Book 8: Chapter 127 - Hope Existed

Sharjah held Moon Dream in his arms while he bowed to me. He choked, “I hope that Your Highness would let Moon Dream off. I will take her away, far, far away….”

“What’s the meaning of life…? What’s the meaning…?” Moon Dream repeated in murmurs. She broke down in Sharjah’s arms, looking ahead of her blankly.

I took a look at her and turned away, saying, “Take her away. Don’t let Xing Chuan see her.”

“Thank you! Thank you, Your Highness!” Sharjah carried Moon Dream, who was not in her right mind, and left hastily.

The new era had just begun, but some people still lived in the past. Moon Dream had just woken up, and her memory was paused at the moment before she entered hibernation. When she woke up, she had to deal with the fact that her master had abandoned her, her rival in love had revived, and her loved one had aimed his gun at her—leading to her break down.

Who would have thought that there was a man who was deeply in love with the girl I once treated like rubbish? Although, he was the man who was loyal to Xing Chuan and didn’t dare to go against his command. Probably, he had thought that death was the best ending for Moon Dream because she was dormant then. She wouldn’t have known that she was dying, and she wouldn’t have died in Sierra.

There was a time when one was drowned in darkness in their life, but there would always be a string of light and hope by their side.

I came out, and Xing Chuan was standing at the entrance.

“Release all the prisoners. Get Gale and Yama to help them adapt to the new world,” I said.

Xing Chuan nodded, asking, “Where’s Sharjah?” He only asked about Sharjah.

“I let him take Moon Dream with him,” I replied, looking at Xing Chuan. He responded expressionlessly, “You are too kind.”

I smiled, poised. “I realized that there are many things for me to worry about during nation-building. I couldn’t be bothered about such petty things, like Moon Dream,” I said. I was serious. When I saw Moon Dream again, I was surprised as to how calm I was. There was no hatred, no anger. It was as though Moon Dream was just a stranger. She couldn’t even stir a ripple in my heart. 

Xing looked at ease when he heard what I said. I seized the opportunity to tease him, “Why? Are you worried that Moon Dream would bring up the things between the two of you with me?”

“I have affairs to attend to,” he replied, making an excuse to leave immediately. “There’s a dinner banquet later,” he reminded me before he left.

I smiled, tugging at his hand. I joked, “Don’t leave in a hurry. Let’s clear this up. I’d like to hear more. Your gossip used to be our topic of conversation during our meal breaks.”

He pretended that he couldn’t hear anything and left. His arm grew longer and longer, and I was entertained. I swung his arm like a skipping rope, shouting, “Hey! You can’t do this. There might be a knot in your arm."

He continued forward.

Xing Chuan was never this fun.

“Lil Bing! Hurry up and come over!” Raffles’s voice suddenly resounded in my ear. Xing Chuan’s figure suddenly stopped too. “We found a breakthrough point on Loki. We might be able to make Zong Ben a body!”

“What?! That’s great!” I cheered in excitement. Xing Chuan retracted his arm and pulled me along. I looked at him, and he nodded. We immediately rushed to Raffles’ lab.

Harry, Ah Zong, Jun, and Zong Ben were already in the lab. Zong Ben was squatting by the side of the sickbed, watching Raffles and Loki closely.

Harry and Ah Zong were standing near Jun and Zong Ben, looking with anticipation.

When Xing Chuan and I arrived, they looked at me simultaneously. I asked Raffles excitedly, “What is it?”

“Let me do this!” Loki said, walking forward when Raffles wanted to speak. He stood in front of everyone as though he was going to give a smoldering speech. “Ever since Ula transformed my body, I have been looking for my superpower, but there was no direction or breakthrough.”

It was true that he hadn’t shown any sign of superpower after Ula had transformed him. It had made him very anxious because anyone would commonly look forward to their superpower. The same applied to Loki. He was dying to find out what his superpower was.

“Then? Loki, what’s your superpower? Would it be the same as your sister?” Harry asked, smiling at him.

“Brother Harry, you’re right!” Loki jumped in excitement. Everyone was surprised. “However, it is different but related to blue crystal energy. Just watch. Brother Raffles, hand me the thing!” Loki added. He looked like he could wait no more to perform for everyone.

Another head popped in from outside. Little Carl ran in, saying, “Mom, Dad, I brought Brother Ula.” Little Carl pulled the guy at the door with all his strength.

Ula observed me, hiding behind Little Carl.

Raffles walked forward with a smile, saying, “Ula, come and take a look if Loki’s superpower could make Zong Ben another body.” Raffles pointed at Zong Ben, and Ula took a look. He blinked and asked, “Is Loki’s superpower… showing?”

“Yes!” Raffles replied excitedly, taking out a simulated blue crystal from the lab table. The simulated blue crystal was placed in the radiation box, and he passed the box to Loki before he retreated far away.

Loki stood in the middle of the room. He looked at me, saying, “Watch me!” Loki grabbed the box and placed his other hand over the box. His expression grew serious as he was fully concentrating on the box. Suddenly, the blue crystal began to spin. Unlike my superpower, Loki didn’t absorb the blue crystal energy but made it spin continuously inside, and it began to shrink in size.

It was a strange sight because Loki didn’t absorb the blue crystal energy, but it shrunk in size. The following scene shocked me. The blue crystal energy within the box began to change color and turned into the brilliant color that had entered Loki’s body back then. It was pure cosmic energy! The size of it became much smaller. The simulated blue crystal became a drop of pure cosmic energy!

I had seen pure cosmic energy. Hence, I was shocked by Loki’s superpower!

“What superpower is that?” Harry asked, looking at Loki confused.

“It’s so beautiful…” Ah Zong gasped in admiration when he saw the drop of pure cosmic energy.

Raffles smiled happily. Loki had obviously shown the experiment to Raffles before and told him that it was pure cosmic energy. 

“It’s pure cosmic energy!” Ula recognized it. He went forward in surprise and immediately took the box from Loki’s hand. He suddenly opened it, frightening the rest of the people.

“Don’t be scared. Pure cosmic energy has no radiation and does no harm….” Ula gazed deeply at the pure cosmic energy in the box as though he was seeing his hometown. His eyes were moist with tears. 

“There is really no radiation,” Raffles reassured, looking at everyone. He added, “I already conducted my experiments and found out that pure cosmic energy is a stable substance. It has no power and can’t be used as a driving force….”

It was just like a newborn baby, innocent and harmless.

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