaits you.” Old Li gently said, drinking his green tea.

Yang Chen returned to his senses, smiled and said, “These days, ladies all like men who seem sophisticated, aren’t I just practicing to seem sophisticated?”

“Hehe”, Old Li laughed: “Little Yang, others might not notice, but I, Old Li has spent much of this half a year interacting with you, and am very clear of your character. You are not pretending, you little brat, if it wasn’t because of experiencing some things, why would you choose to go selling mutton skewers for no reason?”

Yang Chen was unwilling to say more, a man like Old Li who had experienced hardships naturally could tell that there was some things he hid deep in his heart. Even so, what Old Li was thinking happened was very far from the truth.

Some people are destined to be lonely, because nobody can associate with them.

Dinner was very luxurious, Old Li’s family specially butchered one of their old hens, and boiled an exquisite chicken soup. Fish meat and crab was all brought out. Considering Old Li’s financial conditions, this meal was even more luxurious than new year’s.

“Oh little Yang, eat more, although it is a little simple, it is still our family’s token of gratitude.” Aunt Li with a face full of wrinkles, yet happy, affectionately looked at Yang Chen as if she was looking at her own son.

Yang Chen did not say much, and did not do anything differently, he continuously ate big mouthfuls of meat, because he was very clear that only in this way would this couple truly be happy.

Li Jingjing from time to time also gave more food to Yang Chen, and would even secretly peek at Yang Chen eating when her parents weren’t paying attention. When she heard Yang Chen say the dishes taste good, it was like she tasted honey in her heart, because most of the dishes were made by her.

In the beginning Yang Chen did not plan to drink alcohol, but did not hold back because he didn’t even succeed in quitting smoking, and also because of the matter regarding the marriage. Yang Chen was also lazy to reason with himself more and drank with Old Li a few cups of soju, the burning feeling in the stomach was very comfortable.

“Little Yang, if it wasn’t for the money you lent us in this half a year, our family would be in dire straits. Now that our Jingjing has found a job, in the future you can come be our guest more often, I would also cook some good food for you.” Aunt Li happily said.

Yang Chen’s face was already red, yet he was still sober, and happily asked: “Oh, Jingjing has found a job? What job?”

“I’ve been accepted by Zhonghai’s Yizhong, to be an English teacher. Due to a form teacher being pregnant, I’m now a temporary form teacher.” Li Jingjing quietly smiled.

“A teacher…. and even both an English teacher and form teacher, Jingjing really isn’t simple huh.” Yang Chen nodded satisfyingly, “The wages are also not low, when the time comes don’t forget me, your big brother Yang!”

The Old Li couple also proudly laughed, their late born daughter, finally had a great future now. This naturally made them extremely happy.

Li Jingjing bashfully pouted and said, “Then big brother Yang must come to the school and find me when you’re free, otherwise, how can I remember big brother Yang?”

“Alright, I’ll definitely go, YiZhong is a well known high school, I’ve never been there before….” Yang Chen happily replied.

After the meal, Yang Chen was affectionately pulled by Old Li to drink tea and play Chinese chess. To speak the truth, Old Li was a smelly chess player who plays with Yang Chen who had absolutely no idea how to play. While Li Jingjing filially accompanied her mother in cleaning up the table.

After losing the game of chess, Yang Chen felt that the soup, alcohol and tea didn’t mix well in his stomach and told Old Li to wait, he ran towards the toilet, intending to release his floodgates first.

The toilet in Old Li’s house was at the back of the house, a separate shack. After walking through the small alleyway, the muddle-headed Yang Chen unsteadily pushed open the wooden door of the toilet……


A sharp and panicked sound entered Yang Chen’s ears, immediately raising his head, Yang Chen was dumbfounded.

In front of his eyes was Li Jingjing who seemed to have just showered, at this moment this little beauty had nothing on her body. Although the 40-watt light bulb was not very bright, but it was enough to let Yang Chen clearly see that waistline full of youth and vitality. A little patch of black was hanging on the waist, the pepper-like hot breasts of Li Jingjing was hurriedly covered with her hand, yet was difficult to cover it due to its plumpness, becoming round cakes. Slightly below the breasts, was a smooth waistline without excess flesh, Li Jingjing’s other hand covered that thick rainforest, with her round thighs tightly clamped on that erogenous zone.

Li Jingjing did not know that this action of hers discernibly increased her allure.

Yang Chen was original dizzy from the alcohol and boosted by the hormones, right now seeing Li Jingjing’s underripe yet enticing body, he could not help but swallow his saliva, a part which held violent desires rose.

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