Chapter 108: Missed out one possibility

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 108: Missed out one possibility

“Doubts?” Yang Chen pouted, “What’s there to doubt about my identity? Since you know my address, you should have already investigated my history. Everything is clearly written there, there’s nothing to talk about.”

“Honest people have nothing to lie about. Often, the information on your identity provided by the Ministry of Public Security cannot be trusted, you know this, and I do as well.” Fang Zhongping’s gaze was as sharp as a sword, his fierceness as someone who had risen up ranks for a long time showed.

Yang Chen didn’t mind it at all, “Then what kind of person does Secretary Fang think I am?”

Fang Zhongping replied, “I have a doubt. Why is it that everytime my daughter is with you, she would bump into that kind of trouble. The first time is the car accident, while the second is an attack by an unknown party. You were present for both occasions.”

The meaning behind those words couldn’t be more obvious, he was placing an assumption that the ones who made the attacks had a connection to Yang Chen, and that perhaps Yang Chen was the one who orchestrated everything. As for the reason, it would be to get close to TangTang, to attain her trust before making a more frightening attack.

Yang Chen knew about the attack on TangTang, it was Dongxing who meddled with that matter. After all, that ‘beautiful’ man Zhou Dongcheng had admitted it, but Yang Chen wasn’t so silly as to point that out for no reason. It was better to implicated in one less matter than one more, so he pretended that he didn’t know.

“Those weren’t done by me.” Yang Chen helplessly raised his hands.

“I also hope it wasn’t done by you, but who can guarantee it?” Fang Zhongping sneered.

Yang Chen thought it over for a moment, then said, “I don’t have any evidence to prove my innocence for now, but I’m also not interested in gathering that evidence.

“Don’t you want to clear off all the suspicions on you? Or do you have no way of clearing them off?” Fang Zhongping tried to force an answer out of him.

Yang Chen laughed out loud, “Secretary Fang, you seemed to have missed out one possibility.”


“I don’t give a damn!”

Yang Chen slapped on the sofa, and spoke with a smile, “It’s fine whether I’m innocent or being suspected. You may suspect me or believe me, I don’t care which it is! Without even mentioning the fact that it wasn’t done by me, even if I was the one who orchestrated them, what can you do to me? What do you want to do?”

For the first time in his life, Fang Zhongping was spoken to in such an unbridled manner, he wasn’t even taken seriously. Everything about him was being looked down upon! His wealth, status, and reputation!

So much so that when he heard these words, he thought he heard wrongly.

After maintaining his silence for a while, Fang Zhongping finally spoke with a grave and stern expression, “Yang Chen, did you know that being egotistical while you’re young will brew evil consequences?”

“Then it would depend as to who I’m egotistical to. Whether I’m being egotistical or not, I’m not the slightest bit interested in talking about it with a small official like you.” Yang Chen specifically dragged on the word ‘small’ when he spoke.

“You’re provoking the limits of my tolerance……” Fang Zhongping’s voice was rather gloomy, with fury in his eyes. He couldn’t tolerate a nameless youngster like this treating him with such contempt.

Yang Chen’s smile froze, and he spoke in an incomparably stern manner, “You were the first to show disrespect, I never incite disputes for no rhyme nor reason.”

“You really think I don’t dare to do something to you? Your suspected crimes are enough to put you in jail for a long time. If I decided to be ruthless, I can even keep you in prison for years which would allow my daughter to have a more peaceful life.” Fang Zhongping confidently said. He believed that in front of absolute power, Yang Chen would back down.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t be more wrong.

Yang Chen casually smiled, and slowly stood up from the sofa. He stretched his waist, then hooked his finger towards Fang Zhongping in a provocative manner. “Secretary Fang, your behavior and conduct made me feel that you’re still a kid who’s wet behind the ears. I don’t know how you became the secretary of the municipal committee, but I believe that being able to stay in such a grand mansion, your identity isn’t as simple as that of a municipal committee’s secretary. Because the country’s government isn’t that rich.”

