Chapter 10: A Stain In One’s Life

Chapter 10: A Stain In One’s Life

If it were half a year ago, and a woman cried in front of Yang Chen, Yang Chen would have just thought that the enemy’s smoke bomb irritated her eyes, or that this was a performance to make him lower his guard, or even more likely an act to seem lovely and pitiful to entice him…… But today, the pretty woman in front of him had a connection to him, and seemed to be crying due to his words.

Involuntarily, Yang Chen felt his a burst of guilt in his heart, although he felt that his words weren’t wrong, but to a modern girl who have had retained her chastity for over 20 years, this truly was somewhat cruel.

“Alright, don’t cry……I’ll apologize to you, won’t that do?” Yang Chen felt fidgety and touched his shirt’s pocket, but when he touched it was empty, only then did he remember he recently attempted to quit smoking and hadn’t bought cigarettes to bring around.

Lin Ruoxi’s teary beautiful face could attract unlimited sympathy, but this little girl is also a stubborn person, after crying out two lines of tears, she took out a tissue and wiped them away, then forcefully endured. With a pair of red eyes she stared at Yang Chen and said, “I’m going to ask you one more time, are you going to marry me?”

“I say, Miss Lin, in this day and age why is there still the matter of a pretty lady insisting on a man to be her husband? I spoke very clearly, I will not assist you in playing this type of boring game for 3 years.” Yang Chen sighed and stood up, intending to leave.

This time Lin Ruoxi did not say anything more, only a trace of misery appeared in her eyes. With a numb expression she stood up, and directly walked towards the balcony of the coffee shop’s 2nd floor.

The coffee shop’s balcony was quite spacious, with several large umbrellas to shield from the sun on top of the refined tables, on the balcony various kinds of bonsai plants were placed, giving a fresh and clean feeling.

Yang Chen saw this scene, and his pupils shrunk, he sucked in a cool breath and said, “Miss Lin, it can’t possibly be that just because I’m not willing to marry you, you are going to balcony to jump down from it, right?

As if Lin Ruoxi didn’t hear a thing, without uttering a word she continued walking to the balcony. Just like this, Lin Ruoxi slowly got to the edge of the balcony, casually pulled a chair over, stepped on it and got closer to the guard rail.

This time Yang Chen was worried, this girl can’t possibly have such a fierce temper, right? She had to know that if she jumped off the balcony, and fell onto the hard stone surface, even if she doesn’t die she will be crippled……

However, Lin Ruoxi’s actions immediately let Yang Chen know, how terrifying her determination was……

Apathetically, Lin Ruoxi turned her head back to take a look at Yang Chen, her eyes brimmed with resolve, hate, pain and sadness, as if her entire soul was terribly tormented from staying in that absolutely beautiful body, and wanted to attempt to break free from it……

The 2 pairs of eyes interlocked. Yang Chen felt his heart twitch, he was too familiar with this type of expression, this expression was also too similar to the image deep in his mind, which he had no way of erasing. It was that image, half a year ago, which made him break free from the bloody shackles he was held back by for more than 10 years, and made him return to his country of birth……

But today, from Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, Yang Chen once again recalled too many things that he had tried to forget yet failed to forget. In this moment, Yang Chen was lost.

Lin Ruoxi looked Yang Chen standing there dumbstruck. She didn’t want to show the suffering in her heart…… Even if she jumped off, that man would remain unconcerned. Once again thinking of the pain of losing her virginity to him, and the pressure and disputes in her personal life, work life and home, Lin Ruoxi felt that she was truly about to crumble…… What meaning is there in continuing this life? Death can end all of my troubles……

Right at this time, the young waiter who had the coffee prepared was carrying a tray up the stairs, and the first thing he saw, was the image of Lin Ruoxi about to jump off.

“Lin…… Miss Lin! What are you doing? It’s dangerous!”

Just as the male waiter spoke, a figure flashed past his eyes, bringing about an after image, so fast that it was like a movie’s special effects!

At the instant Lin Ruoxi held back her tears and was about to jump off the building, a pair of strong yet forceful hands suddenly wrapped around her delicate waist, stopping her jumping motion.

All of these happened in a flash, the mail waiter who stood at the head of the stairs simply wasn’t able to see what actually happened clearly, all he saw was on the balcony, the man with crude clothes was hugging the beauty’s waist. The two were silent as they stood quietly on the balcony motionlessly for a long time……

Sunlight scattered onto the green plants on the balcony, and onto the young man and woman, with an atmosphere that leads one to feel harmony and have ambiguous fantasies.

At the same time the waiter sighed a breath of relief, he inwardly envied this man for being able to have such a relationship with a great beauty like Miss Lin. After silently placing the coffee down, he retreated down the stairs.

Lin Ruoxi felt herself move from hell to heaven in a flash, she did not know how Yang Chen accomplished moving to her back so quickly, she also didn’t have the mood to think about such a thing. She could only feel a pair of scorching hot arms tightly embracing her waist, so tight that she felt a little pain, while the man’s heavy breath slowly blew onto her sensitive shoulder.

“Release me, even if you stop me for now, I will still die later on.” Lin Ruoxi’s face was flushed, but she still spoke stubbornly.

Yang Chen sucked in a deep breath, as if he was enjoying Lin Ruoxi’s body fragrance. Her body had a faint smell of jasmine, as someone who has smelt too many top quality perfumes, Yang Chen felt that this body fragrance beats everything else.

“Lin Ruoxi, I lost, I’ll marry you.” Yang Chen softly sighed and said.

Lin Ruoxi’s delicate body jolted, then she turned silent. Have I won? But why is it that I don’t feel the slightest bit happy? That’s right, this is merely a man to be used as a shield, he even seized my chastity when my consciousness was unclear, I hate him, how can I possibly love him? If I don’t love him, why would I be happy about getting married to him?

At the same time, many passersby on the square saw the man and woman on the balcony, many of them with keen interest pointed them out.

“Hubby, what do you think they’re doing?” Some girl asked with her arm wrapped around a man’s arm.

“Isn’t that obvious? They’re copying Titanic, it looks really romantic……”

On the balcony, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand those hot gazes, and finally realized that the two’s motions looked incredibly weird. She jumped off the chair in a panic, broke free from Yang Chen’s embrace, and returned into the coffee shop.

When the two sat back down, the matter had a conclusion, but the two still remained silent, minding their own business with the coffee.

After a long time, Lin Ruoxi put down her coffee cup, took out 2 pieces of paper from her small LV bag, and a pen, then handed them one of them over to Yang Chen.

“What’s this?” Yang Chen returned from his deep thoughts to reality, and puzzlingly asked.

“Contract, a marriage contract.” Lin Ruoxi once more turned away, refusing to look at Yang Chen, returning to her initial cold face.

Yang Chen smiled, picked up the fountain pen and signed his name naturally on the signature box without even looking at the contents.

“You’re not even looking at what’s on it before signing?” Lin Ruoxi frowned and said.

Yang Chen shook his head, smiled and said, “Even without looking I know, it must be things like I cannot enter your room, cannot push you over, mutual agreement of not interfering with each other’s private lives, when outside I have to conscientiously act properly, with a reward 3 years later. Right?”

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips, and mumbled, “More or less, since you’ve already signed, you must abide by it in the future.”

“Hehe. However, little Ruoxi, what if you take the initiative to ask me for it…… What should I do……” Yang Chen frivolously asked.

“You……” Lin Ruoxi was angered to the point her whole face blushed, “Hmph! It won’t happen, that type of stain in one’s life, once is enough……”

Stain in one’s life? The thing that half the people in the whole world do everyday was a stain in one’s life to this girl. Yang Chen didn’t retort and laughed, he drank a big mouth and finished the cup of coffee, dusted his butt and stood up, “Alright, later on I still have to go to a friend’s place for dinner. Let us leave the matter of registering for tomorrow……”

“Wait, how do I contact you, what’s your cellphone number?” Lin Ruoxi said with dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen scratched his head, and replied embarrassed, “Didn’t you investigate me? I have no cellphone, if I bought one I still have to pay for the line, I don’t have the money. Tomorrow you can come to my house to find me, shouting for me from downstairs would do.” With that said he intended to leave.


“Is there more?” Yang Chen turned back.

“You…… You’re not allowed to call me like that.” Lin Ruoxi herself found that form of address too embarrassing to say, it was too sappy!

Yang Chen understood in a flash, and followed with a serious face as he said, “As you bid, my lord wife.”

Lin Ruoxi instantly felt the sky spin and the earth twist…… How am I going to deal with this rogue in the future!?

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