Book 2: Chapter 41 - The Truth About My Superpower

Harry rubbed his face and the five fingerprints across his cheek slowly disappeared. I was surprised. It was like his face had gone through fast-forwarded healing: I saw how the five prints faded off and the swelling slowly went down. In the blink of an eye, his face had become fair and clean again. It was as if I had never hit him at all.

I had always suspected that his superpower was related to regenerating. Now, I was certain of it. No one would recover from swelling so quickly. The speed had been like Ming You was healing him right before my eyes.

“What I meant was, everyone who came back from the radiation zone would carry some radiation.” Harry became serious and pointed at himself. “Although I have radiation resistance, I am not as powerful as you are. You just came back from the center of the radiation zone, you would definitely carry a higher level of radiation than I could resist. Hence, if I touch you, I should experience some symptoms. Normally, my skin would first start to rot…” He looked at himself. “But nothing happened to me…” 

“Harry, not only is Luo Bing not carrying any radiation, the things in the storage cabin have no radiation too,” Raffles chuckled and said.

“What?” Harry was so surprised he stood up.

Suddenly, Ice Dragon pulled up short. I was seated so I couldn’t feel much, besides that the scenery before my eyes had stopped moving. However, Harry was sent flying. *Bang!* He slammed against the windshield directly.

Raffles laughed at the sight while Ice Dragon reminded elegantly, “During the flight, please remain seated and buckled up.”

Harry rubbed his face in distress as he returned to his seat. Fortunately, he wouldn’t be broken just by a few hits. He glared to the front and said, “You did it on purpose!” Ice Dragon and he shared a grudge.

“Please be seated. I will speed up soon,” Ice Dragon said. He didn’t admit nor deny the charge. The scenery in front of us immediately flew past as Ice Dragon rushed back to Noah City at full speed. Rapidly, we left the border of the historical site Kro behind at the fastest speed possible.

“I understand now!” Harry suddenly exclaimed in his seat. He slowly turned to me as his amber eyes shimmered with excitement. “Your superpower is to cleanse radiation! Am I right?!” He pointed at me excitedly.

“Yes! Luo Bing’s superpower is to cleanse radiation!” Raffles said excitedly. “This is so amazing! It’s so magical! Luo Bing lives up to her name of Noah’s Treasure! I have to share this good news with Elder Alufa immediately! Luo Bing could cleanse radiation!” Raffles quickly turned around but he turned back again. He stared warningly at Harry. “Don’t bully Luo Bing when I’m not around! Not only is she Noah’s treasure, but she is also Noah’s most valuable treasure! Do you know that?!”

“Pfft! Who dares to bully her?” Harry turned around and pouted. “I’m not asking for another beating.”

Raffles laughed and his image disappeared in front of us.

I looked at Harry sideways. “Who’s the one who became smarter from the beatings?”

“Pfft. I knew it all along, I only pretended not to know.” He lifted his chin and combed his hair. He was acting arrogant again.

The scenery before our eyes moved backward at an even higher speed, almost too fast to be seen. Ice Dragon traveled at a high speed. The moment we went through clouds, there was a clear blue, a blue that was washed by water.

“Hey, can you show me your superpower?” Harry said as he shook his leg idly.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Do I not have a name?”

Harry suddenly laughed. “I like to call you but you don’t like it. Am I right, waifu?

My face grew dark instantly. We left the dangerous area and he’d started to behave lightheartedly again. I do hate him but he acts like a real man when it comes to serious business. He is a reliable captain.

Harry added, “Although you cleansed it once, we were still in the radiation zone earlier. Ice Dragon would at least be carrying level six radiation. So, you’d better cleanse him once again.”

“Mm.” I nodded. I listened to him then. Harry’s speech was only intelligible when he was serious.

I stood up and walked before the windshield. I extended my hand and placed it on the windshield. Harry stared at me by my side.

Within seconds, blue light spots surfaced on the windshield. They were like light beads swimming around the windshield.

“They appeared!” Harry stood up in surprise as though it was his first time seeing them. He walked up next to me.

I knew it wasn’t his first time seeing them since Raffles and he should have seen it multiple times through my helmet. Yet he was still surprised. Maybe, watching in person held a different feeling from watching through a screen.

He extended his hand to touch the light spots surfacing on the windshield.

I immediately reminded him, “Be careful. I don’t know what they are.”

“Are you concerned about me? Waifu.” He smiled cheekily.

I instantly regretted it.

He put one of his hands on his waist as he smiled cheekily. Then, he put his other hand on the windshield that was covered in blue light spots. He posed like he was acting cool and was about to start smooth-talking me. 

*Ah!* Harry shouted in pain and retrieved his hand. I quickly looked at him and he was shaking his hand in agony. He raised his hand and gritted his teeth. I suddenly saw that his hands were covered in blisters! The blisters quickly rotted the surrounding skin and his palm started rotting!

“Harry!” I quickly pulled back his hand. “Ice Dragon, first aid kit!”

He raised his left hand before my face and he looked solemn. “I’m okay.” He looked like he was in deep thought. I looked at his hand apologetically but his hand started to recover gradually even as I watched.

“I understand now!” He looked up at me. “You absorb radiation!” He stared at me in disbelief, pointing at me with the hand covered in blisters. “You actually absorbed it! How is it possible! You can even gather radiation! To make it more intense and become greater energy! You!” He paused and gawked at me.

I looked at him apologetically. “I thought you knew. Turns out when you all said ‘cleanse’ you meant something different from ‘absorb’.” Maybe the transmitted images had not been as clear as my own vision. I had felt that I absorbed radiation because I watched it enter my skin and blood.

Harry blinked and sat in his seat again. The blisters in his hand were recovering. “We thought it was cleansing but we never expected it to be absorbing. Hehe, but cleansing and absorbing are about the same. In other words, we were blinded by the definition. If you are absorbing radiation, it means that you have radiation in your body and you could transform radiation into energy. Do you know what this means, Luo Bing?”

“What?” I turned to look at him. I became nervous because of his solemn tone.

He furrowed his eyebrows slightly. There was a level of seriousness across his face that I had never seen, with a touch of gravity in it as well. “After God’s Punishment, humans found a type of energy in the high radiation zone. It is blue but unstable. It glows but it also looks like condensed liquid. Hence, the scientists gave it a new name, liquid light. It is also…” Harry looked at me. “blue crystal energy!”

I continued to look at him in confusion. Raffles already explained to me about the origins of the blue crystal energy. In actual fact, they trained me to enter the center of the radiation zone to look for blue crystal energy too.

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