Chapter 104: Cute and naive

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 104: Cute and naive

Once those words were said, the people from the Red Thorns Society immediately brimmed with anger. Many of them knew of the unordinary relationship between this man and their leader. They weren’t familiar with Yang Chen, but they could not tolerate an insult towards Rose!

Quite a number of people from West Union Society put their hands into their jackets, obviously preparing to fight.

Yang Chen unhappily waved his hand, signalling to these youngsters not to get agitated, “What do you want to do? Wait till you’ve grown a beard before glaring to start a fight, sit down!”

Next, Yang Chen turned around and faced the smoking pipe man with a smile, “For you to know that much, you’re indeed the same type as me, however you chose to be kept by a man like chairman Situ, while I chose to be kept by a beauty. Our tastes aren’t the same, you’re more amazing than me, you have such heavy tastes.”

The smoking pipe man wasn’t angered, he snorted then said, “Glib talker, at least you have some guts. I wonder how you are in other aspects, and whether or not you could satisfy that slut.”

“Smoke bro, there’s no need to get into a war of words with a little white face, we’re not here to fight, we’re here to visit Miss Rose.” A plump-looking leader of West Union Society nefariously smiled, “Furthermore, this little white face looks so weak, he probably can’t even satisfy Miss Rose, there’s no need to ask this question at all.”

At last, a young head of Red Thorns Society couldn’t tolerate it anymore, he drew out an American Colt revolver from his back, and shouted at the plump man with a face flushed from anger, “Fatty you dare say that once more!!?”

The situation immediately turned for the worse!

“Youngster, why be so impatient?” The smoking pipe man who was addressed as Little Smoke bro laughed in disdain, and raised his hand.

*Swipe* *Swipe* *Swipe*

A line of over twenty West Union Society men suddenly drew out some shiny black weapons, they were all Browning pistols. This type of semi-automatic assault pistol has a range of a hundred meters, it had a firepower that no ordinary revolver could match.

Yang Chen watched this scene unfold, and squinted his eyes. It seemed like in a straight-up fight Red Thorns Society would have no chance of victory, as they were simply too far behind in terms of weapons. Situ Mingze held powerful arms, this wasn’t a disparity that could be made up in a short period of time! This is the foundation West Union Society that was built over the years. If one wanted to deal with them, they would have to first find a way to stem their wealth!

Although Red Thorns Society’s side were all youngsters with vigor, they had the bravery to charge and bleed, they weren’t fools. They could infer that the circumstance presented to them was bad. They were obviously weaker, West Union Society came here prepared, and the people they brought were the elites amongst the elites, while on Red Thorns Society’s side they were too worried about Rose’s injury when they came to visit so they didn’t bring enough henchmen. How could they possibly compete with these thugs that wouldn’t even bat an eye when killing people?

But being oppressed in their own territory like this left a bad taste in these Red Thorns Society leaders’ mouths, they had to swallow their impulses, and felt uncomfortable by it.

Yang Chen lifted the cocktail Little Zhao mixed, and swayed it towards Little Smoke bro. With a smile he said, “Hey, from what fatty said, you’re called ‘Little Castration(Little Smoke bro)’?”

“What, is there a problem with that?” Little Smoke bro proudly tapped away the ash on his smoking pipe.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Your surname should be Li, right?”

“Why?” The smoking pipe man pondered as he asked.

“You must be the descendant of the main palace manager Li Lianying who waits upon the Empress Dowager Cixi, otherwise why would you call yourself ‘castration’ for no rhyme nor reason? You even have the world little added onto it. Actually if you don’t mind, you could call yourself ‘Little Pigeon’ too.” Yang Chen cheerfully suggested.

[TL: Li Lianying is an eunuch. Little Pigeon might be a nickname for Li Lianying.]

Little Smoke bro’s face immediately turned black, he made an angry smile and said, “Your mouth is really smelly, it looks like you still don’t understand that it only takes one of my brothers here to pull the trigger and your head will turn into a beehive, while it only takes one bullet aimed at your lower half to make you ‘castrated’.”

Yang Chen leisurely sipped on the cocktail, licked his lips in pleasure and said, “Look how impatient you are, if there’s a problem we can talk. Actually, for a man like you who’s kept by Chairman Situ, I’d understand even if you were really ‘castrated’. After all, you’re being kept by a man, so it doesn’t really matter if that thing has been ‘castrated’ or not, that part of yours serves no purpose anyways.”

Everyone present was intelligent enough to understand what he meant, the meaning behind those words were as toxic as it can get. He didn’t just scold Little Smoke bro, he even indirectly insulted Situ Mingze as well.

Little Smoke bro squinted his eyes, while the fatty who just spoke exposed a malicious smile and turned towards Situ Mingze, hoping that their chairman would give them the order to fight.

The Red Thorns Society’s members heartily laughed, and looked at Yang Chen with reverence and worry. After all, their opponents had the capability of shooting him into a beehive in an instant.

Situ Mingze wasn’t agitated by this, he first straightened his shirt, then raised his head with a smile that wasn’t a smile to look at Yang Chen as if he was looking at a clown, “Little friend, why bother? Humans have to understand this principle, when under the mercy of someone, they have to lower their heads; what you’re doing right now is humiliating my brothers, which is making things difficult for me as their boss.”

