Book 2: Chapter 38 - Spirits in Garden of Eden

The robot slowly raised its hand to touch its chest. It was as if the bullet had hit Xing Chuan’s chest for real. Then, it slowly lifted its head to look at me. I raised my gun without hesitation and prepared to shoot at it again. Suddenly, a blue translucent object flew past Xing Chuan’s back.

Stunned, I held my gun and the rose gift box tight. In the corner of my eyes, I saw countless blue translucent objects floating in the air. 

“They are coming.” Xing Chuan said calmly, and slowly put down the robot’s hand that was covering its chest.

Behind him, blue translucent objects were approaching. Shaped like humans, they crawled out from the surrounding thick branches to come closer to us.

I didn’t move an inch but tried to look around. They crawled through the shelves and surfaced from the piles of clothes. Some jumped out, trailing that ribbon of blue lights that I was extremely familiar with! They were like a car’s tail lights in a slow-mo video that had its own movement trail. The lights were like blue translucent tails that danced closely behind the blue translucent objects.

They approached us bit by bit. They were as quiet as ghosts, sending shivers down my spine.

I looked at Xing Chuan. “What are they?”

“Spirits; we call them spirits. Spirits are sensitive to energy. They consume energy, Luo Bing.” His tone sounded extremely serious. “I know you are not willing to go with me but now, I have to save you.” Xing Chuan spread out his huge robotic wings, and flew at me! 

Instantly, the surrounding spirits leaped at him from all directions. 

“Xing Chuan!” I immediately ran to him, throwing away the rose gift box in my left hand so that I could grab his hand. Just as my fingertip touched his robotic hand, a blue glowing spirit flew right through his body, trailing along with a ribbon of blue light. It was as though blue blood had burst out from his body.

*Bang!* The robot instantly fell and landed heavily on the ground before me. I was still holding its hand. The spirits could pierce the robot and absorb its energy so that it would lose its power. So this was how all the robots from Silver Moon City would mysteriously lose contact.

I dropped the robot’s hand and aimed my gun at the spirits, who hemmed me in from all directions. They were made of light and they could fly through any object, including me!

Suddenly, a spirit pounced at me along with its ribbon of blue light. I immediately shot it and as expected, the light shot right through the spirit’s body, without causing any damage at all.

“Luo Bing!” Harry shouted in my ear and I smirked. “All of you leave.” Without thinking, I raised my hand to block as the spirit pounced at me. The blue light twinkled and I thought to myself, My mission has been completed.

Its face hit my hand. It wanted to fly through my arm but was stopped. No, I should say it was absorbed by my hand. I felt a burning sensation on my palm as the blue lights flowed into my hand. My entire arm started glowing while it struggled on my palm!

The spirit’s face distorted as though someone was pulling it. There was a part that barely looked like a mouth that let out a sudden, shrill scream, *Ah!* That roar sounded like a voice hoarse from being smoked by the flames in hell. 

“Raffles, Harry, did you see that?” I had thought I was about to die. But judging from the scene before my eyes, it seemed that the spirit was the one who was dying.

“What the hell is that?” Raffles exclaimed in disbelief.

“No matter what that is, Luo Bing, get the hell out of there now! This is an order!” Harry shouted a command.

However, the spirit was still attached to my hand firmly and it continued to struggle.

Then, the spirit’s light started fading and the surrounding spirits retreated at the scene. After the blue light faded, the spirit was no longer translucent but took the shape of a human figure. It looked like a person who had been burned by fire! A human being! A human! Its appearance was so distinct that I could see his nose, eyes, mouth, hair, and body!

*Ah!* I shouted in shock. At the same time, the once-spirit shattered into pieces in front of me and became a pile of dust.

My hands started trembling. It was like I had sucked out a person’s life and caused him to vanish into thin air!

“Luo Bing!” Harry called. I came back to reality, my heartbeat still racing. Then, I saw Ice Dragon appear in front of me, using his lights to light the route in front of me.

“Hurry up and get out!” Harry shouted. I prepared to run but then I noticed that the spirits were aiming at Ice Dragon. They had moved away from me but now started charging towards Ice Dragon. The ribbons of light glowed behind the spirits as they flew past me.

They felt Ice Dragon’s energy. They feed on energy!

“Ice Dragon! Hurry up and leave!” I immediately shouted.

Ice Dragon quickly revved its engine.

“No! We have to save you!” Harry panicked.

“Didn’t you hear Xing Chuan?! They feed on energy! After Ice Dragon dies, how would I drag him out?!” I watched spirits that were charging at Ice Dragon. Ice Dragon still had time to escape. “The resources in Ice Dragon are more important! The spirits can’t hurt me! Ice Dragon! I am your owner! I command you to leave!”

“Yes!” Ice Dragon immediately retreated through the hole while the spirits continued to chase him.

“Luo Bing, what about you?!” Harry shouted at me.

I looked at the pile of dust then I looked at the robot that wasn’t moving, “I seem to understand my superpower. I can get out on my own!” I immediately returned next to the robot and flipped it over with all my strength.

*Rustle!* A rustling noise broke through the quiet world all of a sudden. I immediately picked up the gun, looking around with my guard up. I saw the spirits returning to the surrounding tree branches. Then, the branches started moving.

They moved against the wall and wriggled slowly like a huge cobra, crawling on the ground as they moved towards me.

There was no time! If there were only spirits, I was certain that I could walk out on my own. However, if they could control vines and branches, I might not be able to.

I looked at my hands, then pressed them onto the hole in the robot’s chest without hesitation.

*Bang!* The robot twitched once but there was no movement after that.

I panicked and my heart started beating vigorously.

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