“However, it doesn’t matter what your real identity is, I can still say this clearly to you. I, Yang Chen will stand here today, and will also be in Zhonghai in the future. Even if you’re no longer here, I’ll still be here! As for right now, I want to return back home to enjoy my lunch, I don’t want my family members to worry about me. Therefore, no matter what decision you make, just throw it to me straight. As for what you can do to me, I’m looking forward to your performance.”

With that said, Yang Chen didn’t even look back as he walked towards the door, he was even planning to call a taxi.

Fang Zhongping’s smiling face finally collapsed, his chest heaved as he spoke in a deep voice, “You will know how stupid your decision is, and how preposterous your words are…… Ah Zui, take him down!”

Dugu Zui who was ready to move at any moment from the corner was already itching all over. Yang Chen’s fearlessness and rudeness towards Fang Zhongping made it hard for him to endure. He had the urge to smash Yang Chen’s face several times, but without Fang Zhongping’s order, Dugu Zui didn’t dare.

After receiving Fang Zhongping’s order now, Dugu Zui was like a war machine injected with stimulants. Like a sharp arrow, he rushed towards the front of Yang Chen to block his path to the exit.

“Do you prefer to have your hands crippled or your legs crippled? I can fulfill it all.” Dugu Zui confidently said with a malicious smile.

Yang Chen was very relaxed as he shook his head, “I don’t want anything crippled, but if you’d like, I can cripple everything on you.”

“Courting death!”

Dugu Zui was filled with fury. He yelled, raised his right leg and swept it towards Yang Chen!

Dugu Zui’s leg was full of explosive power, in the instant he launched his kick a strong gale was formed, whistling as it tore through the air, bringing about after-images!

When the kick was about to land on Yang Chen’s shoulder, Yang Chen shifted his body slightly back, accurately dodging Dugu Zui’s toes by a hair’s length.

Dugu Zui naturally wouldn’t end his attacks there, before one wave ends the other had already begun. It was as if there were springs installed into his legs as he unceasingly bounced off the ground and shot towards Yang Chen. The fierce sounds of it tearing through the air carried the rhythm of a wild drum!

One after another, after-images of his legs attacked all over Yang Chen’s body, but Yang Chen’s feet made subtle shifts every time, perfectly dodging Dugu Zui’s fierce kicks!

After Dugu Zui consecutively kicked forty to fifty times, he finally stopped to take a breather. He looked at Yang Chen with disbelief, he couldn’t accept that fact that his rapid and fierce kicks wasn’t even able to touch Yang Chen’s clothes!

Yang Chen was standing at that area close to the door as before, from start to end he had only shifted around that 2sq meters of space. Without even mentioning the fact that he dodged all of those lightning quick attacks, his breathing was still relaxed as he was smiling, and looking at Dugu Zui with interest.

“Your kicking technique should be an inheritance from some sort of ancient ‘Spring Kick’, the technique is strong and straightforward, but it’s a pity that your speed and strength are too lacking. I reckon that you’re more or less at the level of an elite in the special forces, but for your age, that’s already rather impressive.” Yang Chen evaluated.

It wasn’t just Dugu Zui who was shocked, even Fang Zhongping who stood at a side to watch this fight broke out in cold sweat. He was naturally clear as to how big of a difference there was between his bodyguard Dugu Zui and Yang Chen. Dugu Zui was an elite member of the special forces that he saved when he interfered with a misjudged judicial case years ago. In order to repay his debt of gratitude, Dugu Zui had followed him. For the past few years, every time someone tried to stir trouble with him, Dugu Zui could easily deal with them!

Fang Zhongping originally thought that despite the information which stated Yang Chen knew some martial arts, he was still a far cry from Dugu Zui. He never expected that it was Dugu Zui who was a far cry from Yang Chen!

But at such a critical juncture, if he couldn’t suppress Yang Chen, Fang Zhongping would lose too much face, so he angrily shouted, “All of you who are outside come in and deal with this arrogant brat!”

