Book 8: Chapter 126 - Dealing With Grudge In The Past

I went forward, but Xing Chuan had already left with Sharjah. So, I followed behind them.

They walked out of the hall and got on the flying vehicle outside. Judging from the travel direction, they were heading to Silver Moon City.

A gust of wind and a flash of lightning went past me. I shouted, “Gale!”

Gale almost stumbled from his speed, falling on me. But a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed before me and caught the falling Gale. Dian Yin smirked at Gale smugly, saying, “Don’t even think about taking petty advantage of our Queen.”

Gale rolled his eyes, pushing Dian Yin to the side. He spatted, “It’s none of your business!”

I looked at Gale and asked, “Do you know where Sharjah is taking Xing Chuan?”

Gale looked at the flying vehicle that had just left and answered, “Oh, he found a bunch of dormant prisoners when he was clearing up Silver Moon City. Sharjah was probably asking Xing Chuan as to what to do with them.” 

There are prisoners in Silver Moon City? I thought Cang Yu would have already taken care of all the betrayers of Silver Moon City on the spot.

“Take me there,” I said.

Gale suddenly became awkward, saying, “Let… the president take care of the petty things.” Gale smiled very awkwardly.

I could see through Gale easily. He was definitely lying.

My face grew grim. “If it is a petty thing, why does the president have to get involved?! Be frank with me!” I roared, and Gale stood straight instinctively. Dian Yin found it funny.

“Report, Your Highness! He found Moon Dream among the prisoners,” Gale reported. He blushed and became awkward again, saying, “Your Highness, about Moon Dream and His Highness… you know about their relationship. You’d better not go. Let him take care of it.”

Moon Dream didn’t die?!

I knew Xing Chuan well. If he were to be the one dealing with Moon Dream, she’d be dead for sure.

“Don’t tell him it was me!” Gale shouted and left. Dian Yin looked at me with a smile, asking, “Your Highness, do you need me to take you there?”

I nodded, and he extended his hand. Suddenly, there was a gust of breeze again. Gale knocked Dian Yin away and grabbed me along with his windspeed.

When we stopped, we arrived at a foreign place in Silver Moon City. He pointed afar, exhorting, “They are over there. Don’t tell them that it was me!” He emphasized again before vanishing in front of me.

Gale and Dian Yin were equally adorable.

I walked forward and saw that one of the cabin doors was open. I saw the neatly organized hibernators. Xing Chuan was standing before one of the hibernators while Sharjah was standing on the other side.

“The people in the hibernators would have their memory amended. She was His Highness Su Yang’s spy. He handed over the authority to you,” Sharjah said, passing him a gun politely.

It turned out that the spy that Su Yang had sent to Silver Moon City was really Moon Dream. I had guessed that it was her back then. When she told me the truth back then, I thought she only wanted me to leave Xing Chuan. But actually, besides that, she also wanted me to leave Silver Moon City.

My disappearance would have been beneficial to the Great Ghost King and the Ghost Eclipsers back then. Because of my departure, the Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City had parted, and the war had stopped.

Su Yang and Xing Chuan were cruel. Moon Dream was Su Yang’s spy, but he had abandoned her like rubbish. He had handed her over to his son to curry favor with him.

What was Moon Dream’s purpose?

Xing Chuan’s black robe with a golden hem made him look dignified and elegant. He accepted the gun coldly. Then, he aimed at the hibernator.

Sharjah became nervous and heartbroken. He turned away in pain as though he didn’t want Xing Chuan to see his expression.

I remembered that Sharjah and Moon Dream were s*xual partners. Sharjah seemed to have feelings for Moon Dream.

“Xing!” I called. He stiffened and turned to look at me.

Sharjah looked surprised, and it was quickly replaced with joy. It was as though he had seen a savior.

I walked to Xing Chuan and stood by the side of the hibernator. As expected, it was Moon Dream. I looked at Xing Chuan, saying, “We are in a new world now. She has to go through a trial for you to execute her.”

Xing Chuan put away the gun coldly. His face grew grim, saying, “She wouldn’t die according to the law. But she deserves to die a thousand times for whatever that she has done to you!”

I looked at him, sighing, “Why are you full of murderous intent? It’s not that I want to forgive her. But do you really want to kill her like this when she is sleeping?! Xing, you are the president of Radical Star now. Please don’t taint your hands with more blood.”

Xing Chuan creased his eyebrows, putting down the gun.

I looked at Sharjah, commanding, “Wake her up. Don’t erase her memory.”

Sharjah looked at Xing Chuan with hesitation, and Xing Chuan agreed in silence. Then he glanced at me and walked past us. He obviously didn’t want to see Moon Dream alive.

Sharjah began to wake Moon Dream up.

The hibernator opened, and Moon Dream slowly woke up. She sat up, holding her forehead. She slowly lifted her chin, and her dilated pupils began to contract. She then saw me and moved backward until she hit the side of the hibernator.

“Nora is dead,” I said. She looked at me blankly, saying, “Of course I knew that Nora is dead.”

“No, I meant she really died,” I said. “You must have felt that Nora wasn’t dead before. When you told me that Xing Chuan killed Harry, Nora was using her power.”

She sat there blankly for a while before she looked up at me in shock again. She shouted, “What does it have to do with me?! Why are you still alive?! You are still here!” She looked around, flustered. She stumbled out of the hibernator and saw Sharjah. She asked, “Where’s His Highness? Let me explain myself to him!”

Sharjah didn’t speak but stood next to me politely. I looked at the panicking Moon Dream coldly, saying, “You are the Great Ghost King’s spy, but you don’t know that he is Xing Chuan’s father. So, he handed you over to Xing Chuan. Of course, Xing Chuan wants to kill you, but I think it is unfair to kill you when you are dormant.”

Moon Dream stood dumbfounded next to the hibernator.

Sharjah’s eyebrows were tightly knitted when he pressed his lips together firmly. There was love in his eyes, yet there was helplessness.

“His Highness wants to kill me….? His Highness wants to kill me…?” Moon Dream’s tears flowed down her cheeks. She smiled bitterly, muttering, “Heh… His Highness wants to kill me…. Yeah… He definitely wants to kill me…. I should disappear for him….” Moon Dream suddenly held her forehead.

“Moon Dream!” Sharjah suddenly rushed to hug her. He said, “Start a new life. Don’t think about His Highness anymore….”

“Let me go! Let me go!” Moon Dream shouted, struggling with all her strength in Sharjah’s embrace. She roared, “I am thrown all over the place like rubbish. What’s the meaning of life! Ah!”

“But I love you, Moon Dream!” Sharjah shouted at her. Moon Dream wailed in his arms, her limbs growing weak. Sharjah held her tightly, kneeling along with her. As he held her, he pleaded, “Please, Your Highness. Please…. Your Highness!”

Looking at Sharjah’s agony, honestly speaking, I had no feelings towards Moon Dream. There was no hatred or anger. The grudges from the past were gone when the new world had come into being.

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