Book 8: Chapter 125 - Writing A New Chapter

My mom gently wiped away my tears, saying, “My silly child, we finally reunited. How could I possibly leave you again? Plus, you kidnapped my son here too. Judging from Loki’s behavior, he definitely wouldn’t go back to Earth. Plus, you are a Queen!” Mom patted my shoulder proudly again and continued, “And your dad has been assisting He Lei in training the soldiers. He seems to be like his younger self again. He is full of vigor every day, unlike when he was on Earth, practicing Taichi and playing chess like an old man. Loki has a greater prospect here, and your dad, too, found his young self. How could I make them return to Earth to live their lives the way did again? Lil Bing, home is where the family is. It doesn’t matter if it is on Earth or Kansa Star.”

I looked at mom in surprise, saying, “Mom, do you mean…?”

“I am not leaving!” My mom said with a smile. “You are such a silly child,” she said, pinching my cheek. She turned to look at Silver Moon City below the cliff. Radical Star had become broader and loftier with Silver Moon City. “Recently, I have been thinking of something that I want to do too. Isn’t your school lacking teachers? So… Your Highness, I wonder if I could get in by the back door. Appoint your mom as… the dean?” My mom asked, raising her eyebrows. I immediately nodded, “Mm!”

“Is this considered nepotism?” My mom asked jokingly, and I chuckled. Of course! I nearly forgot that my mom was multi-talented. She was passionate about music and painting. Her well-founded education had brought up Loki and me, who had remained true to our original aspirations and viewed kindness as the root of everything.

By appointing mom as the dean, she would definitely spread love to every student, and the children could experience the joy of learning.

I laid in my mom’s embrace happily. Nothing was happier than being with family.

I had the very first meeting with all the members of Radical Star after the war a few days later.

The meeting was televised live to the people in Radical Star, where every member of Radical Star and Silver Moon City could watch the proceedings.

Everyone was officially appointed during the meeting.

Xing Chuan was appointed the President of Radical Star, while my dad was appointed the Minister of Defense. He Lei was appointed the Minister for the Armed Forces, and Harry was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Raffles was the National Defense Consultant and the Dean of the Academy of Science & Technology. Ah Zong was the Trade and Finance Minister.

As Radical Star had a low population and the nation was still relatively small, Ah Zong could hold two posts. Moreover, he used to manage Blue Shield City and Honeycomb alone. Hence, he was capable in terms of trading and finance.

We appointed Gehenna and Napoleon as the vice presidents of Radical Star. They were dumbfounded when they heard the arrangement. I smiled at them, and they remained stunned. They didn’t seem to expect me to entrust them with such great responsibility.

We then appointed Sis Ceci as the Minister of Home Affairs, Uncle Mason as the Minister of Prospecting, and Xiao Ying as the Minister of IT. 

Juye and the rest of the forty-three people were appointed as the zone leaders because of our nation’s expansion from the inclusion of Gehenna’s, Napoleon’s, and Nubis’s zones. There was now a total of forty-three zones in Radical Star.

The rest of the posts would be appointed by the ministers and zone leaders themselves. The people in Radical Star could volunteer their services and run an election.

On top of that, I appointed my mom the Minister of Education and the dean of the first institution of higher learning, Silver Star College.

In the end, my younger brother wasn’t given any post. He was upset, and so was Lucifer. The two of them squatted at the entrance of Radical Star’s meeting room, aggrieved. None of them enjoyed the privilege of nepotism.

I kicked them, spatting, “Go and study!”

Although my brother was in Tsinghua, I agreed with my dad that he had to restart again because he was on a different planet. There were too many things to be learned on Kansa Star. It wasn’t about fairness to others but whether he was capable enough to carry out the tasks.

According to our upbringing, you had to fight for what you wanted with your capability. Both mom and dad agreed with this decision. At first, my younger brother only had to deal with our parents, who had high standards. After coming to this new planet, there was me too.

I was the Queen. I had an even higher expectation of him.

As for Lucifer, he had to study hard. He had always been studying on his own. There were things that he had yet to grasp completely, and Xing Chuan had high expectations of him too. So, Lucifer and my younger brother had to further their studies even though Lucifer was still trying to pursue me and wanted to be one of my men.

Ula was put under Raffles because he was someone from Deity Universe, after all. Plus, he was half a Cang Yu. Hence, his knowledge and experience were what we urgently required then. Little Carl would be looking after him, watching his every movement at all times. It felt like he was filming a documentary of Ula where Ula had a dedicated videographer.

Little Carl liked him a lot because Ula looked like he was about the same age as Little Carl. Plus, Ula was a little childish, so he was like Little Carl’s friend. Ula liked Little Carl a lot, too, because he was a robot. It made him feel much more at ease. He was afraid of me the most and all the other living humans.

The nation was like a newborn baby. There were vacancies in every department. Every place was like a blank piece of paper, waiting for us to scribble on. Everyone would become the pioneer of nation-founding, leaving their names in history.

With the addition of Silver Moon City, it was like adding wings to the tiger, redoubling each other’s strength. The young men and women in Silver Moon City who were well educated were assigned to education, research, IT, national defense department, etc.

I could feel that Silver Moon City was the force that Cang Yu had prepared for building a new nation in the future. Then, the powerful force was included in Radical Star, becoming the huge force to push Radical Star forward!

Everyone was boiling with enthusiasm when the meeting ended, and they had fervent hopes for Radical Star’s future. Both my mom and dad purposely got Baby to make them younger too.

Baby’s superpower to revive their youthful vigor was only referring to their appearance but not their age. The superpower wasn’t to lengthen their age. However, relying on Kansa Star’s technology, it could delay the deterioration and increase their lifespan.

Hence, I would be able to make up for the past twenty years that I had lost on Earth. I could spend a lot of time with my parents and my younger brother in the future. We would accomplish the outstanding achievement on Radical Star and also enjoy the peace and prosperity on Kansa Star.

I was boiling with enthusiasm at the thought. I didn’t want to part from my family ever again.

When we walked out of the meeting room, we saw Sharjah whispering into Xing Chuan’s ears, and Xing Chuan’s face grew grave. I had not seen Xing Chuan looking like that for a long time. What could make him so upset when the world was at peace?

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