Book 2: Chapter 43 - Noah’s Star

“What are you talking about these for? Pfft.” He looked away and wiped the corner of his eyes.

Raffles looked at him with a complicated expression. Everyone looked at Harry solemnly after my speech.

The scouting troop carried everyone’s hope every time they left. Everyone would warmly welcome them whenever they returned from a fruitful journey. The excitement was mostly over the resources. People couldn’t imagine how dangerous the outside world was with the unknown living things out there, nor could they imagine how tough and difficult the journey would be.

Just like me.

Only when I had experienced it myself, did I understand. When the spirits pounced at me, I had closed my eyes. That very moment, I had understood that every team member of the scouting troop was prepared to sacrifice for Noah City.

They were respectable people. They were lovable people. They were great people!

Harry looked up and waved his hands. “Don’t misunderstand me. I am not crying. Something went into my eyes. Why are all of you looking at me? Look at Luo Bing! Look at Luo Bing!” Harry quickly pointed at me and turned away to hide his expression. He lifted his face to the sky and took deep breaths.

“I was skeptical for Harry to lead the team at first.” I retracted my gaze and looked down. “Everyone knows that he likes to call everyone his wife. He is a smooth talker. He is casual in manner. He is so annoying. I didn’t want to be on the same team as him. I felt that he was unreliable. However, Harry, I think I will only say this once.” I turned to look at his back and gave him the most honorable military salute. “You are the best captain I have ever seen! Thank you for your protection. Thank you for your guidance!”

Harry stiffened and he slowly turned around to look at me.

I smiled at him. I thought there would never be such a moment in the future anymore because he would still be annoying. He was a reliable and trustworthy leader in business but he was nothing much in private.

Elder Alufa nodded and smiled, while Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci looked proud.

Everyone’s gaze changed from excitement to reverence. They looked at Harry solemnly and the entire hangar became quiet.

I took the silver badge from Elder Alufa’s hand. “In actual fact, the silver badge already has its owner. It belongs to every member of the scouting troop! It also belongs to our captain, Harry!” I looked at everyone. “If Harry didn’t save me, how would I have lived till today? How would I bring hope and a future for Noah City? I would have been long dead in the wilderness outside.”

Everyone nodded in agreement simultaneously, with admiration and pride on their faces.

I turned to face Harry. I looked him in the eyes while he looked down at my face. “So, the one who brought hope and a future to Noah City is you! Harry!”

His crystal-like amber eyes reflected the silver badge and he became emotional. His breathing became shivery and unstable. He looked at me, his eyes roaring like a tsunami.

“Didn’t you think the nickname that Elder Alufa gave you was unpleasant? Today, I rename you as Noah’s Star!” I said sonorously and forcefully. This is what Harry deserves!

“Wow!” Everyone applauded. Elder Alufa, Arsenal, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Ming You and everyone else applauded Harry. They were as emotional as if they were looking at their greatest hero!

Raffles applauded for Harry too. Everyone in Noah City applauded for Harry.

“Harry! Harry! Harry!” Their cheers resounded through the sky.

Harry looked at everyone emotionally. There was an indescribable feeling in his eyes. He stood straight as he accepted everyone’s grateful gaze and loudest cheers.

I took a step forward and he looked down at me. Under that charming red fringe that was like his mother’s, his amber eyes were beaming with joy. 

I put the silver badge on his chest and looked up at him. When he looked at me with excitement, my face immediately grew grim. He was dumbfounded. I spoke in a soft voice that only both of us - oh wait, Raffles was there too, so three of us - could hear, “If you call me your wife again, I will still beat you up!” I glared at him.

His eyes dilated in shock. Then, he chuckled and said, “Waifu.” He lowered his face in the next moment.

“Harry!” Everyone called his name in shock simultaneously.

I instinctually raised my fist in shock. Me hitting Harry had already turned into a habit and became an instinctive reaction. Harry is getting more and more ridiculous!

*Slap!* Before my fist had even reached his face, a booklet hit Harry. It was followed by continuous hits that rained down Harry’s head like a rainstorm. “Go away! Go away! Go away!” Raffles puffed up his cheeks and hit Harry.

Harry blocked with his hand. “Raffles, you are crazy!”

“Luo Bing told you not to touch her! You b*stard! B*stard! Stay away from Luo Bing, you b*stard!” Raffles hit Harry’s arm with his booklet.

*Slap! Slap! Slap!*

“Hahahaha…” Everyone burst into laughter.

Elder Alufa let out a long sigh, as if he regretted that Harry didn’t live up to his expectation. He also stole a glance at the silver badge on Harry’s chest.

“Raffles, that’s enough!” Harry held Raffles by his wrist. Raffles glared at him angrily, “You can’t kiss any girl in Noah City as you wish!”

Harry immediately blushed. He was confused as to what had happened earlier too!

I glared at Harry coldly as my fist was itching to hit him.

“Harry! How dare you think about kissing Luo Bing in front of everyone!” Uncle Mason reprimanded. However, he sent an eye signal to Harry as he said that. His expression was simply saying, You can kiss her at a place where no one is around.

Sis Ceci seized Uncle Mason’s ear and she stared. “What are you teaching your son again?! You taught your son to turn bad!”

Arsenal and the other girls laughed.

“No, no! Didn’t you see it? I was scolding him!” Uncle Mason was pleading for mercy.

Sis Ceci pushed him away and looked at Harry with a stern look. “Harry! Are you giving up your silver badge?”

Harry immediately covered his chest and explained. “Raffles is making groundless accusations! I only wanted to whisper to Luo Bing. I don’t have the guts to kiss her!” Then, he blushed harder. He looked away and said, “How would I dare do that to her. I’m afraid of her.”

“Oh!” The men at the scene made fun of him. “Just like how Mason is afraid of Ceci! Oh!”

Uncle Mason chuckled and waved at everyone. It was as if he was proud of it.

“Xiao Jing!” Suddenly, Auntie Susan shouted among the crowd. I looked at Xiao Jing who was running away in tears. The people were cheering and they didn’t notice the heartbroken girl.

Auntie Susan was Xiao Jing’s mom. She let out a sigh and chased after Xiao Jing.

Harry is an idiot.

Guys are so slow to understand feelings.

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