Book 8: Chapter 124 - Reunion

Loki sniggered maliciously, saying, “Because a woman can have multiple husbands on this planet. That’s why dad fainted when he saw them. Mom, do you want to see them? I have four brothers-in-law!” He winked at my mom.

She was stunned.

My dad stared at Loki, reprimanding, “Your mom just woke up! Don’t make a mess here!”

“Four! Four! I have four sons-in-law!” Mom suddenly came back to reality and shouted, giving my dad a scare. She beckoned to Loki happily, saying, “Hurry up. Hurry up and let my four sons-in-law in. Let me take a look at them!”


“Loki!” My dad and I shouted at the same time, but it was obviously too late to stop him.

Loki waved at the wall, calling, “Bros-in-law! Hurry up and come in! My mom said that she wants to see you!”

Then, the room became silent. My mom was looking at the door with anticipation.

The door was gently pushed open. The first one who walked in was, as expected, the friendly Raffles. Raffles walked inside in his long robes, like a beautiful man in a painting, catching my mom’s attention. She was obviously in awe of Raffles’s beauty. 

I held my forehead. The fact that mom likes beautiful men would never change….

“Mother, I am Raffles,” Raffles’s gentle voice won mom’s heart. She nodded continuously, saying, “Good. Very good looking, very good looking!”

Seriously. Mom didn’t ask my husband any questions. She didn’t ask for his name, age or family background, but… only looked at his appearance.

“Mother, I am Xing Chuan. It’s our pleasure to meet you,” Xing Chuan held my mom’s hand politely and bowed. He successfully drew my mom’s attention from Raffles to himself. My mom’s eyes twinkled, and she smiled happily, “This one is good looking too. Good! Lil Bing, you have great taste, like me!”

I sighed. My mom’s youthfulness at heart was at it again.

“Mom! I am Harry!” Harry finally came in, preparing to ingratiate himself with my mom. “Mom, you must be hungry. Have some fruits!” Harry brought her fruits attentively.

My mom looked at him with admiration, complimenting, “Good looking. This one looks like a mix!”

 My dad’s, and my face grew grim. Mom is still in the mood to judge them based on their appearance.

“Mom…” Ah Zong came in last. My mom suddenly stood straight, holding Ah Zong’s hand. She said, “This kid’s hair and eye color are so nice! He looks like a cosplayer on Earth.”

I felt embarrassed. My mom used to browse cosplayer’s website when I left.

Loki looked at my dad smilingly, “Look, I told you mom would accept them faster than you.”

My dad’s face grew grave.

I had never expected that my mom would be completely carried away by her four sons-in-law before I could tell her my story.

Forget about the future too. My mom wouldn’t bother taking another look at me when Raffles and the other men were around.

I roughly briefed my mom about what happened. She didn’t seem to care with what I went through when she had her four beautiful sons-in-law anyway.

With Raffles, Harry, Xing Chuan, and Ah Zong’s company, my mom seemed to know my past and everything about me. She walked out of the sick ward and saw my Radical Star and Kansa Star, where I stayed.

With the company of beautiful men and women, my mom accepted everything very quickly. Especially when she found out that her sons-in-laws had their superpowers each, she told them to perform for her occasionally.

For example, she told Harry to crack a walnut for her….

She would tell Xing Chuan to extend his arm to pluck the flowers on the cliff for her….

She would tell Raffles to get Haggs out to play card games with her….

She would also tell Ah Zong to turn Loki into a girl, but we stopped her….

Ever since she had her sons-in-law, she didn’t even want her husband and her son. Neither did she care if I was there. Sometimes, she would complain about my existence and tell me to do my own work and carry out my Queen’s duties.

My mom was the same as before, just as playful…. She had been having a lot of fun with my husbands as well as Lucifer, He Lei, and the others.

I supported her as we sat down at the observatory deck next to the waterfall. We watched the sunset together, and she suddenly began tearing. I asked anxiously, “What’s wrong, mom?”

She wiped her tears and held my hand. She replied, “I feel heartache for you. Lil Bing, it has been tough for you in this world. Tell me, how can I not feel heartache? My Lil Bing, you went through life and death so many times. You were only sixteen when you left us.”

My eyes were moist with tears too. There were feelings of pain, distress, grief, and pressure, but there were also feelings of happiness, laughter, and blessed times.

“But everything made you who you are now. I am proud of you. You are greater than any of us. You started a revolution and rebelled. You won the war, built a nation, and became a Queen! I had never thought that you would live such a legendary life on another planet! My Lil Bing is so amazing… so amazing….” Mom said, patting my hand.

“I saw how everyone treated you with reverence, love, and admiration. I felt your importance in their hearts. You can’t leave them. They would lose their direction if you were to leave them….”

I was growing sad as mom spoke. Is she going to bid farewell?

“The few boys really love you too. I am at ease, seeing them treating you well.”

Mom is really going to leave me! I immediately hugged her, saying, “Mom! I am reluctant to part ways with you too! I want to go home with you. I want to be with you. But, but….” I was wailing in tears because I felt as if my heart was being slashed because I had to part with my family again. Although it was only a matter of time, I broke down no matter how mentally prepared I was. She was my family!

“Why are you crying?! I am not dying! What are you doing? Who says I am going to leave you?! Stop crying! You are a Queen now! You look so ugly when you cry. Don’t let your people see you like this. They would make fun of you!” She suddenly reprimanded.

I wiped my tears. I had not cried like a baby for very long. I muttered, “Didn’t you say these things, like you are at ease…? The lines you said are like those on TV… when they are leaving….” I choked with sobs. I definitely looked embarrassing, but I would forever be a child in front of my mom. I had not acted like a spoilt child in front of my mom for a very long time.

“Who’s leaving?!” My mom asked grimly. “I just found out that Baby can recover one’s youthful vigor, and I intend for him to make me look younger!” She suddenly glanced at me smugly. I looked at her, dumbfounded. She looked back at me with a smile, a beautiful smile. Her eyes were still twinkling like when she was young. 

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