Chapter 102: To me

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 102: To me

He drove to ROSE bar hurriedly, and came to a screeching halt at its entrance, alarming all the surrounding bystanders.

Yang Chen got off the car, and immediately walked into the empty bar.

Inside the bar were people who wore different clothing, but they all sat there solemnly. When they noticed Yang Chen at the door, they all stood up and nodded to greet him.

These people were all part of Red Thorns Society and were Rose’s trusted aides. They were at the level where they knew very clearly how close the relationship between Rose and Yang Chen, but also knew that he was the hidden leader of the Red Thorns Society.

The round-faced Little Zhao guarded the passageway. After seeing Yang Chen walk over, he gloomily went up to tell him, “Big bro Yang, big sis just fell asleep, she isn’t in danger now.”

Yang Chen’s remained in a bad mood. Hearing that Rose wasn’t in danger, he remained joyless, “Little Zhao, tell me what on earth happened, how did Rose get shot?”

Little Zhao blamed himself, “It was due to our inadequate defense measures, we were too careless……”

As it turns out, just yesterday night, Red Thorns Society accepted the submission of one of West Union Society’s strongholds. As the boss, Rose naturally had to go there to receive their vow of loyalty.

But they never expected that amongst the leaders who were submitting, there was one who changed his mind at the very last minute, he drew out a pocket-sized pistol from his pocket and shot Rose in close proximity!

Although Rose herself had great agility, it wasn’t possible for her to be fearless towards bullets like Yang Chen. Despite having moved her body as soon as she saw it coming, the bullet that was aimed for her heart still hit her belly!

Then the scene turned into chaos, the people of Red Thorns Society immediately killed off that hitman.  Rose endured the bullet wound and immediately left the scene. Once she reached the car, she went into a semi-conscious state from the pain and blood loss.

“To be honest, with big sis’ years of experience she was definitely able to perceive that bastard pulling out a gun……” Little Zhao painfully said with red eyes, “But big sis has been too tired these days. She sleeps no more than four hours a day, constantly holding meetings with the subordinates, forming plans, and she even needs to bring us around to take territory…… This is why she was in a bad physical shape and couldn’t react in time…… it’s all our fault for being useless. We only know how to fight and can’t help big sis at all. We made her work hard in every aspect……”

Yang Chen took a deep breath, then patted on Little Zhao’s shoulder. He didn’t say a thing, then walked directly towards Rose’s room.

The number of bodyguards in the path was way more than before, it was obvious that everybody in Red Thorns Society was very nervous. After all, losing Rose is equivalent to losing Red Thorns Society’s brain, it would collapse in an instant!

He walked into the room, the air which was usually full of fragrance was mixed with the smell of disinfectant, which was a strange combination.

At this moment, a petite figure stood in the room, what made Yang Chen surprised was it was Chen Bo’s sister, which was also the person Yang Chen personally picked up, Chen Rong.

Chen Rong wore a blouse, with well-developed breasts that stood straight. She wore compression tights that covered her exquisite butt. She seemed pretty now because this young girl who came from the suburbs had gained a better fashion sense. It was a complete change from that country bumpkin a few days ago. The only thing that didn’t change were her limpid eyes.

Chen Rong carried a basin of water in her hands with a white towel inside. It seemed like she had just helped Rose wipe her body. After seeing Yang Chen enter, her eyes reddened, “Big bro Yang…big sister Rose… she’s……”

“I know.” Yang Chen forced a smile, “Don’t worry, the doctor is already here.”

Rose lied on the large bed, there was already the frame for placing drips on it, with two packets of IV drips slowly trickling down.

When all's said and done, for Rose, home is the safest. She simply wouldn’t enter a hospital and would only stay at home for treatment.

Chen Rong mournfully said, “The bullet has been extracted, but the wound would require a long time to heal, she nearly lost her life…… Big sister Rose is a good person, I really wish nothing bad would happen to her.”

“Since you’re taking care of her, you should know your big sis Rose’s true identity now……” Yang Chen sighed then said, “Will you blame me for bringing you here?”

“I won't!” Chen Rong hastily shook her head, “I know that although big sis Rose has… has a immoral identity, she treats me very well. She treats everybody very well, and everybody takes care of me…… Being here makes me feel very content. Don’t worry big bro Yang, I won’t tell my brother, but I think he would understand.”

Seeing Chen Rong express her feelings, Yang Chen felt gratified. It seemed like Rose didn’t choose wrongly, perhaps having this young lady by her side would be a good decision. She needed a partner, needed a suitable assistant, and possibly even a successor.

“You may go out first, it’s enough with me here.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Chen Rong cutely nodded, then quietly walked out of the room and closed the door.

Yang Chen walked to the side of the bed, and stooped to look at the sleeping Rose.