With that order, over a dozen bodyguards who stood outside the room rushed in the room in a straight line, forming a circle around Yang Chen. They glared at him like tigers staring at their prey, amongst them were those who had fought with Yang Chen before, Little Yong-ge and co.

While feeling humiliated from being unable to take Yang Chen down, Dugu Zui also didn’t believe that Yang Chen could really beat him, he believed that Yang Chen was just agile. However, as he couldn’t violate Fang Zhongping’s orders, he could only lead the way to jointly attack Yang Chen!

In an instant, the living room had turned chaotic, the bodyguards began attacking Yang Chen together with Dugu Zui leading the charge, all kinds of punches and kicks were used, and nobody held back.

Yang Chen originally didn’t want to hurt these people on the basis of giving TangTang face, but these people decided to jointly attack him. They didn’t just show no mercy, every attack they made was viciously aimed at crucial parts of his body. This made Yang Chen unable to refrain from being aggravated.

Yang Chen who was just dodging a moment ago suddenly raised one of his hands, and began to rapidly slap around!

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

After a chain of slapping sounds, several bodyguards had directly fainted onto the ground from the slaps!

Yang Chen’s steps were strange and ridiculously quick. After bypassing Dugu Zui’s roundhouse kick, he continued to slap faces!

The bodyguards who had their faces slapped turned towards the direction of the slap, and their cheeks quickly swelled!

Dugu Zui’s consecutive attacks that numbered over a hundred didn’t hit, and he had long entered a beastly state of madness, he roared as he swung a kick towards Yang Chen’s waist with the force of a thousand kilograms!

This time Yang Chen didn’t dodge, he instead raised his hand to forcibly block this seemingly powerful spring kick!


A smothering sound, and to Dugu Zui’s dismay, Yang Chen stopped his all-out kick with a single hand!

“I told you you’re lacking strength, why won’t you believe it…… Since you took the effort to come over, I’ll cripple this leg then……”

It seemed as if Yang Chen was just mumbling to himself, after he said that, he slightly twisted his hand that caught hold of Dugu Zui’s leg……


Dugu Zui miserably shrieked, the bones in his leg were displaced in an instant!

Yang Chen let go of the leg, and Dugu Zui immediately fell onto the ground while hugging the leg that was in more pain than it would’ve been if it was broken. It was if his leg had been twisted like a twisted churro. He began to wail incessantly.

From the beginning he had been tolerating this chap’s arrogant attitude, but Yang Chen still decided to teach him a lesson in the end.

The scene became cold and cheerless in an instant. Other than the bodyguards wailing in pain, the room was eerily silent!

Cold sweat covered Fang Zhongping’s forehead, he swallowed his saliva as he watched this scene, unrealistically wishing that this was just a nightmare!

Just who is this youngster!? My bodyguard team is made up of elites from the special forces, they couldn’t even take him down when they ganged up on him, and all of them had fallen!?

Yang Chen looked at Fang Zhongping with mockery, “Secretary Fang, I suggest that you use your brain more. If I want to, I could strangle you to death right now, I wouldn’t need to borrow your daughter for some silly matters. Of course, don’t think that I’m afraid of you. I’ll say this, if you think that way, I don’t mind treating you like one of your bodyguards.”

After warning Fang Zhongping, Yang Chen slowly walked out of the mansion, leaving Fang Zhongping standing motionlessly in a daze.

After walking over the winding cobblestone path, he arrived at the public roads close to the mansion.

The warm breeze gently blew, and the gentle sunlight shined down. Yang Chen contentedly breathed in the fresh air, throwing the headache causing matter out of his head.

There weren’t many cars on the road. Occasionally there were girls in revealing bikinis walking towards the beach, which was eye candy, but the cab that Yang Chen wanted to hail never came.

Suddenly, from close by, a gem blue MINI Cooper emerged from the corner. By the spacious and bright beach, this streak of blue fit in perfectly with the scenery.

The small car slowly drove to Yang Chen’s side and stopped, then the window slowly winded down.

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