Chapter 101: Someone’s spouse

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 101: Someone’s spouse

After leaving the hospital, Lin Zhiguo and his subordinates returned to a lengthened military Hummer parked in the darkness. The car was like a steel fort after it had been through special modifications, even the four tires had gone through bullet-proof treatment.

Once they got into the car, the driver who had been keeping watch of the car quietly started the car. The large car stealthily got out of the hospital’s car park without creating any loud engine noise, and drove towards the highway.

The bright moonlight was scattered inside the car, sitting on the real leather seat in the middle was Lin Zhiguo. He absentmindedly thought over some personal matters, his face which had a number of wrinkles seemed more weary than usual.

Gray Robe who sat across from him saw this made a soft sigh, and began to console him, “Master, don’t be too hurt, Miss is just being stubborn. Miss is pure and kind-hearted, she may treat everybody coldly on the surface, but the fact is that she is more emotional than anyone. Actually, in Miss’ heart she thinks of Master as family.”

“I know that……” Lin Zhiguo also sighed then said, “If Ruoxi doesn’t think of me as family, then she wouldn’t be so angry towards me. She more so wouldn’t have followed our Lin Family’s precepts and take the initiative to get married to Yang Chen.”

“Then why do you still seem so sad, Master?” Gray Robe asked in bewilderment.

Lin Zhiguo forced a smile and said, “Maybe I’m really old, even though I know Ruoxi was just throwing her temper at me, I still wish she would call me grandpa and be willing to spend more time with me. I let her grandmother down, and also let her mother down. I want to make it up for her, but she never gives me a chance……”

“Then…… what about Young Master Kun? He’s already gone mad……” Gray Robe softly said.

“Hmph.” Lin Zhiguo coldly snorted, a tinge of cruelty flashed past his eyes, “I never thought of that bastard as my son ever since a long time ago! If it wasn’t because he was Ruoxi’s father, I’d have slaughtered him myself! The Lin Family never raises degenerates!”

Gray Robe no longer spoke, he was very clear that his master whom he had served for half his lifetime cherished his family very much, but towards those family members who err, he shows them no mercy!

Lin Zhiguo thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “Gray Robe, from that short exchange earlier, how strong do you judge Yang Chen to be?”

Gray Robe quivered, and spoke in a pained manner, “Unfathomable…… I’ve never met a person in this lifetime who could make me feel this helpless…… If I stake my life on it, perhaps I could hinder him for a while….. But to defeat him, I’m afraid that it can only be possible if the whole Group of Eight joined forces……”

Lin Zhiguo helplessly laughed and said, “Even if the whole Group of Eight can defeat him, it’d still be our loss, because we still can’t defeat the true him, not to mention that he still possesses other powers……”

“Master you mean……” Gray Robe had an appalled expression, “Master, could it be that that matter of sealing is true?”

Lin Zhiguo shook his head, “I don’t know, every time the ?Treaty of Gods? is mentioned it seems so unreal, but if Yang Chen’s strength is truly as unfathomable as you said, then the existence of the ?Treaty of Gods? may not be impossible. After all, to be able to battle the whole Group of Eight all by himself, there isn’t another that can be found in the whole of Huaxia.”

“Then…… then doesn’t that make him a monster!?” Gray Robe agitatedly said, “Before unsealing his battle power the whole Group of Eight is required to match him! If the seal truly exists, doesn’t that mean that once he unseals himself we’d need more than half of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to even have a chance of taking him down!?”

“It’s precisely because they’re monsters, which is why the treaty’s restriction is required.” Lin Zhiguo made a relieved smile and said, “Don’t worry, leaving aside the treaty and setting rules on the gods requiring opponents of the same level before releasing their seal, even if he truly released his seal under other circumstances, Yang Chen wouldn’t go against us. Have you forgotten who I am to him?”

Gray Robe was stunned, then was overjoyed, he couldn’t hold back his laughter and said, “Master is indeed wise! So Master had a plan coming today! Today Master asked Miss to divorce him, so Miss definitely wouldn’t listen to Master’s words, and add to that the Lin Family’s precepts further restricting the possibility of divorcing Yang Chen…… In that case… Yang Chen will remain as the Lin Family’s son-in-law!”

“Hehe…….” Lin Zhiguo laughed and said, “Some matters would become boring when revealed. Actually all I did was  allow these two youngsters to stay together to the best of my abilities. Although I’ve been secretly protecting Ruoxi for the past few years, I can’t do it to the point of being impervious. Add on the fact that in recent years several people have already figured out the relationship between our Lin Family and Ruoxi, her safety has become a bigger problem. With Yang Chen by her side, it’d be like the last few crises, where Yang Chen deals with the problem perfectly without the need for us to interfere…… Moreover, just who can take down Pluto who is one of the gods?”

Gray Robe nodded in approval, and said, “But it’d be a problem if Miss and Yang Chen ever realizes Master’s intentions, when that happens, it’d be terrible no matter who gets angered……”

Lin Zhiguo spoke in a deep voice, “All of this would depend on Ruoxi and him, how far they’d go together……”


In the ward, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi stared at each other for ages, then Lin Ruoxi finally turned her head away because it was awkward. She continued to look outside the window, with a slight blush on her pretty face, she feigned being displeased as she said, “What the hell are you looking at? You found out my secret and watched me become a joke, do you feel very pleased with yourself?”