At this moment the beauty’s face was rather pale, her lips were even a little dry and cracked, unlike her usual appearance. Her beautiful eyebrows were slightly creased, as she seemed to be having an unhappy dream, and she also seemed to be in pain.

Yang Chen felt a little hurt inside. He slowly reached out his hand to touch Rose’s face, and lightly caressed it. Her face was cold, but that just made Yang Chen feel more hurt.

Suddenly, Rose’s eyelashes trembled, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Rose’s eyes were a little unfocused, but she fixed her gaze on Yang Chen, revealing a gentle smile and softly asked, “Am I very ugly right now?”

Yang Chen sat on the side, and insipidly said, “Someone has said before, if a man sees his woman sick on the bed and still likes that woman, then he truly loves her…… but right now I find that claim to be untrue.”

“I’m very ugly, right?” Rose showed a despairing smile.

Yang Chen shook his head, “Even if my darling Rose is lying on the bed sick, she’s still earth-shakingly beautiful, any man would like her, without even mentioning a lecher like me.”

Rose who went from grief to happiness couldn’t help but giggle, but right after she laughed she frowned to suck in a breath of cold air as she had stretched her wound.

“Don’t move, if the wound tears open it would be terrible.” Yang Chen hastily admonished.

Rose spoke in a depressed manner, “It’s all my fault for being too confident, I kept thinking that I could persevere, only when that person drew his gun out last night did I realize that I was too exhausted…… For my awareness to drop so much….. If it’s in the past, I wouldn’t have gotten hurt so easily……”

“Don’t risk yourself so much, if you have difficulties you should tell me, I don’t want to see you hurt.” Yang Chen sternly said.

Rose bit her lip, “I know, I know that you could settle everything just by yourself, but I don’t want to be a woman who rises in power just by relying on you. I don’t like the feeling of just being a pretty face, I wish I was of value to you.”

“Situ Rose!”

Yang Chen suddenly shouted Rose’s full name and glared at her woman fervently.

Rose’s mind quaked, seeing Yang Chen’s angry look she was feeling scared and was unable to say a word.”

“To me, you have no value. To me, you’re priceless!”

To me, you’re priceless!

Rose’s eyes immediately brimmed with tears, they flowed out and wet the pillowcase. She felt the blood in her body boiling, but other than sobbing she couldn’t speak a word.

What did she put in all that effort for, wasn’t it just for this sentence?

Yang Chen gently smiled, then took out two tissues on the bedside cabinet, and wiped away the tears at the corner of Rose’s eyes, “What are you crying for, I didn’t scold you or hit you, I just spoke my mind. Do you know that when I heard that you were shot, it was like the bun that was in my mouth had become a bullet, and I myself swallowed the bullet…… That was when I realized how important you witch are to me.

“Listen here, you’re not allowed to get hurt in the future, if you get shot for a stupid reason like this, I(laozi) will lock you up like a canary in a cage without any hesitation.” Yang Chen threatened.

Rose pouted, “I won’t dare anymore.”

Yang Chen who continued to wipe away her tears, couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Did you find what had I said to be sappy? I didn’t put much thought into it when I said it, because that’s just how I feel about you.”

Rose grinned and shook her head, “I like it when you’re being sappy.”


After the tears were all wiped away, Yang Chen quietly pondered for a while, then asked, “Darling Rose, where were you hurt specifically?”

“I don’t know how to describe it, take a look yourself……” Rose’s pale face blushed a little as she spoke.

“You’re already like this yet you’re still trying to entice me.” Yang Chen laughed, and began to gently lift the blanket on Rose.

After the blanket was taken off, Rose’s body was revealed. She wore loose white pajamas. Vaguely seen underneath the pajamas, below the chest and above the abdomen was a bandage used to staunch the bleeding, there should also be medicine applied on it.

After carefully examining it, Yang Chen began to unbutton Rose’s shirt.

Rose suddenly thought of something and bashfully said, “Hubby…… I’m already like this yet you still want to do it…… Can you wait for me to recover before I give it to you……?”

“What the hell are you thinking!? Little witch!” Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile, “I want to heal you, if I do that thing with you wouldn’t I end up killing you instead?”

“Heal?” Although Rose was very curious as to what that meant, she knew that she had misunderstood Yang Chen’s intentions. Her cheeks felt hot from shame.

Although the two had “dealt with each other” many times, having Yang Chen unbutton her shirt one by one to reveal her white jade-like skinned chest still made Rose feel exceptionally flustered. She turned her head away to hide from the embarrassment.

Although Yang Chen had a peculiar feeling in his heart, he knew that this wasn’t a time for fun, so he paid it no heed.

After unbuttoning the pajamas’ buttons, what entered his view was a flat tummy without any excess fats. On top of Rose’s chest was her eye-catching pair of large round things. The two round hemispheres were round and tall, they weren’t even covered by a bra. Needless to say the two red cherries was also in Yang Chen’s view.

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