Book 2: Chapter 40 - Return Safely

Ice Dragon began the return journey to Noah City. The surrounding world gradually became barren again.

I sat in the cockpit as I stared at my hands in silence. My hands had returned to normal, the blue light spots long vanished. Like a drop of ink that had fallen into the sea, the blue lights had sunk into my skin and dissolved into the rest of my body without a trace.

I turned around and glanced at the storage cabin in the back. As Ice Dragon drove the spaceship, I stood up and walked to the storage cabin door. I thought for a while, then raised my hand to place it against the white storage cabin wall. As expected, the blue light spots slowly surfaced, more and more appearing by the second. There were far more of them than there had been in the reservoir. Almost the entire wall turned blue. It was just like back in the test cabin, where my surroundings had been covered in blue light. The entire storage cabin wall now resembled the light wall in the mysterious garden.

Just then, blue light spots started moving from all directions. From the floor, the left, the right, and above, Ice Dragon was covered all over in blue lights. The light spots connected to one another, forming fine blue veins that flowed all around Ice Dragon. In the end, they gathered in my palm. The entire cabin looked like twinkling starlight traveling in space.

“Oh, I feel like I just took a shower. It’s so comfortable. I can’t feel any itch of radiation,” Ice Dragon said.

The blue light spots disappeared into my palm and my arms started glowing. I pulled up my sleeves and saw the blue light spots flowing further into me. But in the end, they too faded away.

Every time blue lights had appeared and disappeared so far, radiation had disappeared. In the reservoir, in the test cabin, in the mysterious garden. It had happened over and over again. Now, both Ice Dragon’s body and the items in the storage cabin didn’t carry radiation from the center of the radiation zone.

I smiled. This is a great superpower.

Ice Dragon connected to the main cockpit once again. When I entered the main cockpit, Harry suddenly charged out from the layers of the light wall and grabbed me by my collar. He pushed me against the cabin wall. “Are you courting death?! You were courting death earlier! Did you know that?!” He was very emotional and very angry.

*Zzapp!* The zip on my collar opened as he exerted too much strength.

“Harry! Luo Bing is a girl! Let go of her! You would tear her clothes open!” Raffles stomped his feet impatiently on the screen. He extended his hand to push Harry away but his image was blocked by Harry.

Harry came back to reality and subconsciously moved his gaze down. His fair face instantly became red and he stared blankly. I gave him a tight slap at once. “Don’t touch me!”

*Pak!* He stumbled from my slap and let go of my collar. There were five red marks across his cheek where my fingers had landed. Seemingly dumbfounded from my slap, he stood there blankly.

I glared at him impatiently as I fixed my collar. I walked past Raffles’s image, who was shaking his head. “Hurry up and let’s go! Xing Chuan has found out that I was here. Silver Moon City’s spaceship will arrive very soon.”

“Right, right, right! Let’s go now!” Raffles said, “Ice Dragon, hurry up and depart.”

Only Harry stood dumbfounded at the spot as he blushed.

I sat on my seat and the light sphere came down again. I was wearing my singlet under my sportswear. I’d taken off my outer layer sometimes during training too, so Harry didn’t really see anything but I was still pissed off about him tugging on my shirt. I hated people pulling at my shirt the most.

Ice Dragon took off, and Harry stumbled and came back to reality. He took his seat as he looked to the side. His cheek that was covered with the palm print was facing me.

“I forgot that you are a girl,” Harry looked away as he said, “I’m sorry but you can’t not follow my command!” He spoke in an emphatic tone, “Even if you are a girl!”

I tore off the transparent sheet from my neck and shouted in my girl’s voice, “What do you mean by even if!”

He furrowed his eyebrows in embarrassment. He turned to look at me although he had yet to stop blushing, “Luo Bing! I am your captain. I have to take responsibility for your life! I can’t let you do whatever you want just because you are a girl. Because when we are on a mission, I am your captain and you have to follow my command!” He said it in all righteousness, like the mature man that he hardly was.

“But I could also act according to changing circumstances!” I retorted firmly. “No one had ever been in there before. How dare you say that only your command is correct?!” In an unknown environment, acting according to changing circumstances would increase the survival rate.

“Harry, Luo Bing is right,” Raffles said solemnly, “No one had ever been there, not even Silver Moon City. When it comes to exploring the unknown regions, acting according to changing circumstances is more important!” 

“Shut up!” Harry pointed at Raffles. “You are harming her by giving way to her! Have you ever been on a mission?! You’d put her in danger!”

Raffles was stunned. He blushed and lowered his head. He stole a glance at me and said, “Harry was right too. He was considering your safety.”

Harry crossed his arms before his chest and stayed angry in silence.

I looked straight ahead and didn’t care about him either.

Raffles looked from Harry to me but remained silent.

“I brought you out and I am responsible for bringing you back!” Harry argued, “The moment you met Xing Chuan, you should have shot him then! Why did you waste your time talking to him?!”

“If I did, how would I have escaped?!” I turned and looked at him.

“Escape?!” Harry was left speechless. He clenched his teeth and looked away, raising his hand to touch his brow. As if I gave him a headache.

I turned to look to the front and didn’t look at him again. I admitted that I wanted to take revenge on Xing Chuan. Hence, I hadn’t shot him the first chance I’d got.

“That’s not right,” Harry seemed to notice something and he became suspicious. “Radiation!” He stood up.

I turned to look at him. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so shocked!”

He gawked at me and said in terror, “You just came back from the center of the radiation zone! I-I-I-I just touched you!” He looked at his hand, panic-stricken. “I should have rotted away. But why didn’t my body respond at all?” He became confused as he checked his hands.

This is my first time hearing a guy say that he would rot if he touches me!

But judging from Harry’s expression, he meant that radiation was dangerous and terrifying. He said that he should have rotted if he touched me. Would their skin really rot when they come in contact with high radiation?

I might be radiation resistant and also ignorant of the damage that radiation could do. Hence, I wouldn’t feel the fear they had against radiation.

“Harry, do you not know Luo Bing’s superpower?” Raffles was so excited. “Think about it! You saw it too!”

Harry blinked and slowly turned to look at me.

I glanced at him and looked back to the front. “Remember, you’ll rot when you touch me. Don’t touch me.”

“Er, no, waifu. That’s not what I meant.”

“Don’t call me your wife!” I stared at him. “Do you like being hit by me?”

*Cough.* He coughed and subconsciously rubbed his cheek that I’d just hit. Then, he shook his head and smiled. 

I looked at him curiously. This was the first time I’d seen a guy who would laugh when I hit him.

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