Book 8: Chapter 128 - The End

“Of course not. Because it is alive,” Ula said, wrapping the drop of pure cosmic energy in his hands, and he closed his eyes tenderly. He added, “It is alive. Its driving force isn’t something you can understand. It is kind of like trusting power in soul….”

“Like the way the rail works?” I asked, looking at Ula.

He slowly came back to reality, nodding at everyone who looked at him curiously. He explained, “There is pure cosmic energy in cosmic bead too. But because pure cosmic energy is a living thing, it can’t leave its host once it parasites on one. If you were to strip it off by force, it would die. But now…” He looked at the drop of pure cosmic energy in his palm, exclaiming, “I never thought Loki’s superpower would be refining pure cosmic energy. So, you can build a body for Zong Ben now.”

“That’s great!” Jun cheered, hugging Zong Ben’s cold, firm body. Zong Ben squatted there in his robotic body and expressionless face.

“I am prepared!” Raffles pressed the button on his lab table excitedly. The ground in the lab immediately parted, and a capsule cabin ascended. It contained a human body inside, but the facial features were clumped together strangely. It looked like a mud-man that wasn’t fully sculpted yet.

“Let’s head over to the anti-radiation room next door,” Xing Chuan said, looking at everyone. When Zong Ben leaves his robotic body the radiation would be strong.

Harry and Ah Zong patted Zong Ben’s shoulder, saying, “See you later.” Then, they left along with Raffles and Loki, following behind Xing Chuan to the anti-radiation room next door to observe the lab.

There were only Ula, me, Jun, and Zong Ben left in the lab.

“I’m closing the door,” Little Carl said when he closed the lab door.

“Entering anti-radiation mode,” Ice Dragon’s voice resounded in the lab. Then, layers of protective shields expanded around us, enveloping us within.

I opened the capsule cabin before us. The mud-man inside was dressed in a thin silver bodysuit. I looked at Ula, saying, “Let’s begin.”

Ula gently carried the pure cosmic energy as though he was carrying a newborn baby. He put it inside the body in the capsule cabin.

Jun went to stand beside the capsule cabin anxiously while Zong Ben remained squatting on the same spot, staring at the body in the capsule cabin.

The pure cosmic energy entered the body. Then, gorgeous light radiated all over the body and gradually disappeared.

“It’s ready,” Ula reported, squeezing the body as though he was examining it.

Jun immediately turned to Zong Ben, hushing, “Zong Ben, what are you waiting for?!”

Zong Ben didn’t move like he was frozen. His robotic face couldn’t express. No one knew what he was thinking about that made him squat blankly. It might be a moment that would change his destiny, and he wasn’t ready.

Jun took huge strides before Zong Ben and opened his body like how Zong Ben had done to him back then. Then, he pulled the energy core and opened the blue crystal energy container. The blue crystal energy overflowed and Zong Ben appeared.

Jun’s body belonged to Cang Yu, and Cang Yu’s body was transformed by Ula. Hence, he was a radiationer too but was unable to absorb and release blue crystal energy as I did.

I couldn’t touch Zong Ben because I might turn him into ashes.

Jun grabbed the blue crystal and threw it on the ground. Zong Ben was thrown out of the blue crystal from the impact.

Jun gave Zong Ben a tight slap, but his hand went past Zong Ben’s face. He roared, “Are you crazy?! What are you waiting for?”

Zong Ben looked like he came back to reality from the “slap.” He glared at Jun before he walked towards the body. He stood next to it and looked at the body carefully. He creased his translucent eyebrows as though he wasn’t satisfied with it.

Jun looked at him for a while and kicked Zong Ben, but his leg went through Zong Ben’s body. Zong Ben noticed and looked at Jun’s leg that kicked through his body. He turned and roared at Jun furiously, letting out an inaudible hiss.