Yang Chen shyly smiled, “A little, but not much.”

“Hmph, rest assured, what I said earlier were just words from anger, I wouldn’t follow the Lin Family’s stupid rules! I won’t shamelessly hold on to you refusing to let go. Once the two year contract is fulfilled, you can leave or you can stay, it’s up to you!” Lin Ruoxi coldly said.

Yang Chen playfully looked at the angry woman who sat on the bed, “Leave…… or stay? Up to me? Why, I thought I had to leave, I can choose to stay now?”

Lin Ruoxi realized the fault in her words, and her expression turned even more bashful. She softly said, “What... what I mean is, it’s… it’s the same to me whether you’re here or not, I won’t be affected.”

Yang Chen didn’t say a thing, he continued to stare at Lin Ruoxi, to the point that she got slightly upset. She finally couldn’t bear that teasing look, so she fiercely turned her head back and rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, then said, “I told you to stop staring! Did you not hear me!?”

“Honey, you’re really pretty……” Yang Chen suddenly softly spoke.


Lin Ruoxi’s wildly beating heart suddenly stopped, she even forgot to breathe.

A pair of autumn water-like eyes stared straight at Yang Chen, amongst the sparkling eyes were a little panic. After some time, dimples appeared on her flushed face. Her eyelashes fluttered as she blinked, and she lowered her head in silence.

After a spell of silence, Yang Chen took the initiative to speak, “Actually, the reason I came here tonight is because I have something to thank you about.”

Lin Ruoxi remained silent with her head lowered.

“I need to thank you for sending Lawyer Zhang to get me out of the police station this morning, otherwise I might have been tormented to death by your great sister who bears the surname Cai.”

“Yeah right……” Lin Ruoxi finally raised her head, her face was still as flushed as before, “Yanyan isn’t a demoness, if you don’t do anything bad, why would she harm you for no good reason?”

“Aren’t you going to ask why I entered the police station?” Yang Chen asked in bemusement.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “I’m not interested to know, knowing will only make me upset.”

Gently stroking her hair, Lin Ruoxi sighed, and her usual cold look finally returned, “Yang Chen, can you promise me something?”

“What?” Yang Chen was curious, it was rare to see her speak to him with such a serious tone.

Lin Ruoxi said, “Could you be more like normal men, and put in effort into work instead of doing things that waste time and energy all day? I’m not against you playing around after work, I won’t even say a thing even if you don’t come home occasionally. I just hope that the man of the family has a stable career, without giving off the impression of being someone unstable and imaginary. If you make some achievements, I can even give you the position of CEO…… You have the capability, you’re aware of that as well. You just aren’t willing to take it seriously.”

Yang Chen was stumped, with a smile he replied, “Miss Lin Ruoxi, have you discovered that you’re becoming more like someone’s spouse?”

“What?” Lin Ruoxi creased her beautiful brows.

“You've learnt how to look after your family, learnt how to depend on your man, learnt tolerance, learnt to plan for your husband, learnt to be devoted, and even learnt to encourage your husband.” Yang Chen said with a smile, “You haven’t just become more like a wife, you’ve even become a virtuous wife.”

Lin Ruoxi was a little embarrassed after hearing that, she pursed her lips and asked, “Don’t mention these useless things, will you promise me this or not?”

“I decline.” Yang Chen directly rejected, “I really don’t have any great ambitions, I think I’m fine being in the PR Department right now. I don’t want to be involved in so many troublesome matters. If you really make me the of CEO the company, perhaps it’ll end up closing down in three days. Therefore…… although I’d love to please you, my dear wife, I truly don’t want to force myself to do this. I apologize.”

“You……” Being so straightforwardly rejected, Lin Ruoxi became so angry that her lips quivered, “Mud can never be turned to gold! Get lost! I don’t want to see you!!”

“Tch tch…… Turned uncute so quickly.”

Yang Chen deeply smiled, he didn’t try to argue with Lin Ruoxi, he just calmly walked out of the room and uttered, “Sleep early.”

Lin Ruoxi saw him off with a pillow she sent flying, it was a pity that it only knocked against the wooden door……


The next morning, Yang Chen’s phone rang when he just brought ladies in the office breakfast. It was right at the moment before he was going to start his computer gaming career for the day.

Curious as to who would call him this early in the morning, he took a look and was surprised. It was Little Zhao from ROSE bar, who was also one of Rose’s competent subordinates. If something happened to Rose, it should be Rose who calls me, why is Little Zhao giving me a call so suddenly?

After he picked it up, Yang Chen asked while gnawing on his soup bun, “Little Zhao, it’s so early, what’s the matter?”

Little Zhao who was on the other side of the line hesitated for a while, then said, “Big bro Yang…… Big sis…... Big sis she’s……”

“Rose? What happened to her!?” Yang Chen heard mournfulness from Little Zhao’s tone, and immediately became agitated. Could it be that something happened to Rose this morning!?   

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