Yang Chen didn’t like how Situ Mingze looked at him the same way he would look at an ant. Just with this gaze, Yang Chen had already placed this fellow into his blacklist.

“Fact is, from the very beginning, I’ve had a doubt. Why aren’t you angry that your brothers insulted your daughter, and instead only spoke out when your brothers were insulted. Or do you mean that other than the West Union Society, nothing else matters to you?” Yang Chen had always been curious about this, could he truly just forget about parental love for greater authority and status? To the point of forcing his daughter to rebel? Moreover, Rose wasn’t an average girl, this was proven from the fact that she established the second strongest secret society in the west region in a mere few years. She possessed extraordinary capability.

It was as if Situ Mingze had heard the biggest joke in the world as he laughed so hard that he began smacking the sofa, “You’re really such a silly youngster, a cute and naive youngster.”

“I don’t like what you just said.” Yang Chen honestly replied, “I’m not silly, and I’m not naive.”

“So what? If I want to say these things, what can you do! Nobody can stop me! It’s even more impossible for you!”

Situ Mingze appeared stern like a lion who had awoken, “Rose is my daughter, no matter what, she’s still my daughter, but who says that their daughter cannot be their enemy?”

“Those words of yours are extremely contradictory.” Yang Chen creased his brows.

“They aren’t contradictory at all.” Situ Mingze sneered, “Do you remember that matter over ten years ago, when America bombed the Huaxia embassy in Southeast Asia(could be the other way round)?”

“I’ve think I’ve heard of it, but I was still young then.” Yang Chen nodded.

“Huaxia back then wasn’t as powerful as it is today. America’s officials just straightforwardly stated that it was an ‘accidental bombardment’ as an excuse and didn’t want to explain any more. At the same time, the President of the United States who came to Huaxia expressed condolences with great remorse in a meeting, sympathizing the bombardment from his country. This is how reality is, interests are interests, while affection is affection, there’s nothing strange about that.”

Yang Chen understood what he meant, Rose was hurt by his men, but it had no relation to him coming to visit Rose! Yang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head and say, “I now realize how naive you are, you think you are America?”

“All I know is, you definitely aren’t Huaxia.” Situ Mingze sneered.

Smoke bro who sat at the side didn’t understand these words, he impatiently said, “Boss, let me shoot this brat down!”

Without waiting for Smoke bro to make a move, Zhang Hu who had remained silent all this time suddenly aggressively grabbed a gun from one of the subordinates behind him, and yelled, “This brat is tired of living, I’ll first help boss to get rid of him!”

As he said that, Zhang Hu released the safety and pointed the gun at Yang Chen……

Everybody in the bar tensed up at that moment. Nobody expected Zhang Hu to suddenly get so angry that he was ready to kill for Situ Mingze.


Situ Mingze spoke up at this critical moment, in a pleased manner he said, “Tiger, I know you’re loyal, but now isn’t the time to pull the trigger and kill, don’t forget our purpose for coming here today.”

“But boss……” Zhang Hu was a little anxious as he panicked to say something.

“Listen to my order.” Situ Mingze unflinchingly said.

Zhang Hu had no choice but to hold back his fury, toss the gun back to that subordinate and sit back down. He still however stared fiercely at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn’t have any change in expression, but he was full of happiness in his heart, Zhang Hu’s acting was practically on an Oscar-winning level.

“The reason why I came here today is to visit my daughter and see how her injury is. I do not intend to fight, if it were otherwise, tossing a few bombs into the bar would fit my style more.” Situ Mingze said, “But if I don’t get to see my daughter, I can’t guarantee that nothing would happen.”

Everybody present had their muscles tensed up, Situ Mingze never jokes, but they couldn’t let the injured Rose come out. Subconsciously, everybody in Red Thorns Society moved closer to the corridor that lead to Rose’s room. If Situ Mingze’s men tries to force their way in, they were all prepared to put their lives on the line.

Right at this time, a familiar voice sounded from the corridor.

“Don’t block the way.”

All of those from Red Thorns Society turned around in shock. What they saw was Rose wearing a violet blouse with lace, three-quarter tights, and a white waist belt. Her soft hair was still a little wet, an indication that she had just taken a shower. She had slightly red cheeks, limpid eyes, and was very charming.

“Big sis… you… you’re alright?”

Many people from Red Thorns Society was astonished to the point of being speechless. Didn’t Rose get shot by a gun? How is she suddenly alright!?

Several big shots of West Union Society also stood up from the shock. They couldn’t believe what was before their eyes. They obtained accurate intelligence of Rose receiving a gunshot wound on her abdomen, and that she was possibly still in coma. How did she become so healthy to be able to stand in front of everybody so suddenly!? Furthermore, she didn’t look like she was hurt at all!

There was no way that they would doubt the intelligence they had received, but they had no clue as to how that gunshot wound could heal in such a short period of time! Could it be that she was pretending to be alright? Forcing herself to endure the pain? It didn’t seem like it!

Various emotions flashed in Situ Mingze’s eyes. In the end, he had exchanged glances with Rose, this pair of father and daughter who turned into enemies were silent, like a family that hadn’t met for ages, they scrutinized each other, and the mood became strange again.

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