“Hurry up and go in! Do you still want to look for women?!” Jun suddenly said, and I looked at Jun blankly. Is Jun trying to provoke Zong Ben using women?! 

Zong Ben was stunned for a moment. He suddenly turned to look at me and I looked back at him nervously. The corners of his lips lifted slyly and he suddenly soared up. His translucent, glowing body rose like a beautiful blue spirit leopard that was mysterious and magical. The uncanny and beautiful form would vanish from the world at the next moment. I couldn’t help but watch Zong Ben’s graceful carriage in the air, wanting to remember such mystical beauty from the bottom of my heart. The very last spirit in the world was going to be reborn that day.

He entered the body and slowly immersed within. The vague facial features began to change as though an invisible hand was sculpting Zong Ben’s features. Even his eyelashes were growing longer.

Jun, Ula, and I stood by the capsule cabin, watching his facial features taking shape. There were no dark eye-circles or smokey eye makeup, the sickly scrawniness, and the piercings. It turned out that Zong Ben was a clean, young man. He even looked younger than Jun.

He slowly opened his eyes. When his usual viciousness filled his eyes, we knew that our Zong Ben was back.

He suddenly sat up and hooked his hand around my neck.

“Zong Ben!” Just as Jun shouted in shock, Zong Ben already pulled me down by my neck to kiss my lips…

He was… really Zong Ben!

“Zong Ben!” Jun quickly pulled him away, but Zong Ben’s hand was still around my neck. Jun put his arm around Zong Ben’s neck to pull him towards himself. Zong Ben’s lips then left my lips, smirking playfully.

I smiled too. I looked at him, saying, “Welcome home.”

“Home? My home is everywhere. I want to fly! I want to fly! Hahaha!” He replied hoarsely, smiling at me. He then let me go and jumped out of the capsule cabin and ran in the direction of the balcony. He opened the anti-radiation door and ran out to the balcony. He spread his arms and shouted, “Ah! I want to fly! Hahaha!” He leaped off the railing with his arms spread out….

He wouldn’t….

“Zong Ben, we can’t fly now!” But, before Jun was done talking, Zong Ben had already jumped off.

I held my forehead.

I heard a “whoop” the very next moment, and Lucifer carried him up. They soared into the blue sky in his burst of hearty laughter.

Jun let out a sigh of relief. The room door opened and everyone walked in, looking at them flying in the sky. They looked at each other and smiled.

I knew that Radical Star couldn’t keep Jun and Zong Ben, but I was surprised that they left the next day.

I watched their spaceship turn into a black dot from the cliff. I felt the reluctance to part with a lover in my heart and hoped that they would return soon to be home with me. 

There was a gust of breeze, and He Lei stood next to me. His eyes reflected the golden light of sunset like a fire shimmering in his eyes.

“I can officially pursue you now, Bing,” he said solemnly.

I couldn’t help but smile. He extended his hand, wanting to hold mine. Suddenly, there was a strong wind. It was Lucifer flapping his wings.

He looked at me unhappily, complaining, “Do you still view me as a child? This is unfair for me. Bing, I love you too. Kiss!” He moved his face closer to me. Instantly, He Lei kissed him, and Lucifer’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“Hahahaha!” I burst out in laughter. I held their shoulders and looked ahead of us.

I couldn’t give them any answer then. 

But anything was possible in the future.

Unexpectedly, a spaceship sped towards us from afar. It hauled to a stop, hovering before us. Its great impact puffed up our sleeves.

Whose spaceship is it? It looks familiar.

“Be careful!” He Lei quickly shielded me behind him. Lucifer took a step forward, saying, “Come out. Otherwise, we will attack!”

The hatch suddenly opened and a person jumped out, calling, “Luo Bing! I am here to look for you.”

She pounced at me, and I hugged her back in surprise. It was… Xing Ya!

That was the reason why I liked the future.


at any given time, even the very next moment,

there would be lots of surprises,

catching us by surprise, fueling us with anticipation….

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