Book 2: Chapter 44 - The Future Detachment of Women

“You’re lying!” Raffles was furious with burning cheeks. He waved the booklet in his hand as he spoke. “I saw everything. I was right beside you!”

“What did you see?” Harry pushed Raffles’ face with his palm. “Don’t make blind accusations if you didn’t see clearly.”

Raffles slapped Harry’s hand away and pointed at his brain. “Even if I don’t calculate in my head, I can tell what you were trying to do at that angle! Mm!” Raffles’ mouth was covered by Harry. Harry held Raffles by his shoulder, his grip obviously tight enough that he couldn’t struggle.

Suddenly, Harry leaned down to kiss Raffles on his forehead. Raffles stared at Harry with his eyes wide open.

Everyone was dumbfounded at the sight.

Elder Alufa shook his head and smiled while he combed his white beard.

Sis Ceci covered her face and gasped while Uncle Mason muttered, “My son likes men?! Why didn’t I know?”

Harry smiled and looked at everyone, “Raffles has to take credit for this mission too!” he said loudly. He then pointed at everyone and his gaze became serious. “If any of you dare to call him a mascot, cutie pie or Miss Raffles ever again, I, Harry, guarantee that I will beat the h*ll out of you!”

Raffles stood straight in Harry’s arms. What Harry said had obviously shaken him.

Forget about Raffles, I was shocked too.

“Raffles!” Everyone cheered again, “Raffles! Well done!"

Harry patted Raffles’s dumbfounded face and hugged his shoulders, facing the crowd to accept everyone’s cheer and compliments for the two of them. 

Raffles stood dumbfounded next to Harry. It was as if he had never received such treatment and he didn’t know how to respond all of a sudden.

Everyone suddenly swarmed forward; I immediately moved away. The next moment, everyone carried Raffles and Harry up. I let out a breath of relief and looked at Raffles who was panicking and Harry who was at ease while they were carried away. Their figures were heaving up and down as the crowd cheered.

Elder Alufa shook his head and chuckled, “These kids!”

Uncle Mason nodded proudly and said, “My son finally grew up!”

Sis Ceci finally replaced her stern expression with a gentle and grateful smile. “This time, they grew up.”

“Yes.” Elder Alufa combed his beard and looked at me. “Thanks to you, Luo Bing. Only a woman can make a man grow up.” Elder Alufa smiled without saying much.

My body tensed and my face started burning. I felt like I had been complimented for no reason again.

“Girls, what are you waiting for?” Arsenal smiled as she looked at Xue Gie and the group. “Hurry up and move the goods down!”

“Alrightie!” Sis Cannon was the first who cheered.

They walked past me one by one and Sis Cannon gave me a thumbs-up. Xue Gie nodded at me. Xiao Ying smiled and said, “I’m envious of you! Your clothes are new, right?”

“Hurry up and work!” Sis Cannon dragged her along. “Can the clothes hide your boobs?! Hahaha…” Sis Cannon let out a burst of hearty laughter again. Her laughter was louder than the cheer earlier.

Xiao Ying pouted and humphed at Sis Cannon. Her chest jiggled as she’d humphed.

I watched them pass me, as I started thinking about the clothes I had seen in Kro. There had been a few sets of clothes under what I was wearing. I wondered if there were any that could fit Xiao Ying.

“This is awesome!” Ming You had already opened a box of medicine, becoming excited at what she found.

Ming You’s healing power was limited too. Her healing for wounds was very effective; however, she couldn’t heal any ordinary flu and fever. On top of that, if one lost excessive blood, Ming You couldn’t help to supplement blood cells. Hence, she would still need medication.

Her team members from the medical team took the medicines out and looked through it again and again excitedly. It was as though they had found a raw treasure that they could admire repeatedly.

“These medicines are too precious!”

“Yes! Many of them have become obsolete! These are too precious!”

“Hurry up and check the expiry dates. We have to calculate from today onwards.”


The members of the medical team pushed the carts over and started arranging them according to expiry dates.

On the other hand, the storage team started moving the baby products. They were astonished too.

“Hurry up and look! Milk bottle! Send it over to Sis Meizi later!”

“There’s rice flour! Look! And there’s meat!"

“My God! These are worth a lot of money!”

“We can sell the remaining!”

“No way! What if the other people find out that we have these precious items! Wouldn’t we attract robbers?!”

“Yeah, you’re right! We will keep them for ourselves. We can eat all of these!”

“That’s right! I’ve never known how meat tastes since I was born.”

“Who knows!”

Arsenal held Elder Alufa as they walked past the resources. Elder Alufa broke into a grateful smile.

I looked at Arsenal and took out a rose petal from my pocket. “Here you go.”

Arsenal saw the rose petal and looked at me in shock.

I smiled. “This can be eaten. I couldn’t find any seeds but I believe there must be seeds back there.”

Arsenal looked at me emotionally and nodded her head. “Mm!”

“Hurry up, everyone!” Sis Ceci instructed by the side.

Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Xiao Ying and Ming You were busy arranging the goods.

I looked at them for a while, then walked up to Sis Ceci. “Sis Ceci, I have an idea.”

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason who stood next to her looked at me.

“Tell us, Luo Bing. What do you have in mind?” Uncle Mason smiled gently.

Sis Ceci nodded with a smile too. She was very gentle to girls.

I paused for a while. Then, I stood straight and said solemnly, “I want to bring the DR team out on fieldwork.”

Suddenly, everyone looked at me in shock. The medical team, the storage team, Princess Arsenal and Elder Alufa looked at me. The busy hangar was suddenly dead quiet.

*Tat.* A milk bottle fell from Sis Cannon’s hand. She looked at me in shock and hope. The quiet Xue Gie, the gentle Ming You and the cute Xiao Ying all looked at me.

Xue Gie fixed her gaze on my face.

Ming You gripped her messenger bag tightly. Xiao Ying clasped her hands together and pleaded, “Please, please.”

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason slowly reined back their shock and turned solemn.

I continued, “I know that girls are precious. The DR team is even more precious. However, the girls in the DR team don’t want to be the precious treasure in everyone’s hands. They are dying to go out and see the world. They are longing to take the outside world head-on. Hence, I hope that I can bring them out for missions!”

I immediately gave a Noah City military salute. My gaze was determined and my expression was solemn because I knew that I had to take responsibility for the DR team members’ lives when I brought up the request!

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