Book 2: Chapter 42 - Portable Power Bank

“Don’t you understand, Luo Bing?” Harry stood up once again and lifted his hand that was covered in blisters before my face, “Blue crystal energy is magical energy. It comes from the center of the radiation zone. Hence, it is a concentration of radiation. Luo Bing, try to cleanse again.” Harry pointed at the windshield.

I looked at him for a while and then placed my hand on the windshield again. The remaining light spots began to move towards me again. Harry pointed at them and said, “Blue light spots, liquid connection, radiation burn.” He gestured at his hand. His amber eyes twinkled as he tried to suppress his excitement.

The light spots disappeared into my palm. He then looked at my palm that was glowing blue.

“Previously, when Raffles and I were watching, we didn’t understand how you could activate the setup and turn on the robot. It turns out that, not only could you absorb radiation, but you could also release it.” He lifted his hand and placed his recovering hand over mine. His warm hand touched mine, then he lifted his hand just as the remaining blue light spots disappeared. He flipped his palm up to show me and I was shocked to see that his hand was covered in blisters again.

“Harry!” I panicked.

He chuckled. “Heh, hahaha…Hahaha…” He burst out in hearty laughter. The more he laughed, the more I felt worried. Harry could heal himself but what about the others? Would I hurt anyone?

“Harry!” I called and held his arm anxiously. But I quickly let go again after I recalled what had just happened.

He continued to laugh. He was laughing so hard that he was supporting himself against the windshield. “This time, I’ll really rot when I touch you. Hahaha… Hahaha…Xing Chuan is going to regret this to his death! Hahahaha… Hahahaha… This feels awesome. Hahaha…” He laughed so hard that he started to tear up.

“Harry! I’m going to be angry if you continue to laugh.” He laughed so happily while I was worried! I was worried if I would hurt anyone. I had been thrilled with excitement when I found out about my superpower earlier. But now, I was really worried. “Don’t laugh! What’s going on?!” I pushed him. I realized that it was okay when no blue light appeared.

“Luo Bing.” He suddenly turned to hold my arms, looking at me excitedly, “You are a living blue crystal energy! Do you know that you are a living blue crystal energy?! That’s awesome! You’re such a treasure! You are really our most precious treasure!” He pulled me into his embrace and hugged me tightly. It was as if he had found a treasure and he wasn’t willing to let go.

I stood dumbfounded in his embrace. I am a living blue crystal energy? I am a power bank on legs?

On the journey back, I constantly looked at my hands while Harry looked at me and smiled like a silly guy who had just picked up a huge diamond on the street.

When Ice Dragon finally stopped and the cabin door opened, Harry dragged me out from the cockpit. We were greeted with applause and I finally came back to reality.


“Luo Bing! Luo Bing! Luo Bing!”

“Noah’s Treasure! Noah’s Treasure! Noah’s Treasure!”

Harry and I stood at the cabin door as we were surrounded by the people in Noah City!

They cheered and jumped in joy as they waved at us. Their excitement made it seem as if they were welcoming their hero’s return. 

Elder Alufa, Arsenal, Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci came to stand in front of everyone. They were followed by Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying, Ming You and the others.

The people in Noah City were dressed neatly in their work suits in various colors. The white medical team, the green ecology team, the blue research team, the orange construction team, the grey mechanic team, the green sentry team, and the various people in Noah City formed a colorful scenery.

Raffles hugged his booklet tight as he ran to us.

Harry jumped out and landed below the stairs. He stood face to face with Raffles and both of them extended a hand to me, “Luo Bing!”

I looked at them and everyone became quiet. However, I felt guilty. I had something to say and my words were churning in my heart.

“I -,” I uttered a word and paused. Everyone looked at me with excitement.

“Luo Bing, come down. Everyone is here to welcome you, to thank you for bringing back resources and to celebrate the success of your first mission!” Raffles continued to hold his hand out towards me, while Harry retracted his hand and crossed his arms.

I jumped out from Ice Dragon while Raffles helped me by the arm. Harry too supported me casually. Actually, I didn’t need anyone to hold me. They retrieved their hands and looked at Elder Alufa and the others who were walking over.

Arsenal and Uncle Mason supported Elder Alufa. Elder Alufa looked extremely emotional and his footsteps were hasty.

“Elder, slow down,” Arsenal reminded anxiously as she helped him to move forward.

Sis Ceci followed closely behind too; she was holding a velvet tray. On the velvet tray, there was a black velvet box.

Elder Alufa came before me and we quickly greeted him, “Elder Alufa!”

Elder Alufa held my hand tightly, his hands were shivering while his eyes welled up with tears. He choked on his tears and he couldn’t say much. “Thank you, thank you!”

“Elder Alufa.” I actually felt guilty because I hadn’t done that well.

“Ceci!” Elder Alufa called Sis Ceci and she immediately raised the tray before Elder Alufa. Elder Alufa picked up the box and opened it. There was a silver star medal!

Harry smiled and Raffles was excited when he saw the silver medal too.

“Luo Bing, this is Noah City’s silver medal. It is also the highest honor in Noah City!” Elder Alufa said excitedly. “Your superpower is Noah City’s future. You’ve brought us light and hope! Please, accept this silver medal, accept our gratitude!” Elder Alufa raised the silver medal before me.

I looked at it for very long and my eyes started welling up. I do not qualify to accept this silver medal.

“Luo Bing, say something. Everyone is looking at you,” Arsenal said.

I looked at her and then at everyone else. I did have a lot to say. My words were bubbling like a volcano that was going to explode!

I looked at Harry but Harry was confused by my gaze. He looked to the left and to the left then smiled without an intention to make any comment. Normally, he was so lighthearted. If I were to look at him, he would definitely make fun of me and make comments like whether I was his secret admirer or some such. However, now he behaved awkwardly. He chuckled drily and said, “Why are you looking at me?”

I reined back my gaze and looked at everyone. “When I followed Captain Harry out for a mission, I realized how great the responsibility the scouting troop carries is, how difficult their mission is, and even how dangerous the mission is. Every time they left for a mission, they looked so at ease. But who knows that they go with the determination to sacrifice.” I felt a prickle in my nose and my eyes brimmed with tears.

I looked at Harry and he was standing dumbfounded. His amber eyes quivered and shimmered with starlight